Presenting problem: Voice Change in Birds

Key Points

  • A change in voice or loss of voice in the bird localizes disease to the trachea, or more specifically the syrinx.
  • The syrinx serves as the avian “voice box”.
  • In addition to loss of voice or a change in voice, syringeal disease is often associated with a high-pitched squeak or clicking sound with each breath.
  • Depending on the species involved, important differentials for tracheal/syringeal disease include aspergillosis, an inhaled foreign body (i.e. seed or seed hull), the tracheal mite, Sternostoma, or Syngamus trachea, “the gapeworm”.

Change in bird song or loss of voice can be valuable diagnostic clues. When a bird is presented for a change in or loss of voice, this will localize lesions to the . . .

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