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#2 budgie laid eggs question

Its me again, dont know how to respond to the other question… but she has laid 2 more eggs, do you have any clue what to do?


I have recently bought the ‘Parrot’ nutriberries(El Paso, Garden veggie, sunny orchard and tropical fruit varieties) in error for my 3 year old cockatiel. Are these still suitable for him? Do I need to adjust the quantities?

Egg hatched now what?

The first egg hatched! I don’t know if I show feed it yet! I bought the formula Exact Hand Feeding Formula (with OMEGA-3) and I don’t know how to use it. It says to use 92% water and 8 % for the first few days. How should I mix it in?

Can I feed my cockatiel and budgie the same pellets?

I just recently got a baby cockatiel. I have plenty of budgie pellets (since there’s 2 of them and they don’t eat as much) and for ease (since my cockatiel is already accepting the food), I’d like to feed both birds the budgie pellets. Is that ok? Are the cockatiel pellets formulated with different nutrition? […]


Hi, I read that cinnamon is healthy if you take the Ceylon, because the Chinese cassia one is to chemical. Greetings Balder

thank you

i just want to thank you for the great advice handling mango and his birdy problems he really is a great pet and we love him lots thank you so much

Lovebird trust (Follow up/Update)

Hello, it’s me again. This is meant to be a follow up question regarding Kiwi, my peach faced lovebird who I have asked about in a previous question Lovebird Trust I am writing this to inform you that it have been quite some time and I have worked on Kiwi was far as earning my […]

Misting and molting

I mist our Congo Grey every day and notice she molts quite often. Could this be a result of the misting?

Grey health

My TAG has malformed mucous membranes and I have to clear his nares everyday. Do you know other Grays with this? And if so can you tell us a bit about it?

Grey flight training

I’ve had my 11 year old male for about 6 months and he does not fly. Is there hope, with training, that he will fly? Or should I be content that he walks everywhere?

Grey communication

Lisa, what is the sign that Sam communicates to you that she wants water?

Sore on foot

My 32 year old grey is getting a sore on her foot. I have differ perches and keep them clean. I have used aloe on the sore. It will get better then come back. What can I do to help it heal?

African Grey dusty feathers

“I have four Congos (and 1 Timneh). One of my Congos puts out probably 5 times the dust of the others. Her background is unknow, she came to me from a hoarder case. I have people telling me “”too much dust”” from a bird can be a sign of an issue. She is in good […]

Flying problems

Hi again, I also have another bird who can fly, but sort of crash lands on the ground. He used to fly really well. But now I can’t take him far away from his cage. I’m afraid he will injure himself.

He said no to clipping

Hello we went to the vet and she asked if I wanted her wings clipped but before I could say anything my dad said no, I tried to convince him that it was only temporary but he said that clipping isn’t natural and it’s not right since clipping is now not an option, do u […]

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