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Lovebird beaks

The beaks on both of my love birds are getting dark around the edges. Can you tell me why this is happening.


My cockatiel layer eggs on the bottom of her cage she is handraised and I didn’t know the other was a male I’m just wondering if I could move them into something to keep them Warm or just leave them. She only had 3 eggs and the second one was laid on the 11of October […]

Leg loss

Last night my parrot in an out door aviary had its leg bitten off by a raccoon on the outside of the aviary. The bleeding has stopped and the bird is resting indoors now. I’m worried however about infection. All I’ve done is spray the wound with peroxide. Should I get antibiotics and what kind? […]


My parakeet has laid 3 eyes which I candled(using gloves) and they are all fertile… I have breezed before with my other budgie and she was always in her box and only came out to stretch so I find it strange that Nibblett during the night she will sit on her eggs and during the […]

male cockatiel aggressive nesting

Hi, We have a male cockatiel who used to be quite nice and he’s learned a lot of words and some songs as well. He seemed to be constantly looking for a mate so we got another cockatiel which seems to have grown up into another male but we aren’t 100% sure. Anyhow he’s literally […]

Cockateil eggs infertile

Now I have a Male and a female and the female is probably old They layed 10 eggs and all are infertile Does overage affect fertility?

Eggs hutch period

Hi , My african love bird laid 4 eggs from 25.9.2021. till date(23.1021)non of the egg hatched . But the female still sitting continuously on it tacking 2 or three minutes break to refresh. What can I do ? The birds age is 20 months . Will the eggs hutch? Thankyou


What is the best bedding for a cockatoo? Are extruded pine pellets safe for the bird?

Can I teach my male?

My poor Male Quaker parrot can’t figure out how to mate with his girl. Any suggestions?

parakeets eating eggs

my parakeets lay two eggs so far an each one was broken i read some of the thoughts u share about a balance diet. i have put some of the food that u listed to help with her diet. ? should i still leave her to lay the egg to see if she will change […]

Let parakeet

My parakeet has laid for eggs she only has three of them left because the first one dropped when she was on the perch but she laid them in the nest and she’s not sitting on them and then now she’s laying in the box while they’re in the nest what should I do

Agressive Female Toward Male

I had two young male brother zebra finches and recently one died. I was given a female and had her separated in a cage right next to his for a week. They seemed quite interested in each other. When I finally put the female in with the male in a large cage (30Lx18Wx36H) with separate […]

Altitude Sickness for a Budgie

Is it safe to bring my pet budgie into the Big Bear Mountains? I live in the greater Los Angeles Area, and I have a tripped plan for the coming weekend. I want to make sure my little buddy will be safe and not in harms way if I bring her.

Zebra finches only had one baby, now what?

So I have read extensively about what happens in the first six weeks since birth, but most forums speak on what happens with multiple babies. We have bought a second cage, but now the baby will be alone after 6 weeks. Must I buy another one to pair? Or, can the young one live on […]

Cage versus open

What is safer for night frights? Open space like a room or a cage? I had an intruder in my house and so my birds, a cockatiel and a budgie, were flying around in the house in the office room they sleep in, in the dark, and a night light is not enough there. I […]

Cocktails eggs infertile

Hello hope so ur doing well. I kept one pair of cocktail there age is adult. They layed 6 eggs and I try to kept them in a good way caring for everything but when as many days got over their egg was infertile but Iam planning to give them medicine or vitamins for them […]

Severe Self-mutilation (Macaw)

Hello, I rescued (2) macaws my friend and her husband can no longer take care of due to their work schedule. They mentioned the female was missing some feathers, so I thought, she must be going through a molting period. When I picked them up, I notice she was missing ALL of her feathers except […]


Hello I plan on acquiring a kakariki baby in a few weeks and I am beginning to prepare things for him. What would be the best pellet for him? I see cockatiel and then food for budgies/parakeets in the traditional sense but nothing specifically geared for kakariki. I also plan on feeding avi-cakes and fresh […]

Nesting box

What if you don’t have one and they’re laying on their eggs in the corner of the bottom of the cage

What did I do wrong

So I got my birds about 3 weeks ago and they were already starting to trust me and get on my hand but then I had to scrub their cage. once I got them back in they were not the same. I feel they were not allowed to fly in their old home cuz they […]

Lovebirds mating behaviour

I had 2 pairs of lovebirds bonded very tight to each other both pair came from different breeders, unfortunately one male flown off and got caught by predator. Now I have 2 female and a male, they been living together for several months. Bird A and B are bonded pair and A feeds B. But […]

White doves

Hi, I have white doves. I bought a pair and they increased to 5. I didn’t buy a big cage and all lived there well as we keep them clean and well-fed. Problem is now they do lay eggs but don’t hatch or take care of them. What should i do?

Cock bird has escaped

Chicks are 4 weeks old and the dad has escaped. Will the hen manage the 2 chicks on her own or do I need to support her?

Budgie bird

Mt brother has these birds i belive thier bot budgies and the female one keeps on eating them and she laid one but i dont think she knows where it is and she keeps on ignoring them and i dont know what i should do with it

Multiple cockatiel travel cage

We will be doing a 4.5 hour relocation travel. We have four cockatiels to make the trip. What size travel cage do you recommend?

Stress Factors

My bird has been visited by a vet and they suspected it’s from stress from attacks. The bird is still being separated, but doesn’t like it. Also the other lovebirds are so desperate to mate and are aggressively hormonal. Literally the presence of each other is triggering mating behaviors and fighting. Separating each one is […]

confusing and sudden death of bird

I had a male lovebird and he seemed like he was in good shape, he was always happy and he just had babies with his mate this year, I kept track of what he was eating closely and kept dangerous toys away from him, but one morning, he started making small chirps and his eyes […]


I’ve read that malnutrition is a major problem for parrot health. What are the best diet / food combinations?

Baths and nail trimming

When it comes to showering / nail trimming a rescued bird that is super duper phobic and aggressive, are these things essential to stay on top of? Or should they be skipped until the relationship is worked on? Some parrot “experts” tell me I have to force the bird to bathe /get it’s nails trimmed […]

new bird not eating & very skittish!

i got my new bird yesterday, zim, and hes fully flighted, beautiful long feathers. we let him out on the first day, but he kept on accidentally hurting himself by running into things, and if i tried to help him by putting my hand near him so he has the option to be ‘ rescued […]

is it okay to leave a budgies in cages during vacation?

me & my family are going on a vacation for a week, and we are not sure what to do. we have someone who would come in once a day and change the water & give food, but would they need more than this? theres 2 of them, i dont want then to get depressed […]

convert from ZuPreem

I just re-homed a 31 year old Umbrella cockatoo that has been on ZuPreem FruitBlend Flavor for an unknown period of time. I have added Nutri-Berries which he picks out and drops. He tastes each piece he picks up and seems to only eat certain bits of the ZuPreem along with fruit. He is also […]

Male Finch always in Nest

I have 3 pairs of finches in a cage with 2 pots. Both pots are converted to nest by them. All 6 finches sit on a single pot but I noticed an egg on the other pot. After few days a male finch is always staying in the pot with egg and comes out only […]

gestation period

What is the gestation period after you see your green check are mating do they lay eggs.

My finch doesn’t like me

Everytime I put my hand in the cage she flies everywhere and she chirps and jumps around a lot too I’ve also had her for 3 days

Breeding amazon

Thank you for replying Brenda Our 3 years old amazons was breeding very good and raised 3 beautiful chicks every season until now they are 10 years old, but the other female 6 years old no sign at all to lay any egg, is there any female yellow winged Blue fronted amazon never laid egg?


The good news is that the injuries look better and the bird stopped going crazy over the collar. However it started to chew the edge of the collar at the neck to remove the collar and accidentally ripped some feathers off. I removed the collar to prevent more damage. Fortunately it didn’t look too bad. […]

Breeding bird

Hi.. I have pair blue fronted amazon about 6 years old but the female still not laying any egg, they were normally mating, but I gave another pair started breeding 3 years old in the same home .. Don’t know why? Eat very well and so healthy Is their any thing I have to do,? […]

Sudden death of 18 year old African Grey Parrot

What kind of suddenly killed my male African gray he seem fine I woke up uncover him and he was laying in the bottom of his cage his eyes were open and his neck looked twisted around I think the supernatural things in the house did it he was under stress is there any other […]

Zebra finches

They are sitting on eggs but everyday their food dish is wet. Why


I tried again to put the collar on the bird and finally did it and it was perfect fit. However the bird went crazy about this and panicked. It tried to chew it off and fell from the perch several times attacking the collar. It can’t climb calmly and lied on its back desperately biting […]

Laying in food

How do i get finches from setting and laying in there food nest?.There are six birds in flight cage.


The injured lovebird by now still isn’t visited by a vet or bird professional ( my parents won’t let me unless something serious is occurring), but I checked it’s wings and looked better. Its excessive shaking stopped and flight has improved. However just in case of possible self hurting actions, I made a comfortable collar […]

Hormonal cockatiel

My cockatiel had been laying eggs for a couple of weeks and I almost took her to the vet to get hormonal shots to stop her from laying eggs. But I first changed her cage to a new larger one I bought and the big change prompted her to stop laying eggs. Other than changing […]


My cockatiel laid only one egg in the last five days, she is active and the male takes care of the egg.this is their first clutch. is his normal to have only one egg in a clutch?

Baby seagull

Thanks for answering my question the other day. I have one more that I hope you might know about. This summer, I was looking after a baby seagull in my garden. I found him/her wandering in the traffic, partially feathered, so I picked it up and took it home. I fed the gull and kept […]

Cockatiel: Loss of voice and rapid sneezes

Hi. I have a 2 year old male Cockatiel. She is ill. She has lost her voice and also sneezes 8-10 times in a burst, multiple times a day. Her dropping are solid, though turned bright green. There is no Avian vet available in my state. Please advise

My 4 month old budgie suddenly died

I have two boy budgies and they have been fine however one of my boys has continually fought with the other picking on him almost and I checked on them and they was fine then my sister goes to put their cover on the cage before bed and one of them was dead at the […]

Australian Budgies

i bought 2 budgies in december17 2020. they havent laid eggs. they are in a big cage which i s divided into two. i have put a pot and a stick of wood in it please suggest something.

Sudden Loss of balance

My oldest lovebird who is about seven or eight years old suddenly acted sick and his leg was awkward. I quickly separated him and in few seconds he seems to be fine. He at first was unstable on standing looking confused and frightened then regained his mind back. Is this a sign of seizure or […]

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