Brenda Wallace-Adams

Brenda Wallace-Adams has worked for Lafeber Company since 2005, where one of her many duties is to answer Ask Lafeber questions on our sister site, Pet Birds. Brenda practiced as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in Texas for over 10 years. Brenda also attended Houston Community College (HCC) where she became a registered veterinary technician in 1988. Brenda completed internships at The Houston Zoo, two large parrot breeding facilities, the Texas A&M Macaw Project, as well as the largest bird store in Houston. Brenda then went on to teach the Avian Health Care course for the HCC Veterinary Paramedic program from 1989 to 1996. As supervisor of avian specialty certification, she led an internship at a large parrot breeding facility and clinic, where she also worked for 15 years. Brenda also co-founded the National Parrot Rescue & Preservation Foundation and Parrot Festival.

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