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Care of Senior or Geriatric Domestic Rabbits

The objective of this educational resource is to empower owners on how best to care for their senior or geriatric rabbits. The reader will learn how to ensure common geriatric conditions do not become a welfare concern for their pet. The goal is not to “cure” but rather manage geriatric diseases, such as cataracts, arthritis, and even cognitive decline.


Senior Pet Questionnaire

Quality-of-life questionnaires are an excellent tool for the veterinary team. This questionnaire can be completed in the waiting room or during consultation with a veterinary nurse. Use of a comprehensive history form paired with this quality-of-life questionnaire can greatly assist in beginning difficult conversations with owners of senior pets and managing geriatric patients. Many age-related […]

Client Education Handout 

Care of the Senior Rabbit

With proper care, pet rabbits can live long, happy lives. In this client education handout, we explore the aging changes that can be expected in the senior house rabbit including common health problems. Veterinary screening as well as home care of the geriatric rabbit are also explored.