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Cockatiel doesn’t have his full feathers

Hello my cockatiel is 5 months old I want to know if he should look almost like a full grown cockatiel yet because he still have quite a few bald spots with feathers growing in and I am concerned that this is due to him plucking out his feathers. But I am not certain

Cockatiel Egg Laying

My Cockatiel unexpectedly laid an egg at the bottom of the cage. I haven’t gotten her a nesting box yet but once I do, how would I make her go in the nesting box? Should I move the egg she laid?

cockatiel couple staying in the nest but there’s no mating

i had a male cockatiel for almost a year, it should be a year and a half year old when i brought him a female, after a while i noticed that the birds were bonding good they stopped fighting and running from each other, so i set up a nest box, now after nearly six […]

Closed it’s left eye lid

Hi Lafeber, My cockateil chick aged 3 weeks ++ and I still hand rearing it. Recently (past 3 days), I found that most of the time, the chick closed it’s left eye lid and leave the right one open. The chick looks healthy and consume the hand feed formula well. It had opened it’s left […]

Bleeding Budgie

Hello, my budgie for some reason has blood on a feather on his head and on his foot. When I was changing the food and water, there was blood all over his toy and a perch. None of the birds attacked him. What do I do ?

Caique sounds like she’s crying

It’s winter and I believe this is her hormonal season. I adopted her 7 years ago after being returned to the pet store several times. She is a great little bird and I want to know if this sounds normal. She likes to go to the bottom of the cage in the back corner a […]

Toys seen in webinar

Hello, I’ve been catching up on the webinars posted to Lafeber’s youtube channel and in the first hormonal behavior webinar with Dr. Stephanie Lamb, she showed a few foraging toys that looked pretty cool! I wondered if you could provide links? I can’t seem to find anything too similar. Also, do you think the toys […]

Lovebird diet conversion

Hi, My lovebird, Luxa, (4 months old) is being really stubborn when it comes to conversion. I have been mixing in Top’s in with her seed mix, but she still is ignoring it, and only eating the seeds, which means she also has less energy for training. She is extremely food motivated, and I was […]

Indian ringneck behaviour

My male and female Indian ringnecks have been acting weird. They’re only about a year old and I have had them since January 2020. As I don’t know how to describe what they are doing I have a video that I will happily share if I can. Thanks, Laura

My new parakeet does not want to eat

I just bought a new parakeet from a store yesterday, the store was not that good, cage was not clean, no toys, and some birds seemed to he in poor condition, bit some are pretty healthy. I bought this one out of pity, i named it Lilo. It has been bought for three days and […]


Hello, I did separate my Budgies to avoid any further mating, would you please advice when and if possible to put them back together. Thank you and kind regards,

Unexpected budgie behaviour/act

Hello, so, I got two parakeets for Christmas. I already know so much about them, but. Something really weird happened in the middle of the second night. At 4:43am in the morning, I just heard a weird loud like a banging noise in the cage. But not chirping. When I woke up around 9am and […]


Hi How often can they breed in a year as I have 2 at 2yrs old and the female seems a bit like not interested

Lovebirds not laying eggs

My wife was given a pair of peach face lovebirds almost 2 years ago (Bella/Tarzan). They have never laid anything! 100% they are male and female, she is small and dull he is bigger and brighter, she strips and dresses paper under wings, he feeds her. We have a coconut nest for them, which they […]

Finches Breeding

Hello, I recently got a spice finch to go with my 6 yr old society finch male. We found out that she is a female. They immediately got along, and we had put 3 nests in the cage so that they would get along. Now, they snuggle, eat and bathe at the same time and […]

Nutriberries as a main part of cockatiel diet

Hi, I’m getting my first cockatiel in a few weeks and was wondering if your Cockatiel Nutriberries are more of a special treat to be had occasionally or as a main part of my cockatiel’s diet instead of regular pellets? I was planning on using your Cockatiel Pellets but if Nutriberries can be used instead […]

African Grey Behavior

I have 2 female timneh African grays Happy is about 10 and Maggie about 8 and they have been together for about 7 years. They both have their own cages, toys etc. And as long as they are 3 or more feet apart all is good but if any closer Happy will charge Maggie and […]

Conure health

“in reference to straining to poop, or the bm in general, does giving a little exercise help -I notice my gc conure will fly to her portable stand, and move a bit when she gets up in the morning; that seems to help promote the healthy bm. some days if she doesn’t go right away, […]

Cockatoo companion

“I have a male Sulphur Crested Cockatoo (likely Eleonora). He came from a refuge which shut down. He had access to many other parrots in that facility. He briefly went into a home after it closed but it was not a good situation. So I then acquired him. I was not looking to adopt a […]

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