Presenting problem: Cardiac Dysrhythmia in the Ferret

Key Points

  • The heart is located more caudally in ferrets than in dogs or cats and is best ausculted between the sixth and eighth ribs.
  • The normal ferret may have a pronounced sinus arrhythmia.
  • Use flattened electrocardiogram alligator clips or adhesive button leads to prevent pinching and encourage patient compliance.
  • The use of antiarrhythmic agents is not well documented in the ferret, and regimens are generally extrapolated from the cat

Have you ausculted an arrhythmia in a ferret. Now what? Cardiac dysrhythmias can encompass a wide range of clinical syndromes that vary in significance and signs.

Do you consider ferret arrhythmias a cinch? Take our quiz to confirm you're ready to auscult in a pinch . . .

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