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Close eyelid

Hi , my sun conure has one eyelid close , any suggestions will be welcome.

How long do heavy molts last in cockatiels?

HI lafeber, Just a quick question. How long do heavy molting periods typically last in cockatiels? I want to know the typical length for a molting period so I can compare that to how long my cockatiel has been molting for. Is 3 weeks the typical amount of time for a bird to go through […]

Cockatiel hyper

Hi my cockatiel is around a year old, I got him last summer, he was very sweet and liked scratches but he’s gotten so hyper over the last months and never wants to be pet, he’s always sorta been like this, is it just genetics or am I doing something wrong as a owner

Dead finch babies

Hi Brenda You have been so helpful. I have one last question (for now😂) So the last 4 eggs don’t look like they hatched on their own. 2 we’re still stuck in the shell but dead and the other 2 were dead and cold out of the shell. It appears to me that they were […]

Baby finches

Hi Brenda I checked the nest like you said. I found 2 dead babies and 4 eggs left. I did as you said and removed the extra nesting material. It was my fault for giving them so much. I thought they needed it. I left the 4 eggs just in case they hatch but I’m […]

Baby finches

Hi Brenda Thank you for the quick response. Yes I am feeding egg, seed, greens and some pellet food. I got everything I could fine. I’m going to check the nest now to see what’s going on. Also, their nest is open at the top but very deep so when they’re inside you can’t really […]

Baby zebra finch babies

Hello, I recently acquired a pair of zebra finches. They laid 5 eggs and I believe all have hatched. I saw them only once because I held my phone over the nest(without touching) and took a photo. It’s been a few days now and every day they build the nest up more so you cannot […]

Female cockatiel acting strange?

Hi! I have a fairly young cockatiel, and she’s started to sit in her food bowl and making odd sounds kind of like soft screeching. Is she trying to nest or about to lay an egg?

An unhealthy bond

Hi there I recently came across your article that triggered me a bit in regard to my situation. I have a mother and a daughter bird that I’ve inherited with a very unhealthy Bond. They think their partners obviously and their bond is so unhealthy that the daughter bird shits watery stool and paces back […]

Why is my parakeet eating her egg

So my parakeets are one cage and they have reached the age where they start breeding, the female layed a egg and the egg was fine for like 2 or 3 days untill today I saw that the egg shell was on the bottom of the cage and there was like yellow colored outside of […]

My bird isn’t pooping

Hey I was wondering why my bird isn’t not pooping. I’ve had many birds but have never had this issue. I found this little guy in the cold with a splayed leg so I took him and his beeb eating and doing great but just won’t poop

Too much water

My amazon parrot drinks at least 1/2 cup of water. Urinates until his paper have puddles. W hat to do? Thanks

My budgie has tacypnea after his molt

I have a one year old budgie. He was doing well until he molted. After a few days he seemed to be tired and slept during the day. After that he was with poor appetite and he didnt play with us. Now one week passed and he still hass tacypne and his mouth opens while […]

One Angry Bird

Hello.. I’m 54 and have had happy, healthy cockatiels my entire adult life. I’ve never even had an issue that required a vet visit! (A blessing considering I’ve never lived within 500 miles of one). What I HAVE done, is purchase and study every avian print I could ever find covering absolutely EVERYthing about birds. […]


I was just wondering about should I buy q hand rared conure or should I get a baby conure and hand rare it myself

Had to separate my budgies do to fighting

How do I get them put back together I have had them 3 years know problem then I got s bigger cage put them in after a few weeks my male was trying to hurt my female to the point she was bleeding I really need help with this one

Budgie breeding

My budgie laid five eggs, three of which hatched. They are now three weeks old. Both parents had been doing a wonderful job taking care of the babies. However today the female is being nasty to the male and not allowing him near the breeding box. They were literally fighting. I removed the male for […]

Flat perch

My 5 year old female lovebird only uses her flat perch, refuses regular perches. Is this harmful for her feet? She also poops on it and is a chore to clean.

Budgie breeding

I have actually 8 budgies birds and I have separated a pair of male and female in a separate cage and the rest 6 in another cage. But even after 3-4 weeks they are just pruning each other. Sometimes they go and sit in the breeding box and sometimes both of them sit far away […]

Sudden death x 3

I was given 2 lovebirds from a friend who keeps pairs and has occasional clutches. I had prebuilt a very large aviary. The cage that the birds traveled in was left open in the aviary and in the morning one was dead. I replaced this bird and 8 weeks later was dead. I was becoming […]

how to get rid of dried up poop on my birds skin?

Hello! my green cheek conure recently had eggs and she of course lays on them but there have been a couple times now that i’ve found poop on them and we cleaned them and it doesn’t happen anymore. i didnt notice until today that she’s been laying on these eggs before and when she did […]


I don’t know cause they know which is which and momma see someone coming they run to their nest box. I’m always home it’s a huge cage. I think I’m gonna try it. Neither of these females go out of their way to attack. Only when you get close to opening of box. The first […]


Can I put 2 nesting boxes with mom’s and 1 male in same cage? My other lovebird followed me out and flew away but now she has eggs and the other pair has eggs to,but now she’s trying to get him to come with her. My other female is her sister they’ve always get along […]

Bad News about my Alexandrine

Hi, Some days ago, the wall of my neighbouring building fell on my house, creating huge craters and fallen roofs in my house, even in the room where my sister, my mother, me and sadly my parrot were. We quickly escaped the house. I tried to grab my parrot to keep him with me but […]

Weird annoying sound.

Why is my new baby cockatiel making this winding sound as if he is crying constantly when I come near his cage.

thank you

I just wanted to say thank you, Brenda. Your response was super helpful!

Tame a cockateil

Hi, How to teach a cockateil chick, aged 2 ++ months to ride a tricycle toy? And do some tricks and freefly? In nutshell, what I want is, the bird need to obey all my commands without resisting it? Thanks.

regurgitation in a single bird

My caique has been regurgitating on my placemats then eating the regurgitated food. She is well nourished, does not have a mate and does not do this when she is near me. I know the regurgitation is normal, but why would they re-consume it? Does this indicate a problem? Thank you

African grey not very active

Hi. My African grey who is mostly active And noisy has suddenly become more on the calmer and quieter side for the past 2 days. It feeds well and the color of its droppings look normal. Should I be worried ?

New friends

I have a male lovebird in a large cage. He is 7 months old. Thinking of getting another male lovebird or a parrotlett….would a parrotlett and lovebird get along in separate cages? Thank you.

macaw for anxiety

hello I’m Aryanna, your website is beyond amazing! The love and care that you have shared with the world helping people with birds is everything I’ve ever wanted to do! I came across your website trying to locate a macaw to adopt or rescue and bring into my country life in virginia as family. I’m […]


Hi. I have 3 chicks in my zebra finch nest. Two of them are 20 days old and one is 18. So they will come out from the nest soon. My question is what type of soft foods should I give them when the chicks come out? And should I remove the nest box after […]

Zebra finch

Hi. I have a pair of zebra finches. They 3 chicks. The first one came out today.I noticed that the male bird was plucking feathers of the female bird. Then I gave him a lot of nesting material. But now I noticed that the male bird is also pluking feathers of the chick that came […]


I have two love birds one is a fischers the other a peach face was told their both boys , now someone checked them and said the peach face is a girl and if we mate them the babies will be infertile is this true

How do I set up heating lamp for a 4 to 5 week cockatiel

I have a 4 to 5 week old lutino cockatiel. I got it a few days ago and I was wondering how I would setup my heating lamp. I do not have a thermostat available and it would take weeks to get as I live in an area that has none. So how high up […]

Lovebird breeding ???

This morning, I noticed the pair is mating again. What is this behavior? Haven’t they already mated? Is the original clutch dead or infertile? When is it a good time to check the nest without stressing the female? If it’s time to remove the box, what about the female? She is still sitting on her […]

My Cocatoo

Is it possible that a lone female will Nest even without male contact

Cocktail eggs

Hello, I have a total of four cockatiels in a cage one of them laid three eggs in a tiny open box in the bottom, one of them goes done there sometimes but all the bird does is step on them and eat, should I transfer the eggs somewhere else? Do you think they are […]

Black dropping in Alexandrine parakeet

My bird suddenly started to have black poop. And vomited too. And within 9 hours she died. Her poop was perfectly fine the day before her death. And since we keep her in a clean room without any clutter it is impossible for her to ingest any foreign body. But she did lose a lot […]

Hole in my parakeet’s chest?

My parakeet has a hole in his chest. I’m not sure if I should be concerned about it. I noticed it earlier today while I was giving him a bath. Nor my mom or my dad knew what it was there for. Mind you, my mom has had about 5 parakeets when she was younger. […]

Aggressive Quaker

Hi. I have two Quaker parrots. I was told they were both male when I got them. However, one of them recently laid a couple of eggs. Both eggs were cracked by the time I saw them, so I have no idea if they were fertile. I also don’t know which one of them laid […]

Lovebird obsessed with eating soil etc

Hi, my housemates lovebird it obsessed with eating everything! He is free from the cage all day until late is only semi tame, but friendly. He’ll try to eat any houseplant and soil, but I also caught him eating plastic bags! What does he need that will make him happy? Bird is young, seems healthy, […]

Sudden deaths

Today my 3 birds died all at once. 2 8 year old love birds and a 2 month old parakeet. They were fine and 45 minutes later I heard them drop to the cage floors. Firemen checked for gas and carbon monoxide and found nothing. Everything in the house was as it was every day. […]

African Grey

I have an African Grey 24years old by itself i the cage has never had a mate always thought it was a boy until we found eggs this year along has been thus the most she has layed over 12 eggs is this normal of should this be a sign of something wrong

My cockatiels stopped mating

My cockatiels were mating when i introduced them but i didn’t have a nest that time and it’s been a while they stopped mating i got them a nest box a week ago the male enters but is not allowing the female to enter Why?. And i was thinking about separating my cockatiels for a […]

Cockteils and budgies

I have a large cage with Cocktiels and budgies… I’ve noticied eggs in nest and the male cocktiel going in the nest… should I bring budgies out to a different cage or just leave it alone?


The internet says mother birds must have some wet feathers so the eggs can receive water before hatching. Is getting a lovebird wet a good idea? My female lovebird wanted to take a bath, but I prevented this because I’m afraid too much water might drown the eggs. Does humidifier do all the job? My […]


This is our cockatiel female birds second time laying eggs. She has laid 6 eggs and was sitting on them, however we just cleaned the box and put it exactly where it was but moved the actual bird cage because it was in the way so now they won’t sit on their eggs.?

Budgie breeding

I saw my male budgie trying to sit on his offspring’s (female) back. The female is 6-7 months old only. Is it ok to let them do it? Or how do I discourage them without separating them?

Female Conure

Do female Conures mate each other? I have what I think is two females Greencheek and Pineapple consures. I saw them mating yesterday and I think maybe my Pineapple is a male until I get it DNA.

Cockatiel behavior

Hi there! I recently got a new female baby cockatiel 5 months ago. There are some things I want to ask. The first is diet. The breeder I got her from feeds her mainly seeds, so she got used to it. I try to get her to eat other things, but she refuses. Is that […]

Mother Lovebird Condition

Hey, I really appreciate your advices and my breeding progress is going well so far. It’s only few days from the hatching due date so I’m excited. However, I noticed the female (when she comes out for stretches) looks so messy. Her feathers are little dull and looks as if she didn’t preen herself at […]


I have a male macaw and I am buying a female macaw when can I put then together what is the process

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