Yvonne van Zeeland, DVM, MVR, PhD, DECZM

Yvonne R.A. van Zeeland, DVM, MVR, PhD, Dipl. ECZM

Yvonne R.A. van Zeeland, DVM, MVR, PhD, Dipl. ECZM (Avian, Small Mammal) is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Zoological Medicine at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Dr. van Zeeland earned her doctorate from Utrecht University in 2004. After working for a short period in a companion animal clinic in the Netherlands, she completed an internship in companion animal medicine at Utrecht University, followed by a residency in avian medicine. Yvonne successfully completed this residency and passed her board exam in April 2013 to become a Diplomate of the European College of Zoological Medicine (ECZM-Avian) and a European recognized specialist in Avian Medicine. In 2014 she furthermore obtained a de facto recognition in the Small Mammal specialty of this same college (ECZM) for her efforts and accomplishments in the small mammal medicine field. In her daily work, Yvonne deals primarily with exotic species such as birds, small mammals, and reptiles. In addition to clinic-related activities, she is also actively involved in teaching and various research projects. Throughout her career, Yvonne has shown a special interest in parrot behavior, which led her to become a Tinley and International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC)-certified parrot behavior consultant. Yvonne’s research primarily focuses on feather-damaging behavior in grey parrots. After successfully defending her thesis in 2013, she obtained a PhD for these graduate studies. In 2021, Yvonne was named the  T.J. Lafeber Avian Practitioner of the Year.

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