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First Canary Egg

My female canary is 1 year old and it is her first egg she laid then she abounded. She doesn’t come towards it or bother to check on it. She is my only bird. What shall I do with the egg? She dropped it at the end of cage so I left it there for […]

Grass parakeets

Hi , I have two female grass parakeets, unsure of age as they was given to me . Although the lady said they were a year old . They were ok for a couple of months and now one seems to be picking on the other one . I ignored this for a while and […]

A new presciption

Hello,I consulted a doctor for skin infection in my cockatiel.There are yellow crust in his wound.The vet give me some medicine like- 1-Tincture Iodine 2-Tetracyline powder 3-Vimeral And also told me to apply turmeric paste for 1 week 2 times daily. What’s your suggestion on this medicine.How many days does skin infection need to recover?Is […]

My cockatiel won’t beg

Today we decided to bring my 16 day old cockatiel out for handfeeding. It’s been about 5 hours and he won’t beg and we have to force feed him. What do I do

Finch eggs

Hi, My zebra finches has 5 eggs in their nest but the nest is hanging on the cage and when they play, they move the cage a lot. So, today the nest fell and one of their eggs fell out so I put it back in the nest with a sock. Do you think they’ll […]

Cockateil settle time

How much a cockateil need time to settle in my house on the cage ?? I got breeding pair they breed many times in there preious home

2 lovebirds no babies?

I have 2 lovebirds both around 4 years old have never laid eggs they feed each other do u think I have 2 males or 2 females?

fright death

Can a canary die from fright.l was trying to cut some string caught on foot that she stopped using & she just died!


My conure lays six eggs and only hatched one the others are fertized but not hatched

Size food

Hello, we are picking up our 9 week old Quaker next week and I had ordered the parrot daily food (green label) and we’ll as the nutrition berries and avi cakes. Just making sure I ordered the right size of food Thanks !


My African grey eats mixed vegetables 2 times a day, some rice, calcium nutri berries and African grey pretty bird. Also just about what the family eats too. Sometimes the poop is brown and runny why can I give my bird to regulate him? I worked at Niles Animal Hospital years ago,

sun conure

does the sun  conure grow the same size as a grey


Hi, My cocktails doesn’t eat anything except for Foxtail millet & sunflower. I get them Mixed seeds as well while they only consume the foxtail millet leaving the rest. Can you pls suggest how to make them eat veggies, fruits & other edible items… Also the female doesn’t show any interest in mating while the […]

in shell almonds

Hi! I have a 22 yr old sun conure. He loves to eat in shell almonds as a part of a treat and foraging all day. He averages 6 almonds per day or sometimes more. Is this a safe amount? I didn’t know if almonds would affect liver function, health, etc of a bird his […]

Same nutriberries for Lovebirds, and DYH Amazon?

I want to buy a variety of nutriberries but, I can only find the garden veggie variety in “parrot food” size. Is there a difference in the sizes? Can I give my lovebirds the “parrot food” size, as well as my DYH Amazon?

Young Fancy parakeets.

Hello, How can I tell the difference between a young female, and a young male fancy parakeet. I called Petsmart and they just received birds in and they told me they cannot tell the difference, because they’re very young.

Sign of recover or not?

Hello,Dear brenda Thanx for your Suggestion.I want to ask about a situation.My grey cockatiel doing loose motion yesterday but now his loose motion has been stopped after not giving the zincovit drops.He also vomited the seeds yesterday.But now it all stopped.The skin is changing slowly from Red to White and seems to be healing.But He […]

Bonded pair fighting after 6 years

This is gonna be long, sorry. I’ve been running into some issues with my two budgies. They’ve been housed together for over 6 years now, and I’ve never had issues with serious fighting until very recently. The cage they were in when this started is smaller than the proper size for two birds, so that […]


I have 3 week old cockateils and I noticed today mom laid an egg today what should I do?


My cockatoo is itching she’s not dancing screming and she’s talking less

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