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Gouldian finch health

I have Lady Gouldian Finches. They have access to grit, cuttlebones, fresh kale, egg yolks, and broccoli. They have regular beak and nail care, drops of iodine in the water, vitamin drops, and regular dosing for air sac mites. My problem is…. a bird will become “dumpy”. listless, eventually sitting on the bottom of the […]

Zebra finch markings

How come some zebra finches have orange cheeks, while others have mustard yellow, and some have black?

baby sitter

Hi…i have a 5 month old Timneh AG who is a real mommy’s boy, he is afraid of everyone else.. what do I do when I go away next year for 10 days a month on business? How do I handle leaving him with a bird sitter?

Birds for appartement life

Hello I’m interested in buying a bird but i live a 3 1/2 size Appartement building . which bird species would suited for life in a Appartement? I would a medium-sized bird.

Girlfriends Green Cheek

My girlfriend and I have been living together for nearly a year, and she has a little bird named Pilot. I’m still a little uneasy with how messy and loud birds can be, but the bird is very important to her and I want to be able to work with it. When we first moved […]


I have a pair of ringneck doves. I adopted the male about 8 months ago. I already had a female ( her mate passed at 9 years old). She is also about 9 and I adopted a male about same age. I had the stupid idea of letting them hatch an egg… she is beautiful […]

Coping with one foot

My tame cockatiel lost one foot due to injury this morning. He’s had the foot amputated and I’m bring him home now. How can I help him adapt? He was outside in an aviary, but I now plan to bring him indoors in a cage.

My 7 budgies

My birds all fly in the house will thy have eggs

Our Maroon Bellied Conure

This is a curiosity question… Lori, my housemate, owns a Maroon Bellied Conure – female – 13 years old. We have cable news on during most of the day as background while we are doing other things. The Conure is in the same room as the tv. So she hears a lot of news and […]

Why my male cocketile not mating?

My female cocketile wants to mate but my male doesn’t want to do it. Both are one and half years old and my female always shows intereste but male one is not interested. I put a nest box where female lay non fertilize eggs. Of course they didn’t mate. But they have a good bond. […]


i bought a parakeet and i’m raring it to become a service animal, any tips or suggestions?

Budgie training

Hi, I recently bought a budgie that I was told was hand reared, I got him at 8 weeks old and he is now 10 weeks. He literally runs away from me every time I try get close, he sometimes gets on my finger when I am holding millet but jumps off as soon as […]

Love birds

My birds are breeding but they are not laying any egg. I have not change their nest box not even change anything in case.

My cockatiel flies away

I got one cockatiel about less than 2 weeks ago. She is randomply screaming, I checked if she was fine and I also checked her food, water, cage, etc.. Everything was fine. I thought that maybe she wanted attention, but everytime I went near her, she gets agitated and flies away from me, in her […]

Do female zebra finches make noise?

PLEASE HELP! I bought a pair of zebra finches and I thought I heard both making noise (that squeaky toy noise) and I had remembered hearing somewhere that it’s the males only that make noise, does this mean i have 2 males, the female looks like a female (she has no cheek patches, barely any […]

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