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Caging mixed species together

wanting to add my canaries (2) parakeets (2) and cockatiels (2) together into a big cage …anything I should be worried about. Right now they are in separate cages but do see each other.

Aggression with bonded parrots

Hello, my problem is similar to the question “How to re-bond my parrots” with some differences. I have three green cheek mutations and one crimson bellied conure all males. The birds were bonded (at my request) before I purchased them from the breeder. I had them all in the same cage for over 2 years. […]

Lovebird Gender

At which age of lovebird chick We can identify n confirm about their gender ?


Hi…I have informed you that I have removed the nest box.But today I saw the male budgie mating with the 2 months old budgie that too with his own offspring even without nest box.Now what should I have to do? Shall I put the nest box ?


Can parrots eat popcorn with hulls or should we only buy popcorn advertised as hull less to avoid hurting their crops?

Weak Budgie

Hello, After my female budgie did lay eggs, she is a bit heavier, her tail and wings got shorter and she is not able to fly properly. is that normal? For the moment l’m giving her daily calcium and probiotics, she loves millets but she doesn’t eat fruits or vegetables. I want her to get […]

Shipping boxes

Hello, During the first First Aid lecture, I saw a question regarding the use shipping boxes for birds to chew on. I didn’t see that question answered and am wondering the same thing; is it safe to allow the birds to chew on used shipping boxes after the tape/labels have been removed.

Zebra finches

Hi I have a pair of zebra finches one male and female. They have a clutch of eggs the female incubates them most of the time but they do take turns for eating. We let them out occasionally but have noticed that when the male leaves the cage the female gets aggressive. Today, we have […]

Nutristart Baby Bird Formula

I have succussfully raised baby doves on Nutristart for many years now. Looking to reorder the 11 ounce tubs, I find it not available anywhere. Instead there is Nutristart formula for baby conures and cockatiels. The ingredient list is close, but not the same. Will the original Nutristart 11 ounce tubs become available again anytime […]

Cockatoo only eats her corn

I have a goffin cockatoo. I bought good food for her. The only thing she will eat is corn an sunflower seeds I know this isn’t good for her she is three years old. I love this bird an she loves me. But never was given anything healthy food she screams for corn if I […]

seems withdrawn

Hi I have an African grey 3 months old I’ve had him a week he has gone into his shell and become quite he is healthy and eating do they sometimes take a while to settle to new surroundings? Jamie

Feather loss

Hi! My cockatiel always suffered from feather mites and its been pretty bad as there is no vet near our home and i tried a lot of ways to get rid of them such as apple cider vinegar for 2 weeks i tried for it didnt work, garlic and i also bought a “stop mites” […]

Parrots get fits, epilepsy.

Why does a healthy male parrot whose breeding get fits? Being fed multivitamin twice a week for years but eventually dies at 8yrs old.

Van life with Cockatiel

We are interested in pursuing a nomadic life style in the near future, with Frisko our Cockatiel. Our main concern is with our Propane stove and heater, due to the fumes it emits. We don’t have any concerns regarding his living condition do to immense training with a harness to new environments, as well as […]

Zebra Finches Depressed?

I have adopted 3 Zebra finches about a week a go. So I know they are still getting use to their surrounding. But I sit with them all day as I am in Home office, and watch their behaviors. They sit in their nest most days and only get up to fly to their food, […]

Baby finches all died

Hi I have a pair of finches they layed a clutch of 5 one did not hatch the others hatched and one was very tiny I hand fed it and it became strong but it was not flying to the food dish it would just land on the bottom and beg for food then one […]

Eclectus parrot

My big green parrot has a small brown spot on his beak and has been shedding feathers. His deposition has changed toward aggressive. Some days he foes not eat his food of ?mixed seed and dry pellets what can I do for him to help him?

Gouldian finches

my finches keep dying their poop is runny . their diet consists of kaytee fiesta canary and finch seed, premium pellets canary and finch diet, special red egg food, sun and bird treat, molting and conditioning food, bird greens, mineral grit, dried mealworms.spray millet and breeders blend.I started treating them with medpet 4-1powder. they seemed […]

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