Nutrition: The Key to Your Chinchilla’s Health

Your chinchilla’s diet plays a key role in maintaining optimal condition. A healthy diet prevents two common health problems:  dental disease and gastrointestinal problems. Specifically, your chinchilla requires a high-fiber, low-fat diet consisting primarily of grass hay and a small portion of pellets formulated specifically for chinchillas.  This client education handout reviews the foods eaten by chinchillas in the wild, recommendations for a healthy pet chinchilla diet, as well as why a high-fiber diet is essential to your chinchilla’s health. This client education handout was awarded third place in the 2021 inaugural Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians (AEMV) Veterinary Technology Client Education Materials Contest, sponsored by Lafeber Company.

Download the PDF version of this chinchilla nutrition client education handout, or modify the DOCX version or DOC version for your veterinary hospital.