Giacomo Rossi, DVM, PhD, MS, DECZM (WHP), EBVS

Rossi Giacomo Giacomo Rossi earned his doctorate from The University of Pisa (Italy) in 1996, and his Master of Sciences in Rome in 1997. Researcher in Avian Pathology and Pathology of exotic animals at University of Pisa starting to 1998, he was Associate Professor at University of Camerino (Italy) until 2008. Dr. Rossi is a Full Professor of General Pathology, Physiopathology and Immunopathology at the University of Camerino (Italy). He serves as the Director of the Animal Pathology Laboratory. From 2006-2013, he was Director of the Scientific Committee of AIVPA (Italian Association of Vets for Small Animals), and then AIVPA President from 2014-2017. Professor Rossi is a member of the Editorial Board of some international journals, and in the last twenty years he has participated in many international scientific meetings and conferences focusing on different aspects of animal pathology and immunopathology, with special emphasis on avian species. Giacomo is the author and editor of several books related to avian and exotic animal medicine and he has published over 300 scientific and veterinary papers. He is also a known national and international speaker on topics related to the pathology and medicine of pet birds, zoo animals and wildlife. The principal topics of his research are on avian ganglioneuritis (also known as proventricular dilatation disease), megabacteriosis, and flavivirus infections, like West Nile disease, Japanese encephalitis virus, and Usutu virus.

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