Jeffrey Rhody, DVM, DABVP (Exotic Companion Mammal Practice)

Jeffrey Rhody is the owner and chief veterinarian at Lakeside Veterinary Center, which celebrated its 26th anniversary in June 2015. Jeff graduated from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine cum laude in 1983. He opened Lakeside Veterinary Center in 1988 and since the mid-1990s, he has seen an increasing number of non-traditional pets. Patients such as rabbits, ferrets, rats, reptiles, and birds make up approximately 40% of the patient base. Dr. Rhody also lectures at regional and national veterinary meetings on the care of exotic companion mammals. He also has served as a consultant on small mammal and exotic animal medicine for the Veterinary Information Network. Jeff became a board-certified specialist in exotic small mammal practice in 2014, making him one of the first 22 such specialists in the world and the first in Maryland.

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