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Mixed aviaries

I have communal aviaries and cages. How should I present food for 3 different bird varieties – canary, finch and parakeet?

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Hi im concerned about my parakeets i have 3 1 male and the others r supposed to b male and female but im thinking both r females they do a lot of squawking and the solid white 1 (a female i believe) coontinues to bite and make loud squawking noises any time the other 2 […]

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Cockatiel Mating issue

My creamwhite cockatiel laying unfertile egg 3rd time. Male sitting on top of female for mate but not mate properly whats the issue.

cross breeding- masklovebirds

I happen to have a male blue mask and a grey female mask. both unpaired in separate cages. if I put both in one cage, with a nest box, will they breed? or, a larger question is – do masked lovebirds inter-breed?


Can a conure get parasites from a food source ? my blue crown I’ve had for at least 25yrs is demonstrating odd behavior. any advice is greatly appreciated.

Finch birds

What do I do about bird having eggs in food? They already had babies a few months ago, I don’t want anymore lol

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My Bird lays a lot of eggs

How can i help my girl she lays eags every couple of mounts and i dont know what im doing wrong i do cover her at night and her diet is seeds and raw peanuts and some bird treats some times she will get a piece of bananas but i do pet her on the […]

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cHello Brenda, I had a Pair of Cockatiels since last 7 months. They are Old enough to breed more then One year older. They tried mating lots of time but they did’nt alable to make their Breed. many peoples asked me to change the male cockatiel and try breeding again. So I have changed my […]

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Budgie keep breaking her own eggs *urgent*

I have 4 budgies in which there is one pair so when they reached breeding age I provided them with a breeding box and fortunately they breeded and hen starts laying eggs but the problem is that she keeps breaking it and not even try to hatch them. After searching online I find out that […]

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Senegal babies

live on Martha’s Vineyard MAssachusetts and am having a really hard time trying to find a young SENEGAL parrot to ad to my family..i have all thre “”FIXINS” waiting and ready ..a nice large cage and in the summer i will spend plenty of time outside tethered to me and am looking forward to a […]

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can chicks bond to people

My umbrella Cockatoos just mated. I wish to allow them to raise their chicks on their own. Will the chicks be able to bond with us humans, as do their parents?

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My cockateils is laying eggs but after sometime female cockateils is not giving heat to their eggs not al time siiting in his pot during hatching.

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I need help

So my cockatiels are laying eggs but keep laying them outside the nesting box I need help asap

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After a vacation of bout 2and galf weeks my african grey is not the the same. He bullies me i cant handle hom like before and he chews his wing and tale feathers. Some days are better than others ans then there are the biting every time i get close. Its been more than a […]

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Males or females?

I want to purchase more than one parakeet. Should I get 2 or 3 females, 2 or 3 males or maybe one of one sex and 2 of the other? If the latter choice, which sex should be the 2? I may also just get 2… one of each okay or better to have the […]

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I have a Sun Canure and a Cockatiel together in several ocasions i have seen the Canure mating with the Cockatiel. Can these two different species lay eggs? Thank you

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Cockatiel Breeding Issue

Hello, I have got a pair of Cockatiles about 7 months ago. When I purchase at that time their age was nearly 1 year. and most of the time they stays inside the breeding box. The shopkeeper told me that they are breeding pairs. so to make it confirm I took them to Veterinary Doc. […]

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Why is my cockatiel dancing in his food bowl?

I have 2 male cockatiels, one a little more dominate. I have two seed bowls and 2 water bowls. Sometimes the dominant “K” will go to a bowl and start dancing in it. At first I thought K maybe be trying to set territory so I would dump that bowl into his and refill. But […]

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