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Webinar: The Grey Way: The Familiar & The Rare – Bird Species Avian Vets Have Treated with Lisa Bono, CPBC

Webinar: The Grey Way: Keeping it Clean–Tips & Techniques for Maintaining a Healthy Environment for Pet Birds with Lisa Bono, CPBC

Date: Friday, October 1, 2021

Time: 12:00 pm PDT (double-check your local time with this time zone converter)


Join us for a FREE, live, interactive webinar hosted by Laura Doering, former editor of Bird Talk magazine and Birds USA magazine. Our special guest, Lisa Bono, CPBC, owner and operator of The Platinum Parrot and a certified parrot behavior consultant specializing in African grey parrots, presents Episode 5 of The Grey Way, a Lafeber Pet Birds Webinar Series focusing on Congo & Timneh African grey parrots as pets. In this episode, Lisa will talk about how to keep your cages & play stands clean to provide a healthy indoor environment for your pet birds. Whether you have one bird or a multi-bird household, cleaning doesn’t have to be a difficult chore if you establish a routine and good husbandry practices. From safe cleaners to keeping the indoor air healthy, Lisa will share tips to help you save time, making your life easier and giving you more quality time with your birds. She will explain why too much cleaning can be a health concern and where to draw the line between too clean and “call the cleaning police!” While Lisa will address grey-centric concerns, her cleaning lessons can help any pet bird owner.

Missed our webinar? No problem! You can access the webinar in its entirety here:


2 thoughts on “Webinar: The Grey Way: The Familiar & The Rare – Bird Species Avian Vets Have Treated with Lisa Bono, CPBC

  1. I am interested in the care and proper housing for my 2 budgies, as I clean their cages daily as well as their perches.
    same for my cockatiel, I use a cobb base for their cages bottom, it takes care of odors, I use mite spray on the cobb base the birds cannot eat them as there is a wire floor to prevent that. Fresh water daily with one bowl has liquid vitamin, I and mix their seed with fruits and recommended greens (smells like hay). They love their showers and will often wash in their water after their shower. Just want to make certain they are happy and healthy they are currently 7 year old. I am a retired surgical vet technician and anesthesiologist for horses on the track. I just want to improve or make certain they are in proper care.

    1. Hi Barbara. May I suggest a few things? Best lining for the cage is plain unprinted newspaper or wrapping paper for moving. This way you can monitor the poop, easy clean and less chance of a mold growing.
      Indoor birds rarely get mites. I would not use any sort of mite anything(spray-hanging contraptions or otherwise) for the birds unless your vet has suggested you do. I have never in 45 years, ever used anything like that with my flock. I hope that helps and look forward to you joining in .

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