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Please help, my cockatiels have 4 eggs now and I have not checked if they’re fertile or infertile. I want to clean the nest since the hen seem to have brown spots on her chest and tail (witch I think is bird mites) and yes there have been mites in their old cage (that led […]

What food should I wean Lorikeet onto?

I have a rainbow loirikeet that is approx 9 weeks old and is pretty much ready for weaning. He has eaten some solid food, and isn’t unfamiliar to it. I was wondering whether it be better to have his final diet composed of pellets, liquid formula, or a combination of both?

Rescuing a green cheek

Hi! I’m taking in a two year old green cheek conure. He used to be very social and friendly and but then he was not given any attention for aboutt a year and now won’t leave his cage without flying away and bites and and won’t cuddle anymore. I want to rescue him, but I’m […]

Baby Lovebird plucking feathers

Hi, My peach face lovebird is about 5 weeks old and is plucking its feathers. I am noticing smaller pin feathers on the bottom of the enclosure when I wake up, and I am also noticing what I would deem “excessive” preening. It is losing large feathers from its wings. What should I do?

Hormonal female lovebird

My 2 yr old hormonal female lovebird is biting everything, me, my clothes, pillows, her towel. Is there anything I can do to deter this behavior?

Princess parrot not popping eggs out

Our first mating season with charlise she dropped about 8 eggs from her roost.. since then no eggs at all..they mate she goes in box but nothing..

Unarranged Budgie

Hi! Thanks for this question platform. I am constantly worrying about my budgie. He’s a male of age about half-year. I kept him with a female budgie and I hand feed them daily. The problem is that my male budgie have scattered body hairs (Wings). He isn’t interested in arranging them and I noticed that […]

Breed the violet colour in conures

Hi how do you breed/make violet conures. I have a breeding pair of turquoise conures could i breed their babies with a pinapple to make the violet colour for example?


I need to clean a very dirty house (been unable to clean due to health issues). Can you provide me a list of what I can use? I can’t re-locate my budgie to another place and I can’t afford help. It is going to be an uphill battle, but, I have to get it done.

Screeching budgies?

Sometimes when they are in the cage and I`m not in the room, one of my budgies starts screeching and sometimes the other joins in. Why do they do this?

When should I wean baby bird?

I have an approx 8 week old Rainbow Lorikeet that i handraised on formula. He/she is almost fully featherered except the tail and back of neck. He readily accepts syringe feeding and is confused when i offer him any solid food, rather mostly just spitting it/not even taking the food. Is this normal behaviour? also […]

Replacing a cockatiel

10 days ago one of my 2 male cocktails passed away from a freight episode, it was very traumatic, the 2 were blood related, I’ve had them since they were age 0, they are 7 years old, I’m now worried that the remaining bird may be feeling lonely, should I get him another friend? I […]

How do I regain a budgies trust?

I was trying to hand tame my two budgies, with millet in my palm and holding it near them when one slipped past me and out of the cage. He was flying around my room like crazy bumping into walls and the ceiling. I almost caught him once, but he wriggled out of my hands […]

My cockatiel bird Isn’t sitting on the eggs at night

I have an one pair cockatiel. Age around 1 year. they mate and gave 5 eggs sequentially 3 days one after one. But they sitting on the eggs together at day time but they didn’t seat on eggs during night time. What can i do right now?

Dead Hatched Bird

Hello, I have two cockatiels who laid eggs around 22 days ago. Yesterday one hatched, and the mother bird didn’t do anything (feed it, acknowledge it, etc. but assumed it was because the bird had the yolk) and went to sit on it and the other unhatched eggs. This morning, it was dead and smashed […]

Alexandrine Hormonal Behaviour – 3

Hi, I have started taking action since the past 3-4 days. As I’m 13, it’s not easy for me to get a new bowl just cause he’s showing some weird behaviour. So all I’m doing is feed him through the bowl as usual and take it away as soon as he’s done eating. Also, he […]

Egg laying cockatiel

My non stop laying 3 yr. old cockatiel currently gets lupron about every 4 weeks even though she gets hormonal after 3 weeks. Eggs always come before shot. I’ve tried everything to stop her behavior. Any chance she ‘ll stop laying on her own? Lupron is expensive and it’s hard to run to vet in […]

Cocktail bird lay eggs without a mate

Hello, Sorry to be annoying again but I have a question related to cocktail bird . I take care of my friends birds she have two female cocktail. two months ago , one of them make strange movements sit on the bottom of the cage in one corner and raising their tail and make different […]


I have 4 budgie and our biggest one has been occasionally shaking its head and spitting out seeds.. it closes its eyes after and when I call out to it it opens then closes then again. Breathing is normal same as others and they eat throughout the day. It’s been a week with thr budgies […]

Worried about baby cockatiels

Hi! I just bought two baby cockatiels and I love them both very very much and I would never want to return them. I am very nervous now about what to do if they mate. I haven’t had a DNA test, because I feel if the results aren’t two males, I would be devastated. I’m […]

Alexandrine Hormonal Behaviour – 2

Hi, My Alexandrine is doing that same staredown thing but this time with a steel bowl. He’s been doing this for about a month and I have decided to ask you guys about it. The way he does it has started to look like those Indian Ringnecks on YouTube.

Conure suddenly scared of my hands

My conure has been raised by me since he first hatched, (he’s 2 years old now) and he’s suddenly he’s become terrified of my hands. It might be because I am the one who clips his talons, but I’m not sure and even so I still don’t know what to do to help him overcome […]

Cockatiel Mating/Taming

– I have a pair of cockatiels, male and female. I noticed them mating so I created a nesting box for them, but the female seems to prefer the food bowl… they are both extremely skittish and I wonder if they’re just afraid of it? I’ve put millet in there to get them to go […]

Befriending a Bourke

I have two DNA males 3 months old. I disagree with hold it till it stops struggling taming method. What is “the best” to tame a Bourke. They were hand fed and will eat millet from my hand, but not having much luck other-wise.

sun conure egg laying

my bird has laid another clutch randomly, there is no male here but I can’t get her to stop chirping at night time. I wanted to know if I could take her eggs away since they’re not going to be fertilized

Little pooping

My bird is a Conyers about three years old name Zazu and he acts like he’s going to poop but nothings been coming out what do we do?

My Canary male sits on nest of 3 eggs

I wonder why the female isn’t sitting on the 3 eggs , and it’s the male that sits on it at night. Is it cos it’s not time to incubate yet and the male is host protecting the eggs. The male is a great singer. And female yellow canary also sings.

Thank you

I just want to thank you for your advice. I have taken the nesting box away. I think the biggest mistake I made, is to scratch her head a lot, as she loves it. She also holds her beak against my chin when I do that. It is such a habit, but I will limited […]

Female lovebird

I recently learned that what I thought was my male lovebird is a female lovebird when I woke up to an egg in her cage. When I bought my lovebird I was told it was a male. This explains her aggressive behavior lately. She doesn’t have any nesting material in her cage. What can I […]

Diet for my kakariki

Hi! I hope you’re well. I have a few questions regarding providing my bird with the best and most nutritional diet possible. He is 2 and a half years old, and has been on a seed diet most his life with daily fresh fruits and vegetables. Recently, I have tried to convert him to Harrison’s […]

not sure if my love bird are male and female or just 2 males

so i have 2 love birds one is blue and one is green i gave them a breedingbox after that they started mating green would mount him shelf on top of blue and they mated its been 5 days since they have started mating they have mated for 5 days straight but yesterday i saw […]

Male peach face lovebirds behavior

My 2 year old male peach face lovebird loves to shred paper and put it in his tail. I also put a bed in his cage. Recently I have found out this is nesting behavior and I took the paper and bed away. He is a single lovebird. Now he seems to retreat to his […]

Breeding parakeet

I have a pair in a large cage and the female is laying her eggs in the bottom of the cage she has destroyed numerous boxes not sure what to do have purchased numerous styles of nest and boxes just to have her destroy them

Cockatiel and heating perches

Hello, Winter is coming and the temperature in my room may be a little cool for my featured friends. So I wonder if I can buy the electric heating perches for them, keeping the rod itself at a constant temperature of 40℃. But at the same time I’m afraid about the low temperature scalds to […]

Dislocated baby budgie leg

Can any vet help me relocate the leg back into place or would I need to go to a bird vet? It’s a 2 week old baby budgy there is no blood loss but it’s definitely dislocated of broken its leg. The baby is still eating hand feed formula.

Cockatiel Laid Egg

Hello, My pet cockatiel has laid an egg (I have one male, one female cockatiel) and she seems to be biting the egg. They alternate between moving it to the far corner of the nest, sitting on it, and she sometimes looks like she’s biting. Not sure if she’s actually biting it or that’s how […]

Mina birdd

My mina bird is loosing feather around his right eye and sometime this eye close by itself and the other eye is still open

My cockatiel is always sad

4 month ago i got a cocktail, i didn’t know how old was he, but as his look it was like 3 month, so i feed him cerelac as he was so young but he got used to it and when i changed his food he always look so starving no matter what i feed […]

Unfertile eggs

Thank you to Brenda who answered my previous question. It came a bit late. My female of 2 has laid 4 eggs in the nesting box. She sits on them most of the day and night. I have been told not to remove the eggs. She will not let my male/and me, near the nest. […]

Parents warming up the egg

My Zebra finches,,The parents have just laid 3-5 eggs. I don’t know if they are warming up the egg enough. They stay in their nesting box for about 5-14 minutes, then leave for about 3-1 minutes To eat, Drink, Or just sit on perches. They stay in their nesting box with their egg almost the […]

Will my female cockatiel breed with her son?

I plan on letting my female cockatiel breed with my cousin’s male cockatiel and after the eggs hatch I plan on keeping a male baby and I’ll probably give away the rest to people whom I believe will take care of the bird. However I’m concerned whether or not my female cockatiel will start breeding […]

Does it matter if my parakeet haven’t lay eggs in two years?

I have a pair of parakeets for 2 years and their gender has been confirmed to be a male and a female. They live in a large cage around 1.8 x 1.3 x 1 cubic meters with enough toys and treats. However, since we are leaving in a 1b1b apartment, we have to move them […]

Cockatiel keeps losing flight feathers

I have two male cockatiels, both only a couple days apart in age, each about a year and a half old. One of them is Kirby, who is an excellent flier. The other one is Yoshi, who is not so much. I purchased them both at six months old at a shop that specifically sold […]

Egg Abandoment?

Hi, i have a pair of zebra finches, instead of using the egg box i gave them, they laid their eggs on top of the nest box, something i was concerned about because it looked very precarious. they had laid four eggs until the male started what i think was just fixing the nest, about […]

Why is my female cockatiel is weaker than before?

Hello its me sivan, I have you guys for advice abd i got it, My cockatiels started mating, Going in the cage, Now my female cockatiel laid an egg (But a day or two) before she lays her egg she looked less active than before and now she is still like that, i know she […]



Could I get these two pigeons?

Hi, Lafeber. I am considering adopting two single pigeons (Star and Violet) who are both around the same age and have similar personalities. Both of them might have free roaming of their houses, too. If one of them doesn’t, though (because I don’t know if Violet does), would that be problematic? Also, I am worried […]

Why does my bird not like me?

I got my cockatiel a couple months ago, but he still seems uncomfortable with me. He’ll get on my hand sometimes but then try to run away. He looks happy tho, he sings and eats well. I dont know why he doesnt like me.

Two females

Hi, i have 2 female king parrots and one male, in a large cage with other parrots. My ? is should i take out one female now the male has chosen his mate and they have 2 eggs already in their box. Regards Joan

Female cockatiel Egg laying

I have 2 young female cockatiels that live in a very large cage together. My daughter has a male in her bedroom. She brings the male in to to socialize and play on a big perch on the top of my cage. The male does sing to them and make heart wings but the girls […]

Parakeet Fights

Hi Our female parakeet and male parakeet are fighting really bad, there was blood. She has three eggs that have hatched, she runs in and out to feed them. However the fighting with the father parakeet has gotten worse. I would like to remove him for his safety. Can I?

Change of behaviour

HI Lafeber, I have a cocktail about 10 months old and it’s handfed, a week ago I brought him a female cocktail about the same age but was raised in the cage only. I kept them both for a week but all they did was fight each other so I decided to send back the […]

Cocktail male and female

I got a pair of Lutino cocktails wild ones in the month of September they were really happy and were bonded very well. But i am not sure about their age but sure less then 7 month appox. Now my male cocktail died due to Stoke. So i brought new male cocktail wild, age is […]

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