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Cockatiels problems

Hey its me again! I love your answers and thanks. Basically, the place where I live have no vets and the pet shops provide only budgie seeds and sunflower seeds. They also have cages, birds, animals, pots and nest boxes. Not anything else. So the pet keepers don’t know that much about keeping animals and […]

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Buying a new tiel

Hi! I want to breed cockatiels. I have two cockatiels and they are not getting along. So I was thinking of getting a new one. I have a male and a female. The male is 11 months old and the female is bigger than that(like 1 or 2 years old) so which one should I […]

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cockatiel breeding

Hi, I have two pairs of cockatiels, one pair has already hooked up and getting the nest box all ready but the other pair just don’t seem interested in each other. My white girl sits and lifts her tail making the breeding twirtle noises and rubs against the cage, the male just sits and looks […]

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Breeding tiels

Hello. I have a pair of cockatiels which is a male and female. But the problem is that the male is smaller than the female and she sings and dances infront of him. She wants to mate with him but he doesnt want to. I also see them fight all the time when they get […]

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3 males Zebra finch

Hello, I had a pair of zebra finches who got two babies, but lost mom just after the chicks hatched. Dad successfully raise the babies. Both are males (starting to get zebra lines and black belt on chest). We are getting to the point where babies should be separated from parents. However, dad would then […]

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Male and female cockatiel behaviour

Hi! I have had a cockatiel which is a male for 3 months and I thought of buying a partner for him cuz I cant always have time for him and it would be better if he had a friend that can keep him happy. So I bought a female and they were both lutino […]

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Quaker laying eggs

My 12 year old Quaker, Penny, has laid 4 eggs in the last month. I have heard this not good for her. How do I get her to stop or what do I do to suppliment her diet. or should I just stop worrying. She is covered at night in a dark room, she doesn’t […]

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I have a pair of cockatiels who just laid their 1st clutch. She laid her eggs in a cardboard box I have on the floor instead of the nesting box which was attached to her cage. Anway, at night, while the female is sitting on her eggs, I put my male in his cage to […]

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Cocktail Egg

I have two Cocktail they laid three eggs and it’s been 21 days and the egg has not hatched yet. It has hope and possible to hatched around other days.

Love Birds

I have 1 pair love birds (male & female) for 6 months. But still not lay eggs. Why? i have coconut nest in cage. Please advise. tq

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Male Cockatoo and Nesting Behavior

We have a 13 year old Cockatoo, named Bird. He came to us at the age of 6, abused, malnourished, and aggressive. Very pleased to report after many years of patience and very slow movement, lots of TLC, and being bitten more than once, he is now affectionate, trusting, and loving. However, he is in […]

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Cockatiel not laying eggs

My birds laid two eggs and they broke it in week. It’s been a year They keeps mating but they still didn’t lay eggs. What do I have to do??

Zebra finches fledged but went back in nest

Hello, My male zebra finch is raising his 2 babies since mom sadly passed away just after the chicks hatched. He is very attentive and has been taking good care of them. Today, at day 21, both babies fledged. They were flying and perching pretty well, explored for about 2 hours, and then they both […]

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Sick female, aggressive male

Hi, we have a pair of cockatiels snd it’s their 1st time laying eggs. The female got sick after the 3rd egg and her mate got aggressive with her and literally threw her out of the cage! He refuses to allow her to sit on the eggs. He took over all the csre of the […]

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Behavior of my two cockatiels chirping

I have a female cockatiel for about two months and introduced a male cocktail shortly after. I’m certain about the sex of both because of the tails; one have alternating black and white and the other just solid black feathers. The male does this chirping or singing and begins to move closer to the female […]

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I have a 47 year old yellow crested cockatoo, and there is no veteran close to where I live, I myself are 72 years old , I’m concerned, she has never been to a vet. And every year she lays 2 or 3 eggs, she sits on them, never breaks or eats them and when […]

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My male and female pair of cockatiel birds has recently started going into the mating box. They spent some days throwing the strips of newspaper out the box. To the point that there was hardly any left in the box when we checked. We bought the pair in December and started placing a sheet at […]

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Cockatiel Trio

We have a pair of tiels (#1 & #2) and they managed to actually hatch and raise a baby (#3). #3 is now over a year old, and according to the breeder “it is most likely male because white-faced tiels usually are.” Only recently have we seen #3 try to “vocalize.” Also, #3 is literally […]

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Color mutation

I know parrots like cockatiels, parakeets, and lovebirds can get color mutations, but can cockatoos?

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