Video  Webinar 

Liberating Wings: The Possibility of Transformative Parrot Conservation

Dr. LoraKim Joyner of One Earth Conservation presented this distance-learning event on parrot conservation for the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine Wildlife, Zoological, and Avian Animal Medicine Club as part of the Lafeber Company Student Program.


Practical Communication: Tools for Your Practice

Veterinary medicine education and clinical management increasingly incorporates communication and relationship skills. Improving communication through understanding and applying emotional and social intelligence leads to greater job satisfaction, commitment, efficiency, management, and decreases stress, burnout, and client dissatisfaction. In this live, interactive, web-based course, Dr. Joyner reviewed the importance and application of communication and relationships.


Referring Non-Traditional Species

Depending on the problem encountered, referral may be in the patient’s best interest as the general practitioner or emergency clinic may lack the necessary expertise, equipment, or medication. Referral may also be indicated when you have an inconclusive diagnosis or when the client requests a second opinion.