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Talking African Grey

I have a mature very talkative African Grey My sister in law wants to give me her African Grey as she is unable to keep it. Would my African Grey stop speaking if I bring this other African Grey into our household


My lovebirds led eggs at once after some time they through them down from then thex do not laying eggs


Why do cockatiel parents pluck feathers out of their babies?

How do I make my 3 month old cockatiel eat on his own and not depend on me?

My 3 month old cockatiel won’t eat his pellets and seeds. He still wants and cries for his formula. I was told that he is old for consuming formula. However, I’ve started feeding him mashed rice, potato, banana, broccoli and sometimes crushed almonds too. But the main problem is, he eats it through a spoon […]

Egg laying

How long does it take for a cockatoo to lay an egg once the process of laying has started?

Male cockatiel

Hello I had a question a weeks ago and thank you for your help. My new question is. Why does my Male cocktail prefer his food bowl to pleasure him self?? The two are getting along way better then in the beginning, sitting next one another with out pecking. He seems to be “getting it […]

When would be the best time to take her out

I’m sorry again in advance, guess I just don’t trust my own judgement. Those articles really helped. But I have another question, I think she really wants to get out of here cage it’s been four days since we got her. And verde just got a new cage yesterday that she’s in. She is was […]

how to eat pellets

I have 2budgies and a cockatiel. I give them a mix of pellets and seeds, but I don’t think they eat the pellets at all. Any suggestions on pellets for budgies and cockatiels. They won’t eat the pellets ive given them or have anything to do with fresh veggies or fruit.

Screaming excessively how to know what it’s about

Hi once again I’m bothering Lafeber staff to answer my question. Sorry I’m advance and thank you for being apart of my journey with me green cheek verde. So this is the second day of her being home, she’s starting to eat her cage if filled with dowel perches but I am going to change […]

Baby lovebird feather

Baby lovebird leg feathers up to drums….and on back inbetween wings seems to be moulting or maybe not grown in all the way….about 9 weeks old


My male is 1 1/2 years old. But he started to do things which they do while mating so I bought a female but she is also 1 1/2. What should I do now?


My 30 year old Amazon ate a very small amount of onion bread What should I do

What can I do to make my bird feel safe

Hi, it’s me again, My yellow, sided green cheek is coming tomorrow, she’s been on a long journey and I’m sure she’s going to be scared and nervous what can I do to help her on her first day home

African Gray – Health Consultation

Hi, I have a cute African Grey that is happy and super active. Suddenly, we noticed since this morning abnormal thing where he becomes very quite & looks sick. I don’t know what’s happening but it is kind of flu since his voice changed like someone has sour throat. Please we need your advise what […]

Picky eater

Hi, My 2 month old cockatiel only seems to eat the tiny seeds out of his nutritional mix. He leaves everything else untouched and then screeches constantly to get more seed. Should I give him more, wait until he starts eating the rest of the seed mix or change food entirely? I also feed him […]

Female finch is attacking male finch.

I have a pair of finches. They have been together for almost a year. They have four baby finches in the nest. They were good for a few days and randomly the female started chasing the male when she sees him from inside the nest. Then after a while the male sat on the babies […]

Lovebird feathers

Hello. A couple of questions: I have a 13 week old lovebird that still cannot fly. She has been examined by my vet and is healthy but developing her feathers slower than average. She has some malformed feathers that are not pin feathers. Would it be helpful to pull the odd feathers? Other question is […]

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