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Behaviour and next steps

Hi Brenda, Thank you for quickly answering my question about my bird not wanting to hatch her eggs. I did remove the box and the egg as suggested. Currently the male who mated does get a little protective and ocassionally attacks the single male bird. But the single male bird is not attracted to the […]

Toys for parakeet

What is safe / unsafe to give a parakeet in terms of toys that it can chew or shred, etc. to keep it from getting bored. My parakeet eats any paper it can get a hold of. Is this safe?

Baby Cockatiel pin feather bleeding

So we found a baby who appears to be the youngest of 3 on the floor and we had to hand feed it. Luckily it’s fine now! But my male cockatiel Coco who’s the dad came over and was cleaning the food around babies beak and he started to clean his little top pin feathers […]

Nobody knows what’s happening to my lovebird.

I have taken my lovebird to 4 highly qualified Avian vets, they have run every test possible on her, crop swabs, fecal gram stains, x-rays, countless blood exams, cloaca swabs. She has this odd behavioral issue that they’ve at this point simply ruled behavioral or hormonal- she’s a single lovebird, she’s 8, but she has […]

About Ring Neck doves

I have a pair of Ring Neck doves that have small top knots…is this normal ? They are about 8 months old.

My cockatiel died.. I cant believe she wont come back..

My female cockatiel around 2 years old, a very active one playing everytime.. At around till 8 PM she was playing very happily and suddenly my other female cockatiel flew near her and scared the little one.. she almost fell down. I dont know if there was a threat that time.. she was okay only.. […]

Larva in millet sprouts

Hello, i found larva in millet sprouts,will that be harmful to budgie? Please reply fast. Thanks.

Breeding cockatiel?

My cockatiels are breeding nearly every day for the last week … the female and male are hopping in and out of the nest box calling each other when will these have eggs if even ever…? Thankyou for you time 🙂

Cockatiel does not want to hatch her eggs

I have 3 cockatiels, 2 males and a female- all of them live together in the same cage, mated a couple of times. A couple of days ago, I could see that the female was feeling uneasy and had a bulge on her back near the beginning of the tail and dropped hints like she […]

Query on an Alexandrine

Hi I have recently purchased an Alexandrine and told he was 16years old, when I picked him up she said he had a few issues 1- he doesn’t like men 2-he doesn’t like hands 3-he makes a noise when he’s stressed. On arriving home and having him for a week now not only does he […]

Kakariki egg eating!

Hi, my kakariki laid 5 eggs in total, she was in and out the nest box getting food. My male would feed her outside the nest. I have provided alot of calcium replacement, they get fresh green food and apples. Along with seed and egg food. Last day or so I checked the nest box […]

Confused about Alexandrine’s Gender

Hi, Quick Update – My Alexandrine has had his foot fully recovered and is doing pretty good now. And I’m confused if he is a male or not. He does those eye pins along with wing spreads like the male parrots on the internet do. I’ve had him for more than a year now and […]

Baby cokatiel

The first baby died due to the mother and father not feeding them I saw this morning a new baby but still there no interests in the baby what can I do to help

Cockatiel sticking his tongue out

My cockatiel ( 2 years and 3 months) sticks his touch out and moves it while going to the vet. I think it’s because of the heat but even if we turn the on the car ac he continues to do it. He doesn’t go out very much.

Cockatiel not friendly

Ever since I got my bird ( he was 9 months old) he bites a lot and doesn’t want anything to do with me. He is now 2 years and 3 months old. I would like to for him and I to have a better bond.


i just bought 2 kid parrots nearly a weak old, but i wanted to ask you that parrots from same breed mate ? if do any way to prevent it.

Young Bonded Conures Displaying Breeding Habits

Both of my green cheek conures are under a year old.. they’re about 9 months old, 2 weeks apart. We’ve only had them a month now. We introduced them and everything was good until they started displaying breeding habits. They have separate cages (for now) since we wanted to be sure that they would get […]

Smelly poop

Hey there my african grey who is over 20 years old has had smelly poop for weeks. Vet put him on antibiotics twice didn’t work. Suggested vinegar mixed with water still no change. Need help any recommendations. Thanks.


suddenly the bird couldn’t fly. she sits on the bottom of her cage. plz don’t tell me she might be sick and go to a avian vet. i know she must be sick and we do not have avian vets here in Egypt. is there any medicine i could give her which might help?

Parakeet food

Can I buy a premium parakeet seed without the ground corn.

Male finches sitting in food box

I have 4 male zebra finches and 2 unsexed bengalese finches in my cage, they have all coupled off, and i have noticed over the last couple of days that 2 of my zebra finches keep sitting in one of the food trays together, and will not let any of the others near it.

Ringneck Taming

Hey Lafeber, I have a Indian Ringneck who is about 1 year old I believe and I’ve owned for a few months now. When I first got her I left her to be alone for a few weeks to settle into the house and get used to everything, then I started to slowly start the […]

New Friend and possible aggression

I’ve decided to adopt a friend for my female lovebird, Luna. (The friend is very young and still being raised at the pet store until he/she is ready to be taken home in another couple of months.) I have a bonded pair of budgies in a separate cage, and every time I let Luna out […]

Baby cockatiel

My baby cockatiel had like splayed legs she was flying around and doing pretty good but now she can’t even fly and it’s like her feet aren’t grabbing and she can’t perch and she doesn’t eat that much I don’t have the funds to bring it to the vet either…

My lovebird seem like couldn’t fly anymore

Hello I have a question ask about lovebird because recently I have bought a lovebird and they were taking care under by my girlfriend but this few day my girlfriend found that my lovebird walking having a problem even the wing look like have problem we worry that our lovebird lost their flying ability also […]

Should I provide my budgies with a nesting box?

Hi there! I’m quite new to owning birds but I’ve done a lot of research and made sure they didnt need anything. I have a two year-old female and a about one year-old male. The male is a new addition as I didn’t want to get chicks, but after seeing signs of loneliness with my […]

Indian Ringneck taming

Hi I have an Indian Ringneck and we think she’s about 1-2 yrs old she came from a very loud and uncomfortable place I have had her for about 8months she will take food out of my hand and will come to me if I have food she showers with me and is part of […]

My cockatiels don’t mate

I have a pair of cockatiels. Male is older than 4 years and female is older than 3 years. The male is with me aprox 3.5 years and sometimes he claims my wardrobes or other places which resemble nest. Addition to that, he tries to mate with my hair. But the main issue is that […]



My lovebird started biting

At first my lovebird was so kind and sweet when I put her with me alone but when I put her in another cage in a kitchen there’s another bird in another cage and he was a lovebird but untamed I think she learned agressive behavior from that bird so any advices to get my […]

My ringnecks fighting after 7 years

Why have my ringnecks started fighting after 7 years together? They are both male and they had little fights before but nothing serious. Now one of them won’t leave the other one alone in peace and he’s constantly trying to let him know that he wants to be left alone but the other one is […]

Female finch Attacke its male finch

Hello, Today I bought a pair of finches and the breeder ensured it’s a male and a Female. However back home they got into their cage. Had a bath and were adapting very well to their new environment. Now about 6 hours later I see the male sitting on the bottom with a small chunk […]

2 1/2 year old love bird

Not sure what the bird been through, but she eats drink and chirp right away. Is this sign she is comfortable and secured in her cage? She is preening in front of me as in a distance well .

My pet

My mum bought me an African grey parrot 1 month ago 2 both of them are babies I notice the both have cold feet and not eating well expecially the small one I Don’t know what to do. For the past 2 days the are not eating but cold and always sleeping

Sun Conure Chick Day 1

Today first chick was born out of 4 eggs that my pet Sun Conure laid. And the chick which came out of an egg is chirping continuously in the breeding box. Is this normal? What to do? Any tips?

my cockatiel doesn’t let me touch him

I have a male cockatiel that is about a year and a half old And I have been taking care of him for several months. We got used to him and he got used to us. If someone is not at home for a few hours and then we come back, we find him sad […]

Parrots and Chickens

I want to get chickens but have parrots. Can you safely have both with Avian Flu being so bad now.


Should I allow my new ring neck to get out of his cage on his own or is it better if I take him out myself. He isn’t tamed.

cockatiel egg

my cockatiel eggs have been chirping for more than a day now – what is happening? i have contacted some vets that specialize in birds but they dont know whats happening either and tell me to try cracking open the egg if it still continues in a day. should i crack it or wait?

Dove pair is not laying eggs

i have one pair of diamond dove and they are 2 years old. couple of months ago female laid one egg but that was infertile after that she still sitting in nest but not laying anymore eggs. please advise.

Stop eating

My citronella cockatoo has stopped eating last couple of days, will she do this before she lays an egg, she’s on her own so it won’t be fertile

Parrot pooping black

Made my parrot to take bath and now it’s not eating, the poop color is black

Fisher Love Bird

My birds are laying their eggs in the afternoon instead of night so is it ok.

Fisher love bird

My love bird is laying the eggs in the afternoon instead of night so is it ok.

Outside smoke

Hi,if my neighbour burns some paper and cardboard,50feet away from my house,and I can smell it in my house with the windows open,will this kill my cockatiels?

Parrot Coloring

We rescued a green ring-necked parakeet a few days ago. Apart from being extremely hungry and thirsty when we caught him, he seems an overall healthy bird who is used to the company of humans and can whistle and speak a few words. However, his flight feathers each have a yellow feather on both his […]

Very young parakeet

I read your response about purchasing a very young parakeet. I have had parakeets for years and saw this little guy at my local pet store. He was in with a lot of birds and you could just tell he was overwhelmed. How do I monitor his eating? I am home all day so I […]

sitting on one egg

My parakeet has been sitting on one egg for over 21 days. I took the other eggs from the bottom of the cage before, a total of four, one at a time. I have no nest for the pair. Should i go ahead and remove this last egg? I love them together and they love […]

Grey behavior – Ask the Vet Webinar Feb 24

why african grey will not stay on cage or playgym for long. keeps flying to my shoulder or head and whimpers when i try to put him back. 2/1/2 yrs old. good talker and don’t want to clip wings. african grey does not like me on the telephone and if i try to take him […]

Outdoor Risks – Ask the Vet Webinar Feb 24

We have a large flight cage that we are setting up inside because of outdoor diseases and animals and the weather is tough at times. what diseases should we worry if we put the greys outside during nice weather? We have a couple of cages a round tall cage and a square cage for them […]

Fake egg – Ask the Vet Webinar Feb 24

Several days ago my Meyer parrot began getting very broody. She did not lay an egg, but instead “adopted” a small round rattle as her egg. She now lays on it. When is an appropriate time to remove this “egg”?

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