Shane Simpson, BVSc (Hons), GCM (VP), CMAVA

Dr. Shane Simpson
Dr. Shane Simpson BVSc (Hons), GCM (VP), CMAVA is a partner at Karingal Veterinary Hospital in Frankston, Australia. Dr. Simpson launched The Reptile Doctor brand with its highly successful Facebook page and YouTube channel in 2011. Shane graduated from the University of Queensland Veterinary School in Brisbane with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science with First Class Honours. Dr. Simpson regularly lectures to fellow veterinarians, veterinary nurses and reptile keepers on assorted topics relating to reptile and amphibian medicine and surgery. He also regularly contributes articles to the nationally distributed Scales and Tails magazine as well as several online forums and Facebook pages dedicated to reptiles and amphibians. He is a consultant veterinarian for a number of reptile shops and aquariums, wildlife shelters, reptile demonstrator businesses, wildlife parks and large commercial collections.

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