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Finch Companions

We have an elderly conure. His bird room buddy, a parrotlet, passed away a couple of months ago (old age). We got a pair of male zebra finches as company in the bird room. One of them died suddenly last week (unknown cause). The remaining one seems ok at the moment (apparently healthy, still singing), […]

Ring neck loosing feathers.

Hello. I have a Indian ring neck parakeet and for some reason he started to loose his feathers near his eyes. I’m confused on why.. please let me know if theirs anything I can do to help him grow his feathers back.


How do you stop the conure from laying eggs?

Not Laying Eggs

My lovebird are not laying eggs, I know that I have a male and female, and I know that they are mating, but I have never had any eggs from them.They have a house that they can go into so I don’t know why there aren’t laying eggs.I have had them as a pair for […]

Health of my bird

My cockatile pair has laid eggs. After laying they are not eating properly. Their dropping looks like they have dysentery. Is it because of the sunny weather? Or should I change my diet or any changes I should do for them to get better.


Mama finch tries to sit on her eggs but papa finch wont leave her alone. He keeps trying to fight her when she sits in the nest.

New finch owner mistake

Hi. A week ago I bought my husband a pair of 3 month old finches, a cage, and of course all the things for inside the cage. I didn’t know until today that I should not have put a cup nest in the cage. They both slept in the open nest at night and didn’t […]

Why did he bite?

Our B&G macaw is my buddy. He loves interacting with my wife though. He runs to see her and he talks more to her, and he just gets excited when she enters the room. He calls for me when I’m gone, and he seems depressed. Not so with her. I hold him for long amounts […]

Best bird for my schedule

I’ve been considering getting a bird recently, as they are some of my favorite animals. I’ve been especially interested in the bronze winged pionus. The problem is that I work an evening shift at my job, where I clock in at 3:00 PM and clock out at 11:00 PM. Would the hypothetical bird be happy […]

My budgies just won’t breed

Hi! I have two budgies male and female I give them both chopped up fruits and veggies however instead of a breeding box they have a little fluffy house and strangely my male budgie is SMALLER than my female and so I just thought that was it plus he bites a bit but he feeds […]


My female does not seem interested in my male, she did in the beginning and he has tried everything to try to wow her and she has not done anything. Is there anything wrong with him or her?


My one parakeet is making a clicking noise I don’t know if it’s something I should worry about or what the bird doing that means please help


How do I know when she is pregnant

Bird doesn’t like me

Hi, I got my parakeet almost two years ago, and I played with him a lot, but stopped playing with him after that. He still doesn’t really like me. He will get on my finger, but he always tenses up whenever I get near to him. When I open his cage he always flies around […]

Bird Shredding Paper

My Cockatiel loves to shred paper. I am about to run out of a 2 inch roll of shredding paper that I purchased from Drs. Foster and Smith, before they went out of business. I put the paper on the top of her cage, where it also protects the lower cage area from her droppings. […]

My parrot

I put a bath on my parrot will he get sick

Male Cockatiel Attacking Mate in Nestbox

Female is sitting on eggs. Male serenades her and, when she doesn’t respond, attacks her. I’ve shut him out of the cage and nest box for tonight. Both birds have food and water readily accessible. Can the female nest alone?

Cockatiel. Breeding

I have I have a pair of cockatiels they just laid an egg and they took all the nesting material out before should I put some in the nest box or just leave it alone

Sunconure eggs

My sunconure has laid 3 eggs for the first time . its been 1 month .what do I do now. After seeing a lot of YouTube videos I came to know at the first mistakes may happen.but they have a very good bond.will I be able to incubate the eggs ?

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