Eva Strüve, DVM

Eva Strüve (née Schuster) is a veterinarian for exotic animals and is specialized on reptiles and amphibians. After her graduation from the University of veterinary medicine (foundation) she worked at the department for small mammals, reptiles and amphibians for 3,5 years. During this time she performed an internship, wrote her doctoral thesis (topic: intraocular pressure measurement in bearded dragons, Pogona vitticeps) and took part in the supervision of the education of students and graduates. Eva Strüve is an active member of the Working group of amphibian and reptile diseases which is a subgroup of the German Society of Herpetology and Herpetoculture. She is also a member of the reptiles and amphibians expert group which is a part of the German Corporation of Veterinarians and is regular attending their conferences. In this context she held several lectures and poster presentations and published the results of her researches in respective scientific journals. Eva Strüve is currently on parental leave.

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