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My parrot

I put a bath on my parrot will he get sick

Male Cockatiel Attacking Mate in Nestbox

Female is sitting on eggs. Male serenades her and, when she doesn’t respond, attacks her. I’ve shut him out of the cage and nest box for tonight. Both birds have food and water readily accessible. Can the female nest alone?

Cockatiel. Breeding

I have I have a pair of cockatiels they just laid an egg and they took all the nesting material out before should I put some in the nest box or just leave it alone

Sunconure eggs

My sunconure has laid 3 eggs for the first time . its been 1 month .what do I do now. After seeing a lot of YouTube videos I came to know at the first mistakes may happen.but they have a very good bond.will I be able to incubate the eggs ?

should i get my cockatiel a friend

Hi, I have a female cockatiel she was not treated well before I got her so she bites a lot. I can not give her a lot of attention because I have school and I have to switch between my parent’s houses every two weeks and she has high anxiety she also has a huge […]

Finch eggs

My zebra finches layed alot of eggs but not hatching. Its been 17 days. What should i do? Thank you

Crooked Conure Nail

I have noticed, since the beginning of this year, that one of the front toenails on my Green Cheek Conure Mochi’s right toe extends at a crookedly odd angle (up, instead of curling down). It does not seem to hamper her movement, nor have we observed any apparent loss or deterioration of balance, grip strength […]

Make Java Finch

Can two male Java finches with no female coexist in the same cage peacefully

Senior birds

I have a male parrolett and is 13 year this March. Some times he flys low and he does eat well. Will it work will for him and will he eat it. I gave him braccoli for greens but he stoped eating it. I do mix my own bird seed for him and with vit. […]

Hurt cockatiel?

My cockatiel has been screaming over his wing and grooming it but it isn’t broken because he’s stretching it out. My mom is saying he’s getting in new feathers but he’s only 3 months and not molting yet. Can someone please help?

Macaw nails

Question about “excessive” nail growth in a Severe macaw. Are there nutritional or other health aspects to consider, or is it likely environment and activity (he likes to spend the majority of his time on fabric perches). Related, what’s your experience with how frequently macaw nails should be trimmed?

Yogurt or kefir for parrots, hormonal Eclectus, alternative supplements

I’ve heard Parrots in general can have yogurt or greek yogurt. Can they have kefir? I make BOTH my own and do know you HAVE to make them different, but can they have kefir since kefir doesn’t really have lactose. Are female eclectus more or less hormonal caged with a male? Do you feel it […]

Chickens and Parrots

Since they are both avian, is it common or even possible for parrots to get chicken diseases from an owner carrying the germs on their clothing and/or hands from the coop to the house?

Broken blood feathers

My cockatiel Sunny is molting and had a broken blood feather. It has stopped bleeding but is sticking out. In your opinion, should it be pulled by the Vet? My preference would be not to pull it. Your thoughts? Thank you.

Senegal nutrition and wing trim

HI have a 14 month old male Senegal that I recently rescued. He is a picky eater but eats sugar snap peas, baked sweet potatoes and almonds plus nibbles on pellets. I’m trying to get him to eat organic pellets but he isn’t interested. He won’t even eat nutriberries! He does like scrambled eggs & […]

Lineolated parakeet

Would like to have some information from you about Linnies. Whenever I type in in , nothing comes up. Should I consider other resources and do you have any suggestions?

Lovebird laid first egg.

I have 2 lovebirds that are just over 3 years old, over this time they have both displayed mating behaviour but never had any eggs. For this reason we believed that they were 2 boys. Very recently on of them laid an egg. Is there a reason why one of them has started to lay […]

Laying Eggs

Hello, I have a female and male cockatiel. They both are about 2 years old. The female laid eggs for the first time. She laid 5 from March 3 to March 7th. They still have not hatched. How much longer should I wait before considering taking them out? About two days ago, she threw one […]

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