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Grooming a bird

When it comes to showering / nail trimming a rescued bird that is super duper phobic and aggressive, are these things essential to stay on top of? Or should they be skipped until the relationship is worked on? Some parrot “experts” tell me I have to force the bird to bathe /get it’s nails trimmed […]

Conures laying eggs without a box?

I have two cages with paired birds. Both of them recently laid eggs in the bottom of their cages. I inherited these birds after my sister’s death recently and wasn’t expecting them to breed so quickly. I have nesting boxes but what do I do now? Do I set up the boxes and move their […]

Wing clipping

I have 3 mature (Approx 1 1/2) year old Cockatiels. 2 males and 1 female. The female and one of the males have mated. The 3rd bird (male) is the odd man out and often is chased all over the house. These 3 birds have the run of the house and my question is: Can […]

Hormonal Obsession

Hi, it has been a while since I sent my questions. Right now my bird is in better condition since his vet visit. The lovebird now can fly and move his wings with ease and the wound is gone. Only little bare patch is there with new feathers growing in. He has been separated for […]

Cockatoo laying egg

My cocatoo has just laid egg then eaten it she has no mate is this normal

Two males and one female follow-up

Hi! You recently answered a question for me about two males and one female in a cage together with a nest box up. One of the things you told me to do was to separate the odd number of birds out bc they will likely fight and/or kill each other. I let my birds fly […]

Practice playing “doctor “

How can I practice taking my cockatoo ‘s heart rate? What else should we practice to keep trips to the vet less stressful? Does anyone take parrot vital signs or is part of avian health care? I already do this in positive games with my dogs. What about cockatoos? Thank you.

Cockatiel laying eggs but won’t enter nest box

Hi! I have a female cockatiel and two males. At different points in time I’ve caught one or the other males mating with the female but none of them seem to be “paired.” The female is now laying eggs and I suspect they may be fertilized but neither the two males nor the female will […]

My cocktail is losing a lot of feathers

My bird is losing a lost of his feathers and this has been going on for about two months I took him to the vet but she had me buy about hundred dollars worth of spray and nothing is working I have feathers every where

Feather pluking

Whats the reason of feather plucking of chiks in african lovebirds

How can I help my lonely 9 year old parrotlet

Hi. My 9 year old male parrotlet has lost 2 mates in the past 2 years. The 1st mate was 2 years ago, then he bonded with the remaining female parrotlet I had, and she just died 3 weeks ago (she was 12.5 years old). He still calls for her. They were close. He is […]

Baby Parrot of 4 weeks

My baby parrot poop is black since yesterday. Is it normal. Am still handing with syringe baby food.

Female cocktail

My female has laid a bunch of eggs in a 7 month time and last week she’s been plucking her tail feathers and now her chest and under her wings .I’m worried she’s depressed over me taking her eggs up .I don’t won’t baby’s but I don’t won’t her to die on me from depression […]

Dead baby finch

My finches have been taking excellent care of their only hatched chick, but I found him dead this morning. His crop was full and he was fine lastnight. He was a couple of weeks old. How can determine cod?

Parakeet laying eggs while on Perch

Hi. I have a couple parakeet (1 male 1 female) and I caught them mating 2wks ago. Now, my parakeet lays her eggs while on perch so the eggs are always broken. The 1st one was infertile so I just threw it away but the second one had yolk in it. It was so depressing […]


My pair of finches hatched two eggs, babies left nest on their own, yet unable to fly. Parents still continued to feed their babies but both died.

When do male pacific/celestial parrotlets get their markings?

Hi, I have a parrotlet that is about 7months old now and I’m not sure on it’s gender yet, It has a sort of blue streak on it’s wings and a darkish blue patch on its back but no eye mark. Is it a female or will it’s mark come through in time

African grey Keeps laying eggs but none hatch

I have a pair of african grey and it laid 5 eggs and after 27 days it didn’t hatch. I examined the eggs but there was no development. After 1 week it laid an egg and have 5 eggs and and after 27 days it was the the same as before now its the third […]

My love bird is almost 2 and hasn’t laid eggs

I’m wondering why my lovebird hasn’t laid any eggs she’s almost 2 now in March and she’s never laid an egg.. she’s been doing these weird wing things where she stretches her wings out and puts her butt in the air.. what does that mean and is it bad she hasn’t laid any as everyone […]


Endless debate about the merits of seeds vs. pellets (as opposed to providing chop which appears less controversial). My tiel is 19 and for the last 3 years has displayed excess thirst and watery droppings but no other symptoms and was raised on both; kidney disease etiology? Appears to be no consensus.


Both my parakeets are a light blue and a dark blue The dark blue has blue by nostrils the light colored parakeet has just a little spot if blue above nostrils How to tell if female and male

Attempting to breed my birds

Hey! So I was kinda just wondering if I could get some tips on breeding my cockatiels? The males are attempting to breed but with each other, not the females. I put them in pairs (male with female) and she always rejects his advances on her. Is she just new to this and needs more […]

5 budgie eggs about to hatch

Hi my male budgie died & the female stopped sitting so I incubated hoping? & their about to hatch? I candle them 2nd wk & all fertile

Cockatiel company

I f my cokiteal is very tame and she is a little bit older than 1 year is it a good idea to introduce her with a tame tame male. If not what would the consequences be? Would she and the male remain tame?


I have a new sun conure . I was wondering if you still give samples for them. So that I can tell what they may like?



Which one should we get?

Hi, lafeber. Me and family have been thinking about a bird. I was I exited and immediately started researching. I choose getting a cockatoo or a cockatiel. The problem was that we we’re planning on getting two birds, so they can entertain each other. I heard one is more social with other parrots then the […]

Age difference

My Female Lovebird is about 3months old, up to what age male can I get for her to bond with?

Pionus breeder

Hello, I was hoping you could contact me with a pionus breeder that is willing to ship the bird overseas or is located in Australia. Thankyou!

Egg Laying Sun Conure

My 4-5year old Sun Conure just laid her first egg…it broke when it fell out of a hole she had nibbled through her bed (now I realize it was to get to the batting that was cushioning the bed)…so I replaced it with a stone egg of same size. Please advise


Hi, I’ve had my zebra finches now for at 3 months. They live in a big cage in the house. They have built a beautiful nest in the last month,but they are not mating/breeding. But they are grooming each other sleep side by side. I was wondering if you could please give me some advice. […]

Lovebirds will not lay eggs if wings are cut?

I have 2 pairs of fischers love birds. I want to cut their wings so that its safe for them to play around in my home. But the shop owner told us that if you cut its wings it will not lay eggs. Is is true? I’m confused on what to do.

Why is my female finch losing feathers?

Hello. I have 6 finches. I stared out with two, a male and female, but then they had 3, and then another. I let them out each morning, and they are free to fly around as they please each morning. But recently, one of my finches, Joycie, has been losing feathers on the side of […]

My baby budgie died suddenly

I don’t know why but my 1.5 month old baby budgie died suddenly. He was alright just a 2 minutes ago his death. He was playing whole this day and don’t know what happened and when i saw him he was on ground of cage sleeping downwords. It’s seemed unusual to me and when i […]

Cockateil eggs infertile

I saw them mating together so I’m sure they make and female They lay four eggs and Stop We took them so they played another four and so on


We bought two pairs two males and two female but before putting it in the cage one of the males died now we have one male two females the first time they laid an egg they laid it out of the nest and it died now couple months later now they have three eggs out […]

Aviary wire mesh

I’m planning to build an aviary for my cockatiels soon, but can’t find a definitive answer on what the best wire mesh material to use. Some people say galvanized wire is made with materials that may poison birds, others say they use it just fine. Not sure what to believe

Encouraging parrot to fly?

This is about my friend’s mealy amazon parrot. The vet says he’s overweight – he’s a really big parrot anyway, but he shouldn’t be that heavy – so in addition to putting him on a low calorie diet (no more fried chicken, pizza, BBQ pork ribs, Doritos or drinks of orange soda in particular, no […]

Best shampoo for a goffin?

Hi again. Just wondering if you could recommend a good parrot shampoo for my goffin? I know from reading online that parrots don’t usually need shampoo, but I’m talking about the rare, occasional times when she’s gotten covered in jam or honey, or mud when she’s been playing outside.

Bird droppings and actions are weird.

Hello, this is my first question here. My bird became a new member of the family on the 23rd of October. I’m concerned about it’s health. It’s dropping appear black with a little white. It has also been kicking it’s food out of the dish, hasn’t been seen drinking any water. It also has been […]

Feeding problems

Hi i have a Jenday he flew away from somewhere. Got him for 3 months now but but sruggling with food. He dnt wanna eat fruits or veggies. He only want sunflower seeds nd i really dnt want him to have it. Please can u insist me in this matter. Thank u Nelie

Lovebird beaks

The beaks on both of my love birds are getting dark around the edges. Can you tell me why this is happening.


My cockatiel layer eggs on the bottom of her cage she is handraised and I didn’t know the other was a male I’m just wondering if I could move them into something to keep them Warm or just leave them. She only had 3 eggs and the second one was laid on the 11of October […]

Leg loss

Last night my parrot in an out door aviary had its leg bitten off by a raccoon on the outside of the aviary. The bleeding has stopped and the bird is resting indoors now. I’m worried however about infection. All I’ve done is spray the wound with peroxide. Should I get antibiotics and what kind? […]


My parakeet has laid 3 eyes which I candled(using gloves) and they are all fertile… I have breezed before with my other budgie and she was always in her box and only came out to stretch so I find it strange that Nibblett during the night she will sit on her eggs and during the […]

male cockatiel aggressive nesting

Hi, We have a male cockatiel who used to be quite nice and he’s learned a lot of words and some songs as well. He seemed to be constantly looking for a mate so we got another cockatiel which seems to have grown up into another male but we aren’t 100% sure. Anyhow he’s literally […]

Cockateil eggs infertile

Now I have a Male and a female and the female is probably old They layed 10 eggs and all are infertile Does overage affect fertility?

Eggs hutch period

Hi , My african love bird laid 4 eggs from 25.9.2021. till date(23.1021)non of the egg hatched . But the female still sitting continuously on it tacking 2 or three minutes break to refresh. What can I do ? The birds age is 20 months . Will the eggs hutch? Thankyou


What is the best bedding for a cockatoo? Are extruded pine pellets safe for the bird?

Can I teach my male?

My poor Male Quaker parrot can’t figure out how to mate with his girl. Any suggestions?

parakeets eating eggs

my parakeets lay two eggs so far an each one was broken i read some of the thoughts u share about a balance diet. i have put some of the food that u listed to help with her diet. ? should i still leave her to lay the egg to see if she will change […]

Let parakeet

My parakeet has laid for eggs she only has three of them left because the first one dropped when she was on the perch but she laid them in the nest and she’s not sitting on them and then now she’s laying in the box while they’re in the nest what should I do

Agressive Female Toward Male

I had two young male brother zebra finches and recently one died. I was given a female and had her separated in a cage right next to his for a week. They seemed quite interested in each other. When I finally put the female in with the male in a large cage (30Lx18Wx36H) with separate […]

Altitude Sickness for a Budgie

Is it safe to bring my pet budgie into the Big Bear Mountains? I live in the greater Los Angeles Area, and I have a tripped plan for the coming weekend. I want to make sure my little buddy will be safe and not in harms way if I bring her.

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