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Companion for parakeet

Hello, I have a 7 year old female parakeet who is currently caged alone. She lived with one male 5 yrs until he died of old age last year. She is very healthy, loves nutriberries, avicakes and veggies and flying indoors. If I were to get her a cage mate(female) from a pet store, is […]

my bird isn’t trusting me.

I brought my lovebird 2 months ago and he/she still doesn’t trust me. i’m assuming the my bed isn’t hand tamed the way he/she reacts to me putting my hand near or in the cage. my bird hasn’t bitten me but flies to one side and makes loud noises. what should i do to get […]

Over feeding chicks

I’ve cockatiel pair and it’s their first time to hv chicks, the hen laid 6 eggs out of which only one chick survived, the parents are taking good care of chick but sometimes it seems like they are overfeeding it. The chick is 8 days old.

Female budge sits very little on her 3 eggs

I have a pair of budgie. The female started laying eggs and now has 3 eggs layed in the nest box. But she sits very little on the eggs, she comes out frequently. The weather here is not too hot n humid that she would not like to sit on the eggs. So, my question […]

How to make my parakeet trust me?

Hi there, A few weeks ago, I rescued a parakeet; as in, he flew into my yard, I managed to capture him with a bin and a lot of bird seed and, after lots of posting online, talking with the local vet, and asking the local shelter, no owner has come forward and I’ve decided […]

Love bird

My love bird lays egg four times in a can I discourage them?


I’m so sorry once again, I just have a question earlier today verde has been showing signs of wanting my company she still dose not like my hands and will not step up but she will do anything for her millet and she follow me to whatever side of the cage i’m on she’s always […]

African Grey breeding couple

Hi. I already asked about a 4 years old male and 10 years old female greys. I already have all the requirements you mentioned and a great diet but i am confused about them getting along. I don’t mind not having him as a pet if he bonds and become capable of breeding. Given that […]

What kind of diet should I offer my breeding Cockatiels?

Hello Dear Lafebar Team, My cockatiels are already in a breeding phase, the Hen laid 2 eggs so far, All they eat is either Millet or seeds, and green leaves of carrots. I am afraid if they have their eggs hatched and still feed their chicks with this diet! Or it is healthy&normaldiet and I […]

African Grey breeding couple

Hi. I have a 4 years old African grey that has beed very sexual/hormonal in the past two months so i have decided to get him a female so that he might bond with her. I know it might never happen but i dont mind trying. The female is 10 years old. Is this age […]

Mango screaching conure

We just moved my 8 year old conure to a new apartment he was living with my parents he has gotten extremely vocal to the point of being incredibly annoying how do we stop this behaviour

How do I know if my cockatiel is molting or Plucking?

Hey! So I have a cockatiel at the age of about 4 months. I bought him weened but the seller said he was only 4 months, so that makes him 5 now. Anyways, I have been seeing a lot of feathers around and in his cage. I am not sure if he is molting or […]

Looking at me weirdly

Hi, I just had a breakthrough with verde she is seeming to be no longer afraid of me and more and more looking for my company. When it’s early in the morning she’ll scream for me to change her food bowl. My dads not sure about the wing clipping because he doesn’t want to strip […]

will they have eggs

Hello Dears, I have a coupled cockatiel pair, the Cock is 8 months old and the Hen is 6 years old, they have been mating since a week, is it possible not to get eggs while the male is immature? Or as long as they mate she will get eggs? Otherwise he couldnt do the […]


I have a blue female and green male Quakers they are a year old they mate every day for about 2 months no eggs yet but they have become very mean and they were very tame before they started matting I don’t know if I should keep them apart or just let them stay together.


Ok, I apologize for taking up your time again. So No her wings are not clipped the breeder says he never clips. I find it strange that she is hand-fed but does not want to be around my hand. But we took baby steps today and she almost came up to my hand through the […]

Budgie gender

I have a white English parakeet, Lana, whose cere is both blue and flesh colored. I was told by the previous owner she was a female because they were told she had laid an egg. I got her at the same time as the two American parakeets she was living with, who are brother and […]

She won’t let me clean her perch

Her perch is really dirty with poop and she won’t let me take it out to clean it, I tired cleaning it from the inside but the brush scares her and I have to open the cage door to clean it and she gets scared and flys around in her cage and almost hit me […]

Will my female lorikeet bond with a new male lorikeet?

Hi, I have had an ornate lorikeet since July 2019. I wasn’t sure of her sex while getting her but eventually I tried out the pendulum test on her and I was quite convinced that my bird is female. I would say she has bonded very well with me but she is quite aggressive towards […]

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