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Red factor canary is a bully 😳

I have a red factor canary and two zebra Finches, yesterday the canary attacked and killed one of the zebra Finches and was being aggressive towards the other, I have separated the two now, why would the canary do this, they have been living together in a very large cage and all peaceful the it […]

Baby lorikeets

Hi, my 2 lorikeets have just become parents of 2 wee ones. I have a very large aviary outside with a large metal cage inside which has their box in it were the babies were hatched, just yesterday. I go into the aviary daily to feed and interact . I am still doing this but […]

bleeding feathers

I clipped my budgies wing last week and it started bleeding they were not pin feathers.I have done it many times before and this has never happened.I cannot find out why.

Aggressive Female Budgie

I have a bonded pair of budgies, who typically are kind to each other. This summer during mating season, which I try to discourage, has turned the female attacking the male. The second attack has left the male with an injured wing and scratches to his face and cere. The attack must have happened overnight […]


37 is y.o. mollucan cockatoo hen who is developing cataracts in both eyes. Still small but large enough to see.

Feeding collagen

my female green check conure likes to have a small amount of ancient nutrition multi collegen. is collegen healthy for parrots? should I sprinkle some on their food?


How effective is acupuncture for a bird that has osteoarthritis in the feet?

Small birds diet

What are the best foods to feed Budgies and Cockatiels – pellets, seeds, nutraberries, Avi-Cakes, Nutra-An, millet for bribes and of course water?

Hormonal budgie

I have a 3 year old male budgie that has decided to ‘mate’ with my finger knuckle. He squats down, chirps, spreads his wings and tail feathers. Now he wants to always be on my hand. Should I discourage this and how? Is this just a hormonal seasonal thing that will stop? Will it effect […]

Avian Vet Shortage?

A general question here. Why are there so few vets specializing in Avian Medicine. It is a real concern for pet owners?

Cockatiel voice

I have a cockatiel that was rescued from living at least 3 months in the wild. She has been vetted and passed a gram stain test and appears otherwise healthy. I’ve had her now for 1 year. I noticed that she is not able to hiss like a normal tiel. She opens her mouth and […]

Kidney diet – Dr. Lamb Webinar Sept 16

It is difficult to find info online regarding changes that should be made to the diet for a bird with kidney issues. Can you advise dietary changes? Also, since bird kidneys are different than human kidneys, does dietary advice for people with kidney disease have relevance for birds?

Cockatiel renal failure – Dr. Lamb Webinar Sept 16

I have a 20 year old cockatiel that has had high thirst and high urine output for more than two years. Initially I thought diabetes – but when I took him to a vet for an unrelated problem (sudden blindness and lethargy). He is ok now but the vet indicated separately about the high thirst […]

Polyurea causes – Dr. Lamb Webinar Sept 16

Can topical quaternary ammonia products (for relief of pain) cause polyurea and if so how? An aqueous solution sprayed our DYH’s feet relieved his Amazon foot necrosis discomfort but appeared to cause polyurea.

My pregnant budgie is panting.

One of my female budgie is pregnant. She seems healthy as she is always playing and jumping around. But sometimes she pants and breathes heavily. She also keeps her Wings half open so I guess that she feels hot. It’s currently 31 degree Celsius and I think that she is panting because of overheating. I […]

My Female Cocktail laid eggs without a mate

Hello m I take care of two cocktail birds one normal white face and the other Lutino cockatiel ( at the fist i think the white face is a male but I read about cocktail and then I found its a female so I think both female because the yellow one had there feathers a […]

Baby weiros not getting looked after

My breeding cockatiels are having lots of babies but aren’t looking after them.. we have had 8 dead babies.. how can I get them to be good parents.


I just lost one of my cockatiels. I found her leaning her face into her food dish. I went to touch her and she fell off the perch. Her cage mate is OK, but we suspect he has mites or lice. We are treating him and the cage with Scalex. But we just got another […]

Fighting budgies

I have 4 budgies in a large cage. One of the budgies frequently is aggressive and chases 2 other budgies around when they try to eat and play with toys. I had to separate them. I have the cages close together but birds are unable to reach eachother. They can see one another. Will the […]


We have had our cockateil for 2 1/2 years. He was 3 mos old when we got him. He was hand raised by a breeder. He is still fearful of us. He is afraid when we put our hand to him to let him hop on. He is fearful when we open his cage to […]


My parrot is playing after her friend flew away..why isn’t she sad ?

Lovebirds at 10,000 feet

Someone is interested in having one of my young lovebirds. However, he lives in the mountains at 10,000 feet and my 6 month old lovebirds live with me at 5,280 feet. The Buyer is concerned because he bought lovebirds once before and they died shortly after moving in with him. Would my healthy young birds […]

You’re very incorrect

How can you be this wrong? Hi Kaberi, No, it doesn’t work this way with birds. Budgies, like most bird species, mate for life. (No they absolutely do not) Both male and female help incubate the eggs and care for the chicks. (Males can not help incubate eggs because they have no brooding patch) In […]

African Grey 7 weeks old

Hi i have 7 weeks old African grey bought it two weeks ago was hand feeding but since today it stop taking its food by syringe and shaking its head and throwing out its formula can u please help in this regard . Thanks in advance

aggresive canary

3 month old canary when I approach his cage he opens up his wings head down and beak open is ti’s aggresive behaviour or dislikes me


My kakariki used to pick food up and eat with her claws she doesn’t do it now seems like she can’t do it I wondered why it could be

My Cockatiel Keeps Screaching

I have a 2-month-old cockatiel that I’m hand feeding. Even after I’ve fed him, he keeps screeching nonstop. My shoulder is his favourite place to sit, but he keeps screeching nonstop while biting my chain. I’ve tried petting him but he hates it and starts running away while screeching. He’ll stay quiet when he’s in […]

Dominant male cockatiel

Hi I have a young male who is in a large Avery with another female, they have mated but they are not bonded. There are another bonded couple as well. I have provided 2 nesting boxes. The problem is, the dominant male won’t let the girls go in the box. He nips at their feet. […]

Old budgie meets new budgie and becomes aggressive

I have separated my new budgie and old budgie into different cages, my old budgie is now returning to how he use to be but as for my new budgie he will no longer eat out of my hand since taking my old budgie away. Does this mean I’d have to start training all over […]

Zinch bullie

I have 4 finches in the same cage 18×24. the mated pair and 2 young offspring. One has become a bully, picking on the sibling to the point of pulling out feathers on back and head. Will the bald on survive? What should I do besides separating them? How to treat the one with missing […]

my both peafowl is sick lethargy and thier poop is b

HI, Im cesia, we recently decided to have some peafowls an well everything was fine the last couple months they would eat and fly everywhere, but out of no where yesterday they started lacking energy and barely eating, I had to hand feed them and today I noticed that they their poop is black almost […]

Bird won’t stand after concussion

Hi Our Indian ring neck was involved in an accident after my wife closed the door at the same time he decided to fly through it, his head got trapped and he fell to the floor. We took him to an emergency vet as our regular vet was closed. He checked him out and said […]

Old budgie meets new budgie and becomes aggressive

Thank you so much for your help, i have just separated them into their own cages and was just wondering should this be a permanent thing or just until I tame/ gain trust? As of a day when weather is good and I go out/school/ work I’d usually take my budgie outside so they arnt […]

Pellet size

What size pellet should I use for a Gallah cockatoo?

my love bird died all of a sudden

I had a beautiful black mask, I came home and couldn’t find him and when I found him he was dead. he was like panting the day before which was unusual, he was hiding from us for 2 days and in the morning I kissed him and told him I loved him and said goodbye […]

Wild Bird Feed

We have sunflowers in our flower garden. Is it safe to put a sunflower head out for our cockatiels? If so, do we have to prepare in any special way?

Parakeet incubation

Hi, I have two dusky headed parakeets. They have successfully bred their first 2 chicks. My questions is to help me understand and manage better going forward. My girl has just laid another 2 eggs. 1) Can we take the male out of the cage for a period of hours, say 3-4 hours? We usually […]

Sick finches

One of my Zebra finch stays fluffy most of the time and is also going through molting I’ve bought him since 2 months and it’s not that he has just become fluffy. He stays fluffy from the day I bought him. His poop color is also normal. Is there anything to be scared of?

Finches behavior

I have 6 Zebra finches amongst them 2 are Jumbo sized and 4 Society Finches in a proper sized cage. I’ve even gave them proper houses for every pair. But the Zebra finches won’t let the Society finches inside the house. The Zebra finches always keep all the houses to themselves and the society finches […]

Sun conure not sitting on egg

Hi, i have sun conure pair and she laid 3 eggs and i start to incubate them in incubator and now she has laid her 4th egg but we did not incubate it. We just leave the egg with sun conure. So my question is that it has been 2 days and she has not […]

Question for Rosella pair

Hello, i have a Rosella pair. I have them for 2 years but they didnot lay eggs not even a single time. Could you please guide me?

Fighting Budgies

I had a pair of budgies male and female full adult but haven’t laid eggs yet in my house. Today I bought another pair of budgies male and female the male is adult and female is semi adult. I’ve put them in the same cage and they’re fighting all over the place. Will this be […]

One budgie pair is fighting with other pair

Please help! I recently (less than a month) bought a pair of budgie (adult). I placed them in a cage of size 18X24 inches. as they were getting bored, I thought of getting another pair to give them company. I bought the new pair today. The new male is adult while the female is semi […]

Female cockatiel

Hello, i have 2 female cockatiel and one male and all are in one cage. Only one cockatiel lay eggs but after 20 days she stop sitting on the eggs. The male one also not sit on the eggs from day one. Why she stops sitting on the eggs after 20 days ?

Old budgie meets new budgie and becomes aggressive

Sorry for emailing again on this but I’ve been able to hand feed my new 8 week old and my year and half year old budgies mainly kail and a bit of millit. My old budgie use to be very scared of new things including food and I’d have to force him to come out […]

Parakeet not mating in the right way

Hello, I recently saw my budgies mating. The male seems like he is getting unsuccessful attempts. They are both first timers. They are still learning right? Thanks.

Lovebird can’t walk

I found this lovebird suddenly fell on my house. It seems very tired and both of it’s leg seems to be strange. One of the leg seems to like having muscle atrophy the fingers, the front fingers is very very short and curled up, while the back seems shorter than normal. The other one of […]

Why is my cockatiel hormonal

My male cockatiel would chase around a female cockatiel picture.. he nests in his food bowl and would screech if I touch it. I’m gonna get a female cockatiel right after my vacation for 2 days! Also my male Cockatiel is mating his swing he sleeps on…

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