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open mouh breathing Amazon

My 40 year oldyellow naped amazon has his mouth open most of the time while resting. no heavy breathing or nose discharge.

Love Birds

I have 1 pair love birds (male & female) for 6 months. But still not lay eggs. Why? i have coconut nest in cage. Please advise. tq

Is voice change normal

Is voice change normal? My African gray talks a lot. Lately I’ve noticed it sounds like his voice is kind of a broken record and it seems like his voice has changed. What could this be?

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Normal zebra finch sounds

I just got two male zebra finches and, while they both have the squeaky noise they make, one makes kind of a quiet mewling sound as well. Is this normal, he is otherwise active.

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Male Cockatoo and Nesting Behavior

We have a 13 year old Cockatoo, named Bird. He came to us at the age of 6, abused, malnourished, and aggressive. Very pleased to report after many years of patience and very slow movement, lots of TLC, and being bitten more than once, he is now affectionate, trusting, and loving. However, he is in […]

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green neck parrot biting

So i bought 2 ring neck green parrot their age were about 20 days, since then i fed them and everything, it’s been 4 months one of the parrot died and i am left with only one now. At first it never attacked me and when i called him it always replied back. The problem […]

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Estimate birthday of my conure l?

I have a shot certificate with date his first shots were given. I want to know how old my conure could have been when he got his shots, so I may figure out when his birthday is?

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African Grey

I had called your office and talked to a representative about my African grey that I have been baby sitting. she was very informative. she mentioned I might try a reactangular perch my husband could make but she was not sure about the kind of wood that would be safe for the bird. Also recommended […]

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Pin feathers

My Sun Conure just recently got pin feathers for the first time. I know because he bit me when I touched on, haha! Anyways, I’m scared to touch him again but now I don’t know how to spend time with him. Should I just talk to him, or watch TV with him? Please help.

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Same room?

Can a lovebird, African grey and Blue and gold macaw be in the same room in separate cages?

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What about canaries? I can’t get get mine to eat the pellets. Do you have any suggestions? I have been trying for a month.

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ring neck doves in my yard

hello! i live in the san francisco bay area east. my neighbour and i are animal lovers who feed wilds and keep poultry. recently, a pair of ring-necked doves seems to have adopted our yards. i’ve lived in the area for 65 years and have never seen a ring-necked dove here before. we’d like to […]

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Indian ring neck parrot.

Hi, my parrot is sitting very quiet. He isnt talking. In the morning he was totally active. But nealry by 4.00 he became silent. He isnt eating much. He is eating only what he likes, like bananas and some seeds. He is just sleeping since 4.00. He doesn’t shows any interest i. anything. We dont […]

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Cockatiel not laying eggs

My birds laid two eggs and they broke it in week. It’s been a year They keeps mating but they still didn’t lay eggs. What do I have to do??

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My new /old bird ” I’m leaving on a jet Plane “

Please help educate me. My Best friend died. And willed me her African gray parrot. What is the best way to get him used to me …and I him. As he used to bite her husband. What can I do to build a good relationship . I know nothing about birds. Thank you ( He […]

Zebra finches fledged but went back in nest

Hello, My male zebra finch is raising his 2 babies since mom sadly passed away just after the chicks hatched. He is very attentive and has been taking good care of them. Today, at day 21, both babies fledged. They were flying and perching pretty well, explored for about 2 hours, and then they both […]

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Follow up question on Severe Macaws and Wings of Compassion website?

Hi Brenda, Thank you for answering my question about the average age of Severe Macaws. I will look forward to hearing about the Wings of Compassion website. A quick follow up question. I read the entry about the Cockatiel illness. Merlin had the same symptoms. He was fine the days before, although drinking more water […]

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