Fascinating Facts on Foraging and Enrichment

Key Points

  • Foraging makes up a significant part of the wild parrot’s day.
  • Captive parrots are motivated to forage, too.
  • Thwarting the ability to forage may be detrimental to the parrot.
  • Foraging enrichment offers many benefits.
  • Foraging opportunities are endless, but may differ in their effect.

Foraging, the act of searching for and finding food, makes up a significant part of the wild parrot’s day. In the wild, most animals, including psittacine birds, spend a significant part of their daily activity on foraging. In fact, many free-ranging parrots regularly travel several miles between feeding sites in search of food. Once wild parrots arrive at a feeding site, a wide variety of foraging behaviors are observed including searching, manipulating, as well as consuming food. Depending on the species and the season, time invested on these behaviors can range from . . .

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