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“Theft-Proof” Your Pet Bird

Pet parrots can be prime targets of pet theft because of their perceived monetary value. Here are some steps pet bird owners can take to “theft-proof” their beloved companions:

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Meet The Bourke’s Parakeet

The Bourke’s parakeet (Neophema Bourkii) is a gem among the members of the popular Neophema family, a group of colorful grasskeets that originate in Australia.

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Pet Bird Sitter Prep

Don’t wait until the last minute to prep for your pet sitter; put your plan in place before you leave so your sitter has all the information he or she needs to take wonderful care of your companion bird.

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9 Things Never To Do Around Your Pet Bird

While most responsible pet bird owners strive to make their birds feel part of the family and offer them plenty of one-on-one time whenever feasible, there are times when your bird should perch elsewhere.

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Keep Your Pet Bird Out Of The ER This Holiday!

The holidays can bring added dangers to a bird’s typically safe life. Being aware of these dangers can prevent accidents and tragedies, and a trip to your emergency avian veterinarian.

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The Splash About Bird Baths

Birds like to get wet and water stimulates normal preening behavior. So, how can you help your bird bathe and enjoy water to the fullest?

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