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Pigs and Dogs: A Recipe for Disaster

Dogs remain one of the most common household companions, and as miniature pigs grow in popularity as pets, the question invariably comes up:  how might dogs and pigs get along in the same household?  This client education handout reviews normal predator (pack) versus prey (herd) behavior, as well as the significant risk when pet pigs are left unsupervised with dogs. This client education handout was awarded first place in the 2021 AEMV Veterinary Technology Student Contest, sponsored by Lafeber Company.

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2021 AEMV Veterinary Technology Contest

Lafeber Company was proud to sponsor the 2021 Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians Veterinary Technician/Technologist and Technician Student Client Education Materials Contest. Credentialed veterinary technicians, veterinary technologists, and veterinary nurses as well as students in this field were encouraged to submit a two (2) page, English-language educational handout (1500 words or less) about a companion exotic mammal health and wellness topic. Submissions closed on April 30. Seventeen client education handouts were received. The AEMV Technician Committee evaluated this educational material and they were blinded to the identify of each veterinary technologists or student.

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Snake Handling and Restraint

Veterinary practices are often more hesitant to deal with snakes than with other pet reptiles, yet for the most part snakes are probably the easiest reptile patients to capture and restrain in clinical practice. This article reviews the defense mechanisms of snakes as well as transport, restraint techniques, and potential complications.