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I have 4 budgie and our biggest one has been occasionally shaking its head and spitting out seeds.. it closes its eyes after and when I call out to it it opens then closes then again. Breathing is normal same as others and they eat throughout the day. It’s been a week with thr budgies […]

Little pooping

My bird is a Conyers about three years old name Zazu and he acts like he’s going to poop but nothings been coming out what do we do?

Cockatiel and heating perches

Hello, Winter is coming and the temperature in my room may be a little cool for my featured friends. So I wonder if I can buy the electric heating perches for them, keeping the rod itself at a constant temperature of 40℃. But at the same time I’m afraid about the low temperature scalds to […]

Dislocated baby budgie leg

Can any vet help me relocate the leg back into place or would I need to go to a bird vet? It’s a 2 week old baby budgy there is no blood loss but it’s definitely dislocated of broken its leg. The baby is still eating hand feed formula.

Mina birdd

My mina bird is loosing feather around his right eye and sometime this eye close by itself and the other eye is still open

My cockatiel is always sad

4 month ago i got a cocktail, i didn’t know how old was he, but as his look it was like 3 month, so i feed him cerelac as he was so young but he got used to it and when i changed his food he always look so starving no matter what i feed […]

Does it matter if my parakeet haven’t lay eggs in two years?

I have a pair of parakeets for 2 years and their gender has been confirmed to be a male and a female. They live in a large cage around 1.8 x 1.3 x 1 cubic meters with enough toys and treats. However, since we are leaving in a 1b1b apartment, we have to move them […]

Cockatiel keeps losing flight feathers

I have two male cockatiels, both only a couple days apart in age, each about a year and a half old. One of them is Kirby, who is an excellent flier. The other one is Yoshi, who is not so much. I purchased them both at six months old at a shop that specifically sold […]

Egg laying

I’ve had my CAG for 12 months and she has just produced her 15 egg. Should I have the hormonal implant for her

bleeding feathers

I clipped my budgies wing last week and it started bleeding they were not pin feathers.I have done it many times before and this has never happened.I cannot find out why.


37 is y.o. mollucan cockatoo hen who is developing cataracts in both eyes. Still small but large enough to see.


How effective is acupuncture for a bird that has osteoarthritis in the feet?

Hormonal budgie

I have a 3 year old male budgie that has decided to ‘mate’ with my finger knuckle. He squats down, chirps, spreads his wings and tail feathers. Now he wants to always be on my hand. Should I discourage this and how? Is this just a hormonal seasonal thing that will stop? Will it effect […]

Avian Vet Shortage?

A general question here. Why are there so few vets specializing in Avian Medicine. It is a real concern for pet owners?

Cockatiel voice

I have a cockatiel that was rescued from living at least 3 months in the wild. She has been vetted and passed a gram stain test and appears otherwise healthy. I’ve had her now for 1 year. I noticed that she is not able to hiss like a normal tiel. She opens her mouth and […]

Kidney diet – Dr. Lamb Webinar Sept 16

It is difficult to find info online regarding changes that should be made to the diet for a bird with kidney issues. Can you advise dietary changes? Also, since bird kidneys are different than human kidneys, does dietary advice for people with kidney disease have relevance for birds?

Cockatiel renal failure – Dr. Lamb Webinar Sept 16

I have a 20 year old cockatiel that has had high thirst and high urine output for more than two years. Initially I thought diabetes – but when I took him to a vet for an unrelated problem (sudden blindness and lethargy). He is ok now but the vet indicated separately about the high thirst […]

Polyurea causes – Dr. Lamb Webinar Sept 16

Can topical quaternary ammonia products (for relief of pain) cause polyurea and if so how? An aqueous solution sprayed our DYH’s feet relieved his Amazon foot necrosis discomfort but appeared to cause polyurea.

My pregnant budgie is panting.

One of my female budgie is pregnant. She seems healthy as she is always playing and jumping around. But sometimes she pants and breathes heavily. She also keeps her Wings half open so I guess that she feels hot. It’s currently 31 degree Celsius and I think that she is panting because of overheating. I […]


I just lost one of my cockatiels. I found her leaning her face into her food dish. I went to touch her and she fell off the perch. Her cage mate is OK, but we suspect he has mites or lice. We are treating him and the cage with Scalex. But we just got another […]

Lovebirds at 10,000 feet

Someone is interested in having one of my young lovebirds. However, he lives in the mountains at 10,000 feet and my 6 month old lovebirds live with me at 5,280 feet. The Buyer is concerned because he bought lovebirds once before and they died shortly after moving in with him. Would my healthy young birds […]


My kakariki used to pick food up and eat with her claws she doesn’t do it now seems like she can’t do it I wondered why it could be

my both peafowl is sick lethargy and thier poop is b

HI, Im cesia, we recently decided to have some peafowls an well everything was fine the last couple months they would eat and fly everywhere, but out of no where yesterday they started lacking energy and barely eating, I had to hand feed them and today I noticed that they their poop is black almost […]

Bird won’t stand after concussion

Hi Our Indian ring neck was involved in an accident after my wife closed the door at the same time he decided to fly through it, his head got trapped and he fell to the floor. We took him to an emergency vet as our regular vet was closed. He checked him out and said […]

Old budgie meets new budgie and becomes aggressive

Thank you so much for your help, i have just separated them into their own cages and was just wondering should this be a permanent thing or just until I tame/ gain trust? As of a day when weather is good and I go out/school/ work I’d usually take my budgie outside so they arnt […]

Sick finches

One of my Zebra finch stays fluffy most of the time and is also going through molting I’ve bought him since 2 months and it’s not that he has just become fluffy. He stays fluffy from the day I bought him. His poop color is also normal. Is there anything to be scared of?

Lovebird can’t walk

I found this lovebird suddenly fell on my house. It seems very tired and both of it’s leg seems to be strange. One of the leg seems to like having muscle atrophy the fingers, the front fingers is very very short and curled up, while the back seems shorter than normal. The other one of […]

My bird can’t fly

I have an African grey parrot who can’t seem to fly we haven’t to him out for a few months now but now it’s been a week since he is coming out of the cage and he tries to fly but always ends up falling why is this happening?

Featherless baby lovebirds

I have four six week old lovebirds the first hatched grew normal with beautiful feathers the other three are pretty much featherless and half the size. I’ve tried to look on line for answers but haven’t had any luck. Could it be from not giving the adult birds proper nutrition before eggs were formed . […]

Looking for behavior signs my bird may be preparing to lay an egg

So I recently rescued a conure and she laid an egg yesterday. Prior to this she was exhibiting strange behaviors and I arranged a vet visit but they have a full schedule and can’t see her yet. Afterwards, she laid the egg and I thought oh is this what was happening? I’ve only had boy […]

Cockatiel Keeping Foot up after nail trim

My cocktiel had a vet appointment today. He also had his nails trimmed. We have been home for 3 hours now he will not put his foot down and he is hardly eating. He seems exhausted. Every time they’ve been cut before, a nail clipper was used. Today it was an electric file and this […]

Pearly conure mating issue

I have a pearly conure pair and the male got seriously I’ll but by the grace of Allah I cared for him gave him different medications and he went through. He then went into molting and has completed it. He is unable to fly properly means cannot fly long he just flies from one area […]

UVB and full spectrum lights

What is the latest advice on whether uvb/full spectrum lights impart any benefit, particularly with regards to vitamin D and calcium? If beneficial, which brands are recommended?

Can’t Fly After 3 Weeks

Hi, My Green cheek conure fractured her wing 3 weeks ago. She was advised to stay in her cage for 3 weeks by a vet so that she can heal. She is unable to fly completely now after this period and her wing is drooping again. Please help!

Cockatiel on his back on the floor

Yesterday I found my bird on the floor upside down. He was struggling to turn himself over, but couldn’t do it. After I picked him up, he was fine, but seemed upset about it. My question is, if this happens again when I’m not around, how long could he survive that way on his back? […]

Mosquito control on balcony

BLUE, my rescue blue crown conure, is showing interest in coming outside with me on balcony. I ordered a harness so I can safely keep him with me but it’s Florida. I’m concerned about him being harassed or bitten by mosquitos, gnats or flies. Any advice for controlling or repelling them safely?

for health problem

I have a couple of question about my African grey parrot and the questions are; My parrot is only eating unsalted sunflower seeds, is this normal? Another thing is that my parrot has plucked all his feathers off and now isnt allowing them to grow back, is this a problem or does this happen with […]

Alexandrine Update!

Hi, A lot of things have changed and I have decided to maybe give an update! My house was renovated 2 months ago and my bird has fully recovered, it had grown its wings fully and could fly to the ceiling easily and once almost collided with the ceiling fan so i had do get […]


So I just got a 7 months cockatiel. The previous owner told me that his daughter pulled his feathers out . But I wonder is he sick because he has some bold spots ?

Tail freather got pulled out

My Conure got out and while trying to catch him my sister step on his tall to try to catch him he was trap but we got him back but he lost all his trail Feathers and bleeding I stop the bleeding will his feathers grow back?

Eclectus Poop

My eclectus poop is in lime color.. does this means liver problem? He is going to be 5 months old.. we wanted to stop baby food so we kept nuts for him and fed baby food too.. he is drinks too much water

Temperature and wind for budgies in winter

Can a budgie sleep in 18 -26 degree celcius with 2-4km/h wind is blowing on them? Does the temperature is only factor for their well being, not wind flow? If the temperature is optimal but there is wind flow,can budgies sleep or stay comfortable? I need the answer very urgent..please reply me.

Budgie sleeping schedule

How can a budgie sleep with lights on? Doesn’t the light get into the eyes of them even after closing the eyes..if i try to sleep looking at the source of light with eyes closed, i get irritated? Dont they get irritated looking at the light source with closed eyes like that and cannot sleep […]

Budgie scared and doesn’t sleep

My dead budgie came to me when i entered hands inside the cage, i took him outside and he stayed in my hands ..but sometime i chased him and grabbed him with my very hands (that they knew my hands and willingly stood on it)..inside the cage when he did not want to come and […]

Is My Bird Plucking?

I just asked a question on here, and was met with a very helpful response, but I have somewhat of a follow up. My cockatiel is over a year old and when he moults I can tell because he’s visibly uncomfortable or itchy so I give him baths. Recently he lost the primary feathers on […]

Is My Bird Injured Or Not?

I have a cockatiel that is almost a year and eight months old. I’ve had him for a little less than that and whenever he moult I can always tell even though sometimes I worry he’s plucking, which I’ll get into in a second. Recently I came back from a four day trip (during which […]

Hi I have female canary she take off her nail now is bleeding

I have one year old female canary, she bite her nails, she take two of them off completely from her toes, now it is bleeding, I tried to stop the bleeding, each time she find it again and let it blow out again, I try to go to vet here in Albuquerque New Mexico, but […]

Senegal plucking

I have a 22 year old Senegal parrot who was traumatized many years ago by the person watching her’s cats got ontop of her cage, she’s been plucking for years. She was so beautiful any suggestions how to get her to stop. I have tried spraying her but she does not like that. Also running […]

Parrott breeding

My female yellow has a large bulge in her bottom. I believe it might be egg binding. What canI do?

Birds are just dying

Hello I have several love birds. They out of nowhere been puffing up and breathing heavily and suddenly dying what could be causing this? Today 4 of my birds have died and am very heartbroken because I’ve given them Amoxicillin for the respiratory issue but no success.

Ringneck parrot

My parrot poop black colour for a week . But he is active and normal as usual.

My budgie can only fly about 3

He’s been like it since I’ve had him. he get’s around fine and is healthy and happy, but I just feel bad for the lil dude. I should’ve taken him to the vet after the first few months I had him, but it was in the middle of lockdown. Is there any hope for him […]

Keratin Flakes on Back

Hi there, Is it normal/healthy for a parrot to have tiny keratin flakes on his back. The parrot is moulting. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

Other parrot health

I have an elexander parrot which he expels mucus like thing from mouth . I am very concern about his health. Recently he started vomiting and now mucus like substance. Please help me plsss

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