Rabbit Basics Teaching Module


Welcome to LafeberVet’s Rabbit Basics Teaching Module Level 1


Level 1 is designed to provide information that the veterinary health professional should know before laying hands on the rabbit patient. Upon completion of this learning aid, the participant will have a basic clinical understanding of rabbit taxonomy, common rabbit breeds, rabbit anatomy and physiologyrabbit behavior, and husbandry needs.


RACE approval has expired for this teaching module. Renewal is pending.

EDUCATORS: Please contact LafeberVet at vetinfo@lafeber.com if you would like to incorporate the quiz for this teaching module into your course.


Rabbit Anatomy Basics

23 minutes

Rabbit Breed Basics

8 minutes

 Close up rabbit incisors

Photo credit: LafeberVet


Photo credit: Dr. Lauren Thielen

Rabbit Husbandry Basics

5 minutes

Behavior Essentials: The European Rabbit

15 minutes

Coal bunny

Photo credit: Coal Bunny

Photo credit: Jannes Pockele

Photo credit: Jannes Pockele

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