Post-test: Routine Veterinary Care of the Miniature Pig

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Routine Veterinary Care of the Miniature Pig


Lecture outline

Lecture topics will include:

  • Handling & restraint
    • Holding small pigs
    • Crowd/sorting board
    • Crate
    • Harness
    • “The Pig Flip”
      • Trazodone + Gabapentin
      • Midazolam
      • Midazolam + Butorphanol + Xylazine (or dexmedetomidine)
    • Chemical restraint
  • Routine veterinary procedures
    • Physical examination
      • T: 99.7-102°F
      • P: 70-80/min
      • R: 13-18/min
      • Life expectancy: 17-21 years
    • Hoof trim
    • Tusk trim (males)
    • Vaccination
    • Deworming
    • Nutrition


Mini pigs remain a surprisingly common pet, with a resurgence in popularity every few years. Owners typically […]

Kristie Mozzachio, DVM, DACVP, CVA

Kristie Mozzachio operates a mobile pet pig exclusive practice serving the states of North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. She provides consults on pet pigs as well as research mini pigs, both nationally and internationally. She also serves as a veterinary advisor for Ross Mill Farm & Piggy Camp and Refuge GroinGroin in France. Dr. Mozzachio has also lectured on mini pigs at numerous meetings, and most recently she has co-authored mini pig chapters in the Exotic Animal Formulary and Diseases of Swine.