Jovanna Berls, CVA, LVT

Jovanna Berls is a licensed veterinary technician at ABC Animal & Bird Clinic in Sugar Land, Texas. Jovanna won 3rd place in the Veterinary Technician division of the inaugural 2021 AEMV Veterinary Technology Contest.

Client Education Handout 

Nutrition: The Key to Your Chinchilla’s Health

Your chinchilla’s diet plays a key role in maintaining optimal condition. A healthy diet prevents two common health problems: dental disease and gastrointestinal problems. Specifically, your chinchilla requires a high-fiber, low-fat diet consisting primarily of grass hay and a small portion of pellets formulated specifically for chinchillas. This client education handout reviews the foods eaten by chinchillas in the wild, recommendations for a healthy pet chinchilla diet, as well as why a high-fiber diet is essential to your chinchilla’s health.