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Celebrating 25 Years of Nutri-Berries!

NutriBerry25thLogo_nArguably, it’s the most talked about food in the pet bird community — the ball of wholesome nutrition that pet birds love to eat … we’re talking Nutri-Berries, of course! When Nutri-Berries first rolled onto the bird food scene 25 years ago in 1990, pet bird stewards were captivated; birds that wouldn’t touch nutritionally balanced food like pellets — even the hardcore “seed addicts” — took to Nutri-Berries with delight.

It all began in 1989, when Dr. T.J. Lafeber, with the help of world-renowned avian nutritionists, set out to develop a pet bird food that was not only nutritionally complete but one that offered companion birds the foraging enrichment vital to their emotional health. The result was Nutri-Berries, a game changer for the pet bird food market. That iconic ball shape, with a non-GMO, whole seed-and-grain formulation, chelated minerals, balanced Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, natural preservatives and flavors, wasn’t done by chance. Nutri-Berries were designed with Nutri-Berries Bag Parrot, Nutri-Berries for parrotsforaging in mind — a revolutionary concept 25 years ago.

The Nutri-Berries food line has grown over the past 25 years from Classic Nutri-Berries to now include El Paso, Garden Veggie, Sunny Orchard and Tropical Fruit Nutri-Berries, with varieties formulated for parrots of all sizes. And if your bird has been enjoying Nutri-Berries all these years, good news! Senior Bird Nutri-Berries, the latest in the Nutri-Berries line, will help your feathered friend maintain good health and continued enrichment in the years ahead.

Birds love Nutri-BerriesHow Does Your Bird Take His/Her Nutri-Berries?

Ever notice that birds have different eating styles? Some are messier than others; some are perpetual dunkers; some prefer to nosh a little bit throughout the day, while others finish everything in the bowl in one perching. Similarly, when it comes to Nutri-Berries, eating styles can differ. Here are a few ways parrots of all sizes enjoy their Nutri-Berries:

  1. An out-of-the-bowl experience: When first introduced to Nutri-Berries, it’s amazing how quickly a bird will pick up one with his foot and bite into it; an instinctual way of eating for many parrots. This isn’t mere coincidence — Nutri-Berries were designed to be held by the bird as he/she eats. Better yet, this one-foot stand works the bird’s leg and foot muscles.
  2. Get your head in the bowl: Ever notice that you’re a little more careful when you chow down on your favorite foods? You hold the plate or bowl close so as to catch any and all crumbs (think crunchy taco!). Likewise, if you have a dedicated feathered foodie, you might not see much more than your bird’s body leaning deep into the bowl — a “Don’t bother me, I’m eating” parrot pose. Your bird doesn’t want to waste a single Nutri-Berrie crumb!
  3. The wave around: If you have a flock of parrots, chances are there’s one that likes to hold his/her Nutri-Berrie by the foot and wave it around before biting into it. Some describe it as the parrot version of the “keep away” game, although the bird knows fully well that he/she controls the game and, more importantly, the Nutri-Berrie. Or perhaps it’s a simple dare … “Just try to take my Nutri-Berrie away; I dare you!”
  4. The rock ‘n’ roll: Children might be discouraged from playing with their food but, with parrots, it’s highly encouraged! And what parrot can resist? Nutri-Berries are fun to eat! Parrots have been known to balance their Nutri-Berries on their backs (cockatoo, anyone?), scoot them around or do drop-and-retrieval maneuvers with them … all in the name of adventures in eating.
  5. “Tongue tied.” One thing you might notice when a parrot enjoys a Nutri-Berrie is that he/she explores it with his/her tongue. This type of tactile exploration makes sense given that Nutri-Berries are full of taste and texture — they are meant to be picked apart, chewed up, and thoroughly relished!

Lafeber is proud to have made pet birds happier and healthier one Nutri-Berrie at time for 25 years now, and here’s to serving up more good nutrition in the years ahead!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating 25 Years of Nutri-Berries!

  1. I am completely satisfied with Nutri-Berries! My cocaktiel loves them…I hide some and she loves foraging for her food. The mess around the cage is all but gone due to there are no more seed hulls.
    If I make my coffee before giving her morning Nutri-Berries I get an earful.
    I love this product for so many reasons but the most important is that I am now sure I am meeting my bird’s nutritional needs hassle free.

  2. My 5 pet birds (Grey, Amazons, cockatoo, macaw) get 6 Nutriberries every morning for breakfast. They get pellets for dinner. But if they get a Nutriberry on top of the pellets for dessert, they always eat dessert first.

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