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2 1/2 year old love bird

Not sure what the bird been through, but she eats drink and chirp right away. Is this sign she is comfortable and secured in her cage? She is preening in front of me as in a distance well .

My pet

My mum bought me an African grey parrot 1 month ago 2 both of them are babies I notice the both have cold feet and not eating well expecially the small one I Don’t know what to do. For the past 2 days the are not eating but cold and always sleeping

Sun Conure Chick Day 1

Today first chick was born out of 4 eggs that my pet Sun Conure laid. And the chick which came out of an egg is chirping continuously in the breeding box. Is this normal? What to do? Any tips?

my cockatiel doesn’t let me touch him

I have a male cockatiel that is about a year and a half old And I have been taking care of him for several months. We got used to him and he got used to us. If someone is not at home for a few hours and then we come back, we find him sad […]

Parrots and Chickens

I want to get chickens but have parrots. Can you safely have both with Avian Flu being so bad now.


Should I allow my new ring neck to get out of his cage on his own or is it better if I take him out myself. He isn’t tamed.

cockatiel egg

my cockatiel eggs have been chirping for more than a day now – what is happening? i have contacted some vets that specialize in birds but they dont know whats happening either and tell me to try cracking open the egg if it still continues in a day. should i crack it or wait?

Dove pair is not laying eggs

i have one pair of diamond dove and they are 2 years old. couple of months ago female laid one egg but that was infertile after that she still sitting in nest but not laying anymore eggs. please advise.

Stop eating

My citronella cockatoo has stopped eating last couple of days, will she do this before she lays an egg, she’s on her own so it won’t be fertile

Parrot pooping black

Made my parrot to take bath and now it’s not eating, the poop color is black

Fisher Love Bird

My birds are laying their eggs in the afternoon instead of night so is it ok.

Fisher love bird

My love bird is laying the eggs in the afternoon instead of night so is it ok.

Outside smoke

Hi,if my neighbour burns some paper and cardboard,50feet away from my house,and I can smell it in my house with the windows open,will this kill my cockatiels?

Parrot Coloring

We rescued a green ring-necked parakeet a few days ago. Apart from being extremely hungry and thirsty when we caught him, he seems an overall healthy bird who is used to the company of humans and can whistle and speak a few words. However, his flight feathers each have a yellow feather on both his […]

Very young parakeet

I read your response about purchasing a very young parakeet. I have had parakeets for years and saw this little guy at my local pet store. He was in with a lot of birds and you could just tell he was overwhelmed. How do I monitor his eating? I am home all day so I […]

sitting on one egg

My parakeet has been sitting on one egg for over 21 days. I took the other eggs from the bottom of the cage before, a total of four, one at a time. I have no nest for the pair. Should i go ahead and remove this last egg? I love them together and they love […]

Grey behavior – Ask the Vet Webinar Feb 24

why african grey will not stay on cage or playgym for long. keeps flying to my shoulder or head and whimpers when i try to put him back. 2/1/2 yrs old. good talker and don’t want to clip wings. african grey does not like me on the telephone and if i try to take him […]

Outdoor Risks – Ask the Vet Webinar Feb 24

We have a large flight cage that we are setting up inside because of outdoor diseases and animals and the weather is tough at times. what diseases should we worry if we put the greys outside during nice weather? We have a couple of cages a round tall cage and a square cage for them […]

Fake egg – Ask the Vet Webinar Feb 24

Several days ago my Meyer parrot began getting very broody. She did not lay an egg, but instead “adopted” a small round rattle as her egg. She now lays on it. When is an appropriate time to remove this “egg”?

African grey getting along

Hello, I have two CAG. Female is year old and male is 4 months old. We introduced them slowly, they didnt seem to care about each other at first and they currently have cages next to each other in our living room. At first the female was keeping her distance from him and just looking […]


I acquired a Lovebird back in 2012 that is very high strung, will bite and attack. She has also ripped out a lot of feathers. Last year I acquired a male. Three months ago she started to rip up paper. I put a nest in the cage but nothing is happening. She just keeps ripping […]

Cockatiel feather issues

👋 .. my cokatiel bird lost her wings and tail feathers long enough to grow new ones back .. she haven’t grown feathers .. no wings .. no tail .. since then she is unable to fly .. and whenever I hold her on my hand she jumps excitedly and try to fly and get […]


My budgies are so lazy how i made them to bite and fight me

Death of a zebra finch

We have lost one of a pair of zebra finches – can the remaining finch live out the rest of his days alone and if not I have a friend who has approx 11 budgies, should he be part of their flock so he won’t be lonely – thank you.

Smelly poop

Hello. My 41 year old African Grey has developed poop that is a little loose and smells like bile. She eats very well and is alert, so I don’t know what this could be. She had an episode a few weeks ago when she dropped two infertile eggs and I am wondering if there is […]

My bird

My Bird is loosing a lot of feathers around her eye and it’s all crusty and you can literally see her skin around her eye

Cockatiel lost feathers on one side of his nares

Hi, my 4 month old cockatiel lost a bit of feathers on the right side over his nare 4 days ago. He seems fine no changes in his behavior, he eats,drinks, sings, flies, normal poops. Is there something I should worry about cuz in my country (Kosova) we don’t have avian vets and other vets […]

Eggs infertility

Hello My raw parrots have layed 4 eggs ,starting from the end of January. They layed their first egg on 20th of January and completed their clutch till 1st February .I checked their eggs to see if they are fertile on 26th February and they were all infertile. The shape of the eggs was perfect […]

Aggressive male cockatiel

Hi, I have a male cockatiel and he is very temperamental. he is love-able one minute wanting all the attention, the next he is attacking us and my partner. We are working with him daily trying to do training, but he is so temperamental. He initially bonded to me, however, he even attacks me at […]

Broken Bird Leg

My quaker parrot broke his leg. He was seen by the vet the same day and splinted with a collar. He was okay on night one but obsessed with chewing on his splint. Night two seemed good when I went to sleep and woke up, and he had passed. Was this from stress? He had […]

Budgie eggs

My budgie laid 3 eggs and has been incubating them. However egg number 4 was on the cage floor cracked so we removed it, and now egg five is also on the cage floor but looks ok. We are not sure if she laid them there on purpose and if we should move it or […]

I have a budgie Question

I am a experienced bird mom I have a African grey and a Yellow headed Amazon so I know a lot about bird care, just recently I decided I wanted to get a few little budgies because I have larger birds and I wanted to get some cute little friends to add to my flock. […]

Lovebirds incubation period

I have an incubator and i was wondering when to stop the automatic turner so that they can hatch and when would you recommend me to stop the auto turner . Thanks

African grey breeding

Hi Iam Ahmed Iam having African grey bonded pair with the DNA and also I saw them mating I think more than 5 times so it’s been 25 days that still I didn’t see them going to breeding box. So Iam confused what to do. Will they lay eggs or no. When are they gonna […]


My female budgie making angry sound i don’t know why

The mother cockatiel isnt feeding the baby cockatiel.

A while ago my two cockatiels mated. And recently one of the eggs hatched. I don’t know exactly when it hatched, but when I got home from work it was dry and clean. But I have been noticing that the mother cockatiel ignored the baby and the eggs, and the father was in the nest. […]

Cocktail bird

Can I keep 2 male and 1 female cockatiel at my house


Hello I found out my Jenday conure is a girl because she laid an egg. I heard calcium helps but I’m not sure what brand to purchase or from where? Please advise

male budgie cracking its own eggs

so my male budgie is trying to crack his eggs and then throws them to the ground. he is also constantly trying to get into the nesting box but the female won’t let him. should i separate them


Currently have 2 male Cockateels & planning on getting 2 female. Can they all be in same cage or separate 1 female with 1 male in separate cage

Love bird abandoning their partner

I have a pair of lovebirds (green and yellow). Yellow and green is likely both female. Yellow is 8 months old while yellow is 2 and a half months old. Yellow and green often fights over toys and perches and nip at each other’s foot and wings so i separate them but when i separate […]


My budgie pair doesn’t mating and not regurgitate feed male dont show any interest and not active also female what i do??

why are my birds running away?

I’ve had my birds for at least a year now I got the female one first then a couple weeks later I got the second. I didn’t try and tame them with food until three months after so I think that’s why but I’m not sure they keep running away and panicking and breathing really […]

Night behavior

So my conure whenever I’m in bed with him (not sleeping or anything just relaxing) and I just like usually let him do whatever he wants sometimes he suddenly gets really scared and heads straight to my neck and tries to get in between there. Like he tries to hide himself in my neck or […]

Plucking Location – Dr. Lamb Webinar Feb 10

Can where on the body a bird picks offer insight on what could be going on medically? What if a bird is also scratching on one area of the body, e.g., one side of face and beak?

Molting – Dr. Lamb Webinar Feb 10

My little 2-1/2 year old budgie Clancy does a complete moult every 3-4 months. Is this normal for him to do it so frequently. He is very healthy and talkative and has a great appetite. I feed him Nutriberries & premium seed, plus broccoli and bell pepper seeds. He does not like fruit. Am I […]

Color change – Dr. Lamb Webinar Feb 10

My 7-1/2 yr old female BHC and the tips of her tail feathers are yellow. I honestly do not know how long this has been, but would like to know if this is something to be concerned about?

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