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Unrelated trio all caring for eggs

hi, I have a large outdoor aviary which housed my hand reared male and a female, mating was witnessed. I introduced a pair of white faced males who’d lived next door, the female paired up with one, leaving hand reared male and laid a clutch in their nest box. Since laying the first egg, both […]

abused african greys

Can having your greys who where abused in a big of a cage make them more nervous or afraid.

How should I give my bird water

Bit of a dumb question, but, I’m getting a bird soon, and I wanted to know how I should give them water. If it should be a small bowl or a bottle like thing that you sometimes see in hamster cages. If needed my type of bird is going to be a budgie/ parakeet


Hi there, I am looking to buy a parrotlet, and I have found a breeder who has a Celestial Green, which is just what I want. He is now 6/7 weeks old, but because of a holiday already booked, I will be bringing him home at 13/14 weeks old – is that a good age? […]

Health concerns

I have had my red lored Amazon for 27 years he was abandoned to a pet store and is estimated to be 35 years old. I recently took him to the vet for an issue with one feather that was growing into a circle and was very fat and painful and as a result of […]

Egg laying

Please discuss how to prevent egg binding and what to do to help a momma bird keeps laying eggs with no mate? 1)How can we help her? 2) Also how much room do finches need? (Gouldin finches)

Eclectus fighting

I have a male and female Eclectus Parrots I can’t keep them together or they fight. The female is the one starting it. I’ve had them for 5 years in this last year my male has plucked most all his feathers. Do you know what I should do

Lovebird health

I have a 6 months old male peach faced lovebird who only weighs 42grams. From what I’ve read, he’s on the small side. He is very active and playful, but he doesn’t eat as much much as his cage mate. I feed them a high quality seed mix along with daily chops. Although not emaciated, […]

Drinking after dog

My bird will sometimes take a bath or drink out of the dog water bowl, is this something I need to be concerned about?

Quaker behavior

My 14-year-old Quaker has become more stubborn than usual. He refuses to step up or come out of his cage. His physical condition has not changed, and he is on a good diet including vegetables and Harrison‘s pellets. His personality is the same only he is more stubborn. My question is should I pick him […]

help my bird eat

I have had my bird for 27 years and have tried repeatedly over the 27 years to get him to eat pellets instead of the typical parrot food you find in the pet store. He is a most difficult bird when it comes to this. He wants to eat sunflower seeds and has literally refused […]

Nutristart Baby Bird Formula

Hello, I’m an Aviculturist who breeds and raises Macaws, Amazons, Eclectus, Conures and Parrotlets. I’ve used the baby bird formula for years. And, produce huge, healthy babies. Far superior to other commercial prepared formulas. Now, it is no longer available in the 25 lb size? I do not want a new formula for conures and […]

My Cockatiel Hates Me

I recently adopted a previously neglected Cockatiel. However, we adopted him from his rescue family who sought to travel more often and simply couldn’t take care of him anymore (they were a very old couple). His first abusive family kept him covered all the time, and his only friend was a mirror that they kept […]

My canaries is not sleeping well

My canaries isn’t singing in the morning like usual and doesn’t sleep well at night also he’s breathing heavily what shoud i do

Strange behaviour

Hi, this is Lakshmi again and I have another bird who , when I put my hand in a circle , bites me and rubs his butt. Me and my family don’t know what his gender is or how old he is, but it looks very odd.


Hi, my name is Lakshmi and I five birds , in which one them keeps falling and missing it’s landing. What do I do ?

New Home Acclimation

I am seeking advice on how to safely acclimate our family’s 26 year old double yellow headed Amazon, Jasper, to my home. He has lived with my parents since they first adopted him in 1993 (I was 19 at the time). My mother, Jasper’s primary caregiver, passed away 5 years ago. My dad has cared […]

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