Liz Wilson, CVT, CPBC

Liz WilsonLiz Wilson was a certified veterinary technician and a certified parrot behavior consultant, with over 30 years of experience specializing in avian and exotic animal care. In addition to doing in-home behavior consultations in the Philadelphia region and in areas where she traveled and lectured, Liz did phone consultations with parrot owners all over the world. She gained international recognition through extensive lecturing at avian veterinary conferences, avicultural conferences, companion parrot conferences, and bird clubs both here and in Europe. Liz also wrote extensively for Bird Talk magazine and Birds USA, numerous international publications, as well as veterinary journals and eight veterinary textbook chapters including co-authorship of three chapters in the Manual of Parrot Behavior. Liz founded the Parrot Division of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and served on their Board of Directors for two and a half years.

Editor’s note: The bird community lost Liz Wilson when she passed away on April 13, 2013. Please visit our sister site,, for additional information.

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