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Emeraid Exotic Wildlife Products

Intensive Care Nutrition

The Emeraid System for Exotic Animal Critical Care is designed to quickly provide life-saving semi-elemental nutrition for a wide variety of exotic animal patients during the critical first week of care.

Emeraid Intensive Care nutrition products contain high levels of glutamine and arginine for the debilitated patient, purified essential amino acids and hydrolyzed proteins, dietary nucleotides to provide DNA and RNA precursors, a highly digestible blend of fats and simple carbohydrates for energy, and balanced omega 3:6 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Intensive care nutrition products are indicated for debilitated, cachectic patients; individuals with reduced digestive capacity, highly stressed patients needing the minimal numbers of feedings, and/or patients that require additional calories to maintain or gain weight

Emeraid Herbivore Nutritional Solutions

Emeraid Herbivore Nutritional Solutions are therapeutic diets designed to provide nutritional support to the herbivorous patient from critical illness to convalescence and recovery.

  • Emeraid Intensive Care (IC) Herbivore is a high fiber, semi-elemental diet designed to meet the needs of the critically ill herbivore.
  • Emeraid Sustain Herbivore is high fiber, recovery nutrition for herbivores. Choose this therapeutic diet for underweight herbivores, patients recovering from critical illness, or those suffering from chronic medical conditions. Sustain Herbivore is also designed to transition the debilitated herbivore from intensive care nutrition to normal feeding. As a recovery diet, Emeraid Sustain Herbivore contains more whole nutrients than the intensive care product, however this therapeutic diet is also easily absorbed and highly digestible.

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