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Fertile finch

I’m waiting for one last fledgling to come out of the nest before removing it. This morning, while cleaning the cage, my male bred with my female. Do I wait till the fledgling comes out and remove the nest? Do I just let her lay eggs on the floor? I want her to tend to […]

Changing food daily

Do we have to change food daily? Like pellets? I give fresh food everyday.

How much to feed a Grey

I have an Congo African Gray & he gets both pellets & nutri-berries plus scrambled egg w/millet, shredded carrot, & pellet dregs. I also make birdie muffins for him, using a corn bread base w/fruit & veggies added. I have a large container of nutri-berries & have searched through the verbiage, see no instructions for […]

Pigeon diet

In general (not asking for a whole new talk) does this lecture apply to pigeons? As long as I supplement my birds’ seeds with labeber vitamin, powdered calcium and veggies (occasionally) do you think I can forgo pellets? Thanks

Feeding Nutri-Berries & Pellets

Are Lafeber pure pellets any better nutritionally than Lafeber Nutri-berries? What’s the best way to get older budgies to eat pellets? I read budgies eat insects in the wild but I assume feeding budgies insects is NOT necessary given the protein in pellets/Nutri-berries?

species specific diets

Is there a trend for pet food companies to tailor specific food mixes to specific species of pet birds? How about feather problems due to nutrition deficiencies?

About my parrot

Indian ring neck parrot had injured by fan and its food are leaking from its crop. This happened 1 week before. I admitted in vet clinic for 5 days. She is eating properly but I have one doubt she need surgery to stitch her crp and upper skin. Pls. Reply

Nest check

I have 2 cages with a mating pair of zebra finches in each. One cage has hatched babies and they are soon to be fledglings. The other cage has another pair nesting. They’ve both been in the nest for weeks. I assume there are eggs or possibly the male over built the nest. I removed […]

My African Gray’s feet problem

Hi there, I’m a first time African Gray owner and was wondering if it’s normal for your African Gray’s feet to have blisters, cuts, and flash .I have done my research and I have tried a few things but they never seem to work . I think it’s because he climbs around to much in […]


I have 2 parakeets and the behavior isn’t always a good one. They have a variety of food, seed and veggies. Not fond of fruit. I give them boiled eggs from time to time. They get the treats ,etc. they constantly click on the bars. They do not live in same cage , one got […]

Should I get another conure?

Hi! I have a green cheeked conure who’s been with me for about 8 years now. He’s pretty well behaved, I’d say. He seems quite happy. Currently, he’s the only pet in our family. We had two dogs before though, who have since passed and we’re getting a new puppy in a few months. My […]


Hey! I have two budgies that are not breeding. I had them for 3 months now and everything is set up perfectly for them to breed. I give them a balanced diet with veggies but no eggs since they don’t seem to like it. I even took my other male out of the cage so […]

Classic nutri berries parrot food

Hello, I bought the big bucket of nutri berries (classic) parrot food for my sun conure. He seems to love it like it’s crack (LOL). My question is, should I not be feeding him this as I am just made aware there is a nutri berries conure made specifically for conures. Is the classic ok […]

Indian ringneck wont tame with me

Hello. My indian ringneck has been with me for now a year and he just doesnt like me. He is too scared and shy and i dont know what to do. I communicate with him everyday and talk to him. I think he trusts me he eats infront of me, he plays, he grooms but […]

Bee parrot

I need to know his age i don’t know how old he is and I just want to know his age

incubating of eggs

My cockatiel is not sitting on her eggs for the past 2 days and I’m worried. i checked on her eggs during this time n they are in good condition are not damaged. and i felt as if the pair wants to mate again. what should i do


I zibra Finch lay egg and egg alrady hatched and going to finish 1 month. Now when my bird will be ready to hatch next egg (Duration).

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