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Sudden Loss of balance

My oldest lovebird who is about seven or eight years old suddenly acted sick and his leg was awkward. I quickly separated him and in few seconds he seems to be fine. He at first was unstable on standing looking confused and frightened then regained his mind back. Is this a sign of seizure or […]

Who loves who?

I have a large cage and 6 zebra finches. One pair was nesting but the eggs were unfertilized and I took the nest away once the eggs were broken. A week or so later, I find eggs in the food dishes. I put the nest back and placed the eggs in it. Then more eggs […]

My male African lovebird is acting strange

I have a pair of lovebirds, male and female. They are not breeding but the male is feeding the female. The problem is…the male would feed the female( which apparently is some mating thing). But instead of them mating, the male will go to rub his butt(mating) on a toy in the cage. I am […]

Teaching parrot to swim?

This might be a silly question, and it’s not something I’m planning to do – but I was curious after seeing a youtube video a few months ago (can’t find it again now) in which someone had taught their macaw to swim in a pool. The bird was using its wings like oars – doing […]


I’ve got 2 keets, 1 blue, 1 white and both are making breeding movements on their toys/perches. Do i have 2 males?

African love birds not mating

Sir, I have a pair of African love birds and the male is not able to mate with the female. Female without mating lays eggs which are not potent and hence we have to throw the eggs. What can be the issue and what is the solution?

About finches

I have two pairs of finches and we provide them two nestling box but not the materials I always regularly check up on them but recently I found 2 eggs have been layed in a nest after that because of monsoon I provide them some dry grass , organic paper, and cotton to make perfect […]

Sun Conure Laying Eggs

My single sun Conure of 14 years has laid two eggs. I have read a lot about how to prevent the egg laying behavior (now that I realize this can happen) but what should I do now that there are two eggs? Take them away or let her realize they are not viable?

Lovebird sudden death

We are getting ready to bury our little Lovebird. What kills a bird instantly with zero warning signs? We came home and do what we always do and part of that is talking and playing with Snuggles. He was chirping, playing, and got excited to get his nightly treat, and as he was going to […]

Not sitting on egg

Hi, I’ve had my female sulphur crested cockatoo for over 11 years now and we just moved our corella(male) in with her. They were bonded but the corella was hurting her so we moved him out. About 2 weeks later now, and she’s laid an egg. Problem is, she wont sit on it or go […]

When would they become compatible

I got a seems like molting female cockatiel that had been brought by a crow , it’s fine now so I decided to bring a mate for her . As I brought a male cockatiel (around 18 months) starts biting my female cockatiel….I think it’s due to the age difference which makes him biting the […]

My Budgie can’t fly

Hi, today my budgie can’t seems to fly, Although he’s still happy and talking and playing around. I notice that He’s dropping lots of feathers big and small. Is that the reason why my budgie can’t fly. And what can i feed my budgie to make him able to fly again

Getting off people

Once juman visitors come and my cockatiel has sat on their shoulder, he usually refuses to leave them when it it time for them to leave. Sadly, I use fear to make him fly off as he bites my finger if I ask him to step up then. Fear in the form of bringing a […]

Cockatiel colors

I have a cockatiel pair, dad is gray pied white and yellow, orange cheeks. Mom is cinnamon with yellow cheeks. Two babies are cinnamon with white faces and white crests. They have had lots of clutches but no white faces. Is this rare?


Hi. I have a question. So if I have 2 conures. They are 4 and have been together since they moved with is ( 4 years ago). This breeding behaviour has happened just this year. She lied 3 eggs ( which broke), we gave them a house and she laid 4. It is already 5 […]


After researching the recommended age span for breeding birds, I got curious how old is too late to breed for Fischer’s lovebirds. One is five years old ( since it was born and raised with me) , other two birds’ ages are unknown, but they’re both young adults( I can tell by their vibrant colors […]


Dear Brenda, Are you a veterinarian yourself? How do you know so much! Thanks again for all of the valuable links and information and helping us to keep the birds as happy and healthy as possible.


Dear Brenda, I love all the responses I have gotten from you. Thank you. Are there avian medicine textbooks that the doctor can recommend, as there are no avian vets nearby and I want to learn all I can? Also, any books describing wild cockatiel and wild budgerigar behavior? In the wild, then, cockatiels try […]

Cockatiel behavior

Thanks Brenda. My male cockatiel wants to mate with my male and female budgies. It is scary as he is very aggressive and tried to rape the female budgie. I have three birds. The cockatiel is 24 hours cage free. The only reason the budgies have to go in their cage is to protect them […]

Cockatiel wild

Do wild male cockatiels not mate at all until they are two years old? They have so much self control? Would it be easier for them to find a female in the wild? Do the masturbate in wild and do some males never find a mate? Also is there any school curriculum for training birds?

Infertile First Clutch

Hello was wondering if it’s normal for a lovebirds first clutch to be infertile? I’ve made sure that they’re at the right age and all perches are solid and on a good diet. Shes laid 6 eggs but are all still clear. And would it be possible for her to lay fertile ones in the […]

Cockatiel sexuality

On the web there are minimum ages for when a cockatiel should mate but in the wild how early do they naturally mate? How many months old a companion minimum and maximum should a cockatiel be for my eight and a half month old male? And which gender? And how old does a chick need […]

After laying egg

Hi, This is Karthik from India, i have one pair of cockatiel she is 6 months old she lay one egg yesterday for the first time then she is making some weird sounds for some time..I’m really worrying about the sound because i never heard that kind of sound from doubt is does she […]

My budgie has a hole in abdomen

Pls help me I have a male budgie he was having his abdomen swollen and after visiting doctor .He said that it’s a wound But now the wound disappeared and he has a little hole on the top of his vent he also bleeds pls help

Some Concerns

I’ve checked my injured bird and saw that one wound on one wing was better. But the other still looked bad that raised me a question how long do birds recover from wing injuries? I also checked for signs of plucking and self hurting actions, but the bird seems to be fine and its feathers […]

My cockatiel pair is young. Will they incubate the eggs?

My 2 cockatiels roughly 8 months old are starting to make a nest in the nesting box. I have food formula and syringes to feed the babies but am wondering if the cockatiels will at least incubate the eggs and take care of them until they hatch .


Why did male cockatiel attack female known to him for ten years ? Two groups in big cage separated by wire got along . However when l removed the wire all nine blended except for Azkaban fiercely attacking Blondie n she bled . Thankyou

continuous death of budgies

I had 7 Budgies, 3 females and 4 males. two males fought yesterday and one of them died after few minutes. Next day after that incident 5 birds died turn by turn. they all were healthy, taking enough food and water. Also they were showing no symptoms except change in breathing pattern before death. What […]

Cockatiel breeding behavior

I have two cockatiel pairs in avariy and one pair lays eggs. So now the other pair are also preparing themselves for eggs. They mate and go inside there box. But there is one problem every day before sunset the male and female make lot of piercing squawks. After sunset female sleep inside box and […]

Lovebird sleeping position

My lovebird sleeps by lying on his stomach on the flat perch. However he also sleeps on his perch sometimes and then sometimes on tje flat perch laying down. Is it normal? Or is this an indication of any sickness

Green cheek conure breeding

Hello, I purchased a male green cheek and a female pineapple proven breeding pair of conures in the beginning of June. We put a breeding box on them a few weeks ago and they laid their first egg and ate it. We did some research and learned that they may eat it if it’s infertile. […]

Mating birds not laying eggs

My female cockatiel is 2 years old and my male cockatiel is over 1 year. They have been mating for a month now but the female is not laying eggs.

Weird action

In my flock of four Fischer’s lovebirds, two of them are new birds bought last year. They are both healthy and in good shape. But they both does this weird knocking on surfaces(on their cage bars, floor, wall, etc…) with their beak with tapping rhythm. My other two birds never do this. It mostly happens […]

Electus Parrot

We have an Electus who is my mothers bird who passed away a couple of months. He had a strong bond with Ma. Before her passing, she was in hospital for a total of 3 months and they have been separated for this period of time. Cooper is his name, is not showing any signs […]

Getting a second bird

My cocktail is a six month old male super friendly and talks to us but was thinking of getting it a friend? What are your thoughts should it be a male or female

Adding a new bird

I have a 11 month old Cockatiel And I am thinking about getting another one how would be the best way to introduce them should I put them in the same cage together or not?

I can’t find any vets in my area

I live in Egypt, Cairo and I have a 3 month old cockatiel. I’m worried he’ll get sick at some point and we won’t have anywhere to take him. I scoured the internet and asked everyone I know if they know an avian vet or a vet who is experienced with birds. What do I […]

Wing Injury

Remember the bird I described to you that had strange behavior and poor flight performance? I discovered two injuries under its wings near the body. This explained the symptoms. I suspect it’s from its aggressive companions. It looked bloody(clotted), but no swelling and bleeding. The lovebird’s appetite has improved and can now scratch its face(which […]

Sudden death of bulbul baby bird

I had a baby bird bulbul and I found him on road so I took him to my house and taken care of him about 20 to 23 days I took care of him but one day suddenly I came back from school and taken him and he was playing with me but after some […]

My finches both keep sitting in the food bowl

I am unsure about the gender of my finches, but recently one with a darker orange beak began sitting in the bird seed. Then the following few days the other had also started to sit in it as well.

My budgie is not sitting on the egg

My budgie is not sitting on the eggs and she laid three eggs but one of them is looking like it had been eaten or something and she is looking tired…. I am so scared to see her like this


I have a cockatiel, was told it was a male, marking make me believe is a female. Well she laid her first Egg! She has no other bird with her. So what do we do now? Or the best thing to do with the egg and her laying the eggs? Should we take the egg […]

Keeping a cockatiel hen with her daughter

Hi! We have had a cockatiel pair for about 5 years now. We never intended to breed them, so we haven’t installed a nestbox. However, they have been nesting and laying eggs on the cage floor. The eggs never hatched until this time and the pair is now caring for four chicks. We want to […]

My cockatiel isn’t laying eggs

I have two 7ish-year-old cockatiels. They’ve had 4 batches of eggs in the past and two of the batches have had successful babies. It’s been about 2 years since they’ve last had eggs, but they’re still trying. Is she too old to have any more eggs, or is there another reason? Is there anything I […]

Budgie can’t fly

First time here, so sorry if it’s bad. My 7 month old budgie has been having problems flying for months, she learned to fly when she was young a was good at it, but after a while she was getting worse at it, now she goes to the ground immediately if she tries flying.We thought […]

My parakeet egg

My female parakeet is a young female she had an egg but she is not sitting on it it’s kind of just at the bottom of the cage she has made Nest but this egg is a very first one and it’s just laying at the bottom of the cage is that mean the dad […]

Pellet crumbles/dust

My caique pulverizes her pellets into a dust. Is she actually consuming enough when she does this and getting the nutrition that she needs? Is this common?

Testing after medication

If there’s time.. I have a 17 yo timneh on numerous heart meds. Almost 2 years now. Is there any way to tell if he still needs them – could he have improved. His diet has improved and he gets fish oil daily. I’m grateful that he’s doing well.

Grey head shake

why do african greys shake their heads. Mine only does it once in a while.

Bumble foot and perches

Referring to the question of bumble foot: 1. what do you say about birds ( mine is a gc conure) that seem to like staying on the same perch? 2. what do you think about the rope perches? I have a “bungie” rope which gives her great exercise as she climbs up and down, along […]

Conure biting

I have a pineapple conure that likes to bite. How can I train him to stop?

Heat pad

So I have successfully bred my two Cockatiels, but the female doesn’t seem to sit on the 4 eggs she has laid. I don’t want to use an incubator for hatching them, and decided to use a damp towel/bowl and a heat pad. But I don’t know if that would completely work for hatching them.

budgie fighting

budgies laid eggs and was sitting on them one day they had a bloody fight and brook the eggs what can i do

Cocktail bird two weeks old not begging for food.

I have bought two cocktails bird two weeks old three days ago now , first I took them to the vet they did examination and determined both of them are healthy . After coming home the baby didn’t beg for food I thought heshe might be scared so I fed she/he little and she ate […]

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