Bird Type: African grey

Congo African Grey

Hello, I am looking to adopt an African Grey. Would you happen to know anyone that has them for adoption? Thank You


Hello. I have an african grey that is approximately 66 days old. He is not eating the formula properly. I did try giving him a very tiny portion of a fruit which he nibbles slightly. Another reason that justifies his improper eating is the half filled crop. Please guide me on this


Hello, I would like to ask for advice on a specific training method. Our CAG Smokey lives in an aviary, she is 6 months and three weeks old, we have had her since the age of three weeks, she has been free-flying outdoors since the age of four months, and she already speaks a few […]


Good day. We have a 3 month old African Grey parrot. I am not sure what the brand is, but she eats a formula in the form of baby food twice a day which amounts to 40ml. She also eats bird food such as seeds. Once again, not sure what it’s called. We would like […]

Feather plucking

Is chest feather picking caused mostly because of stress and are African Greys more prone to feather picking?

seems withdrawn

Hi I have an African grey 3 months old I’ve had him a week he has gone into his shell and become quite he is healthy and eating do they sometimes take a while to settle to new surroundings? Jamie


How much should I portion out to my AGC on a daily basis.

African grey eggs

I have a breeding pair we had 5 eggs two got broke by either the clumsy male or the female(I am leaning more it’s the male cause he is extremely clumsy) I have taken the other 3 eggs and have them in an incubator however when I candle the eggs I’m not sure if they […]

African Grey Behavior

I have 2 female timneh African grays Happy is about 10 and Maggie about 8 and they have been together for about 7 years. They both have their own cages, toys etc. And as long as they are 3 or more feet apart all is good but if any closer Happy will charge Maggie and […]

6month old African grey

I have been given an African Grey, she is 6 months old, she bites, I have only had her a few days. I am just looking for advice on how to put her at ease and for her to trust me. She is eating and drinking, and I talk gently to her a lot. Any […]

African Grey diet

Is calcium a must in African Greys’ diet ? my AG eats pellets, fresh fruit, rice nuts, cacius, almonds etc. should I also provide Calcium from time to time ? he is 5 months old. thank you Calypso from Athens Greece

African Grey

Simba loves to eat cooked chicken, and holds the bones chews down the shank and eats out the marrow – I think her ancestors must have been carrion feeders. How else would she know how to do that?

african gray

what size cage should i get for a african gray

CAG eye problem

Hello, we have an 18 weeks old CAG whom we had from the age of 3 weeks. At home he lives in an aviary and we have been free-flying him (outdoors) with a group of like-minded enthusiasts for 5 weeks already. His diet consists mainly of pellets, fresh vegetables and the occasional fruit and nut. […]

african grey parrot

We have had an African grey for about 4 months. Recently she has laid 4 eggs but does not show interest in sitting on the egg. Three of the eggs broke because she is dropping them from her upper perch were she sleeps. We put a towel on the bottom of the cage to catch […]

Grey nutrition

I have a Congo African Gray. Are there certain fruits that have too much sugar for him? I had read in one guide that African Grays can be prone to yeast infections. My CAG has had very watery fecies with some white & green solidarity within. He has always been on pellets with very few […]

African Grey health, feathers

We live in Norway. My African Grey lost/plucked a lot of feathers. She also lost weight drastically and became inactive. After much investigation, her Vet found what he said was uncommon bacteria (bacillus amyloquefaciens). Anti biotic treatment has brought her back to almost normal. What should i feed her to promote further feather regeneration?

African Grey weight

My African gray is 35 year old. a little under weight. What can I feed him to put on weight?

pellet diet

i have a female african grey 16 year old she been on seed diet i have changed to pellets she eats them no problem i dont know if she feather plucking every morning there is tiny white feathers bottom cage she was scratching a lot but settled down dont know if molting

How much to feed a Grey

I have an Congo African Gray & he gets both pellets & nutri-berries plus scrambled egg w/millet, shredded carrot, & pellet dregs. I also make birdie muffins for him, using a corn bread base w/fruit & veggies added. I have a large container of nutri-berries & have searched through the verbiage, see no instructions for […]

My African Gray’s feet problem

Hi there, I’m a first time African Gray owner and was wondering if it’s normal for your African Gray’s feet to have blisters, cuts, and flash .I have done my research and I have tried a few things but they never seem to work . I think it’s because he climbs around to much in […]


I don’t know the she of this African grey but one of her feet are turned around she’s can’t stand on flat surface

3 month old african grey

Hi, we recently got a 3month old cag parrot, happy, healthy and active, my only concern is that he has no interest in us humans, only our 23yr old grey, the 23yr old regurgitates and feeds him, in fact they have become inseparable, is this a good or bad thing, will it stop the baby […]

Pairing grey parrot

Hi, I had a breeder pair of african grey parrot. Unfortunately the male died and the female was alone for the past 6 months. Now i bought adult male grey parrot which is in a separate cage just next the cage in which female lives alone. Now how will I know that it’s a good […]


My African Grey is always gentle but today she’s biting me when I have her step up even though she does want to come out. Why is she doing this?

African Grey suddenly refuse to step up and aggressive

My 1yr 6 month grey is suddenly refusing to step up and attacks resorts to biting. Nothing has changed regardless cage or food. She is molting now though. Is so sad that this is suddenly happening. She is chattering and behaving normally. Just refuse to step up. What can be a possible problem?

baby sitter

Hi…i have a 5 month old Timneh AG who is a real mommy’s boy, he is afraid of everyone else.. what do I do when I go away next year for 10 days a month on business? How do I handle leaving him with a bird sitter?

Misting and molting

I mist our Congo Grey every day and notice she molts quite often. Could this be a result of the misting?

Grey health

My TAG has malformed mucous membranes and I have to clear his nares everyday. Do you know other Grays with this? And if so can you tell us a bit about it?

Grey flight training

I’ve had my 11 year old male for about 6 months and he does not fly. Is there hope, with training, that he will fly? Or should I be content that he walks everywhere?

Grey communication

Lisa, what is the sign that Sam communicates to you that she wants water?

Sore on foot

My 32 year old grey is getting a sore on her foot. I have differ perches and keep them clean. I have used aloe on the sore. It will get better then come back. What can I do to help it heal?

African Grey dusty feathers

“I have four Congos (and 1 Timneh). One of my Congos puts out probably 5 times the dust of the others. Her background is unknow, she came to me from a hoarder case. I have people telling me “”too much dust”” from a bird can be a sign of an issue. She is in good […]

African Grey sleeping

My Joey naps about twice during a day for an hour or so each time, morning and late afternoon, is this typical? And does he still need a solid 10/12 hours at night?

Fresh foods

My TAG is so fussy about eating veg!! What do I do?

Timneh behavior

I have 2 timnehs—one is territorial in the kitchen (on the floor), and attacks the other when she comes near. What’s going on?

Bird Boings

What was the name of the company for the boings?

Avian Vet

Pittsburgh does not have an avian vet in the region. How do you assess a non board certified vet’s skill with bird?

Captive bred Grey

do you notice that domestic bred birds average smaller than the older wild caught/imported birds?

Red feathers on timneh african grey

My timneh African grey (9 yrs old) plucked some chest feathers and now they are growing in red! I’m really worried although he eats and plays a lot and seems normal. Should I do anything for him? Please advise and thank you!

abused african greys

Can having your greys who where abused in a big of a cage make them more nervous or afraid.

African grey parrot face

Webinar: “The Grey Way: Understanding The African Grey Parrot”

Join us this Friday for a free, interactive webinar. Our guest, Lisa Bono, CPBC, owner and operator of The Platinum Parrot and an associate-certified parrot behavior consultant specializing in African grey parrots, will present “The Grey Way: Understanding the African Grey Parrot.”

African Grey

My Grey is 30 yrs old and never laid an egg. Does that mean it is a male?

male African grey

My male African grey has suddenly started biting very aggressively. Although I have become more bonded with him.

African Grey Health

My parrot is almost 1.5 years old. He is really loving and calm. However he excretes waste a lot. After every few minutes he excretes. And another thing that worries me is that he tries to fly but hasn’t quite learned the balance, so he bumps his beak and wings into walls which I’m teally […]

African Grey breeding couple

Hi. I already asked about a 4 years old male and 10 years old female greys. I already have all the requirements you mentioned and a great diet but i am confused about them getting along. I don’t mind not having him as a pet if he bonds and become capable of breeding. Given that […]

African Grey breeding couple

Hi. I have a 4 years old African grey that has beed very sexual/hormonal in the past two months so i have decided to get him a female so that he might bond with her. I know it might never happen but i dont mind trying. The female is 10 years old. Is this age […]

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