Grey Parrot Anatomy Project Veterinary Webinar


When Dr. Michelle Hawkins of the Companion Exotic Animal Medicine & Surgery Service of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine expressed interest in an encore presentation of the Grey Parrot Anatomy Project for veterinary medical students, Dr. M. Scott Echols and LafeberVet were happy to oblige.

Veterinary medical educators (in appropriate time zones) and their students were invited to attend this free, interactive, web-based seminar featuring incredible avian anatomy images, video clips that enhance our understanding of anatomy, and an exciting research update.

Thoroughly depressing webinar – I used to think I knew something about avian anatomy, and now I realise just how much I don’t know and how much more I have to learn! ☺
…Brilliant images, brilliant work. I can’t wait to see the avalanche of papers that come out of this project…Thanks to everyone for a well-presented webinar.
–Bob Doneley, VSc FANZCVS (Avian Medicine) CMAVA Registered Specialist in Bird Medicine; Associate Professor, Avian and Exotic Pet Medicine University of Queensland


Click here to make a donation to this worthy cause and Lafeber Company will make a MATCHING contribution to the Grey Parrot Anatomy Project. Follow the links to the Tracy Aviary donation page and write ‘Lafeber match’ into the Tribute Information section.

Video clips

Just a sample of the many video clips featured in the webinar recording above:

Video 1. Computed tomography of a parrot skull

Video 2. Palatine luxation lateral cutaway in a macaw

Video 3. Magnetic resonance imaging (T2) of a grey parrot

Video 4. Myocyte mapping of a parrot heart