Bird Type: Budgie/Parakeet

Baby parakeet

What does it mean when baby parakeet has a brown black beak not cere

English budgies not sitting on the eggs at night

My English budgies who are over 2 years old, are not sitting on theirs 8 eggs during the night, but sit on them all day. This is their first time laying eggs. I saw them breeding many times. Now, I wonder if the eggs ( hoping they are fertile ) will still produce baby, since […]

Budgie nutrition

I feed my three budgies a mixture of sprouted millet, chop, scrambled egg and pellets. Is this good for them?

Laid eggs, fighting with others, help?

I have a huge flight cage with six parakeets. Today we noticed a clutch of three eggs after finding one egg broken on the cage floor three days ago. The clutch of three eggs has been laid in a meet log. The bonded pair appear to be working together however they have the eggs in […]

Budgie regurgitating

I have a male budgie about 14 months old. He has started regurgitating. Most of the time its only 3-5 seeds but occasionally its more forceful and he regurgitates and the seeds go everywhere. Its not every day. Is it just him maturing or is it a problem? He’s active, eats well, droppings normal.

Bird Sickness

My budgie won’t play, chirp, or barley drink water. I change it’s water fresh every day, feed it, and it’s eyes keeping closing and keeps sleeping, plus 1. It’s not a new bird 2. it’s acting very lazy, it’s getting hard for it to step up ;( , is it sick or not ? ps. […]

Feeding Nutri-Berries & Pellets

Are Lafeber pure pellets any better nutritionally than Lafeber Nutri-berries? What’s the best way to get older budgies to eat pellets? I read budgies eat insects in the wild but I assume feeding budgies insects is NOT necessary given the protein in pellets/Nutri-berries?


I have 2 parakeets and the behavior isn’t always a good one. They have a variety of food, seed and veggies. Not fond of fruit. I give them boiled eggs from time to time. They get the treats ,etc. they constantly click on the bars. They do not live in same cage , one got […]


Hey! I have two budgies that are not breeding. I had them for 3 months now and everything is set up perfectly for them to breed. I give them a balanced diet with veggies but no eggs since they don’t seem to like it. I even took my other male out of the cage so […]


My budgie laid 6 eggs out of which 3 eggs are hatched and still 3 are to be hatched…This is not the matter. I am facing difficulty in cleaning the nest box. Because it is impossible to remove the young birds from nest box.. Are there any bad impacts if I dont clean them? If […]

My Budgie Not Hatching Eggs

I have a budgie pair.female laid 5 eggs one week egg dropped by them and she’s not sit on eggs more times.she stay with male for sometime and go in.after 5 min. She again come outside. This is her 3rd time of eggs.but early clutches were also infertile eggs.what can i do? Plz help.

About budgies

I didn’t not keep any pot in the cage but my budgie laid the egg yesterday night and I buy a pot and kept the egg inside and kept the pot inside the cage but my budgie is not sitting on the egg what to do please say


One of my budgies beak(downward part) and its tongue has become black colour.Why is it so?Is it dangerous or not a problem?


How many days after will budgie eggs hatch?? My budgie laid eggs before 18-10 days….Still it is not hatching..Why??

My budgie’s chest under his feathers looks like he has a bleed

3 days ago i saw a tiny brownish area under his feathers in my budgie’s chest area, which i ignored. Last night the area seems to have gotten bigger. Upon moving his feathers his entire chest area under his feathers seems lyk he has a bleed😔. But there is no blood showing you can only […]


Should we have to feed the baby budgie which is hatched 2 days ago?or else will its mother will feed it?

Female Budgie Agressive Towards Mate

Hi there, I’ve talked to you before, thank you for the amazing advice! I have a male budgie and a female who have had 6 babies (hatched and growing)! All of a sudden, we have seen the female get really aggressive towards the male, pouncing at him, and I’ve noticed her crest/front feathers rise. We […]

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