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Travel with bird

I’m going away for 5 days and taking my budgie with me. We are going in a taxi and he’ll be in in a travel bird cage. The journey is 2/1/2 hours. I can’t find anyone to look after him. Should I do it?


Could u give me some advice on healthy diet for budgies I give seed and bits broccoli celery but I’ve read seeds are bad thanks

Hormonal pineapple conure. #3

Hi. Ty for your information. She is 4 and started laying eggs at 3. Last Christmas she had 3. Last month 2. They seem fine now, male likes to stay in his cage. She is a sweetheart, him he likes to bite us humans for no reason…trying to work on correcting biting behavior, is fine […]

Nutriberries Allergy?

Hi. I recently adopted a rescue Senegal Parrot who has a problem with feather loss. He scratches quite a bit and has patches of only downy feathers. He was taken to a vet by prior owners and they did not find evidence of illness. The one constant in his diet, as reported by both prior […]


Hello,How many eggs does a budgie layes without mating,My budgie layed on egg without mating And I broked it will they breed after this because they might be angry because of I broke there egg

Hormonal male conure

Thank you for your response. I have already did what you suggested. They are otherwise compatible, for they share the same food and water bowls , they sit together and groom. Each other. Is this the beginning of a violent mating season? She has laid eggs, to no avail. They have mated many times before, […]

Pellet conversion

Hi! I got a new baby cockatiel from a breeder direct. The breeder believed in feeding seeds only, and I got her about 3 weeks after she weaned off of formula. She was initially stuck on just eating seeds, but I slowly managed to convert her. I also got her to easily eat Nutriberries. We’re […]


My kakariki has been straining to poop and passing large amounts green and white. I’ve noticed stomach seems swollen she went off food for a day but eating now she is 9 years old

Will the Gouldian finches’ eggs hatch?

I have a pair of Gouldian finches. When I first checked the nest box on Wednesday, June 22, there were 2 eggs. Then when I checked again today, Sunday, June 26, there were 2 more eggs. The cock usually stays in the nest box during daytime. Sometimes the hen also goes inside and out the […]

Cleaning canary cage

How do I clean my canaries’ cages while they are still inside? I dont mean a deep clean, just the weekly thing.

My bird is really sick

My bird is throwing up clear liquids and dropping black and white poops… he’s bearly breathing and weak…

Hormonal male

Hi. I have a Male and female conure who get along just fine. Last week his hormones went wild as he attacked the female with such force I thought he would kill her. I separated them for a good week, and gradually reintroduced them again, and now it seems like old times. I have never […]

Mini albino lutino bush budgies

How do i now the diffrence between male or female cause i got to albino lutino mini bush budgies both are white with white blue nostrils ?

Male cockatiel 8 months

Hello, I have a two years old female cockatiel and a male of 8 months old. Recently I have noticed that the male is trying to mate with the female. I am a bit worried if he is not too young?

breeding months

I have read in every blog that February is when Conures breed. But that they can have 3-4 clutches per year. I have not found one single article on which other months they breed. Assuming every six months to pair them up again?

My female cocktail died at the age of 4

My cocktail died female one suddenly I don’t know the reason she was fine in the morning but then suddenly she started coughing a lot and she died.. Later on we spotted blood from her nose.. What could be the reason ??

Weird noise, cockateil

My female cockateil is laying on her, dummie eggs all night. ( male sits on them in the day) During the night she makes just one sound like maybe pain? Only once a night. No more eggs. ALL seems fine other than that NOISE ONCE A NIGHT. Should I be concerned? She is no longer […]

Gri jako African Grey

Slm.ben türkiyeden yazıyorum. 2 ay önce bir çift gri jako papagan aldım daha önce yavru vermiş Ben şu an yumurta alamadım erkek dişiyi besliyor birbirlerine kur yapıyorlar ama çiftleşmiyorlar yavru alabilmem için ne yapmalıyım. Slm. I am writing from Turkey. I bought a pair of gray jaco parrots 2 months ago, they gave offspring before […]

My Quaker laid and egg

I was terrified! I woke up in the morning, she was setting there making some noises that scared the hell out of me! And she laid the egg! Just yesterday! I don’t know what to do now She does not have a partner but I know it’s normal for them to do it even if […]

nesting material

What is, if any, a good material for parakeets to use to construct a nest? I hvae a breeding box which she uses to go in and rest, and she is young and laid her first eggs, and we suspect she is getting ready to ovulate again. But, whatever material (e.g. pine shavings) we try […]

I’m clueless

My daughter gave me her female green cheek conure who is at least 5 years old. The bird rarely got out of the cage because of pet dogs. She’s never had a mate and I let her have pretty much free flight around the house, spending a lot of time in my shoulder or cuddling […]

Sudden death of a baby bulbul bird

I found a baby bulbul yesterday evening ,good 15 days old but it was abandoned,surrounded by ants,so i took it in,it was happy and healthy,slept well,active in morning,but suddenly died while napping in afternoon.I have also takken care of 25-30 days old bulbuls(2) a year back and left them in the wild,they are still alive,but […]

Can I train my budgie without millet spray?

I can’t get a millet spray cuz I am a kid my parents are like. Just let him have seed millet won’t give an impact. Olso I have a (baby) budgie and it is olso not eating from my hand. So I can’t try to learn him tricks .olso my budgie is not so active […]

Momma canary

My canary has just had a chick hatch and is sitting on it as she should. Ever since then, since she’s spent most of her time on her nest, when she takes a bath, she doesn’t seem to have any feathers on her upper and lower chest. But when she is dry, her feathers completely […]

Wood fireplace

Speaking of air quality what about wood fire places. Is that safe? Is there certain kinds of logs that should or should not be burnt.

Fresh foods

I see birds being offered big bowls of veggies & greens, but exactly how much should be given to say an Amazon or CAG on a daily basis?

Grey behavior

I have an African Grey who loves to imitate the sound of the smoke detector alarm. Staff in the apartment I’m in checks these alarms twice a year, so there’s no chance for her to forget it. What can I do to stop the behavior? I currently cover the cage, which stops the noise until […]

New Baby Finches

My Zebra Finches just had a litter of 4 eggs, 3 have hatched. this is their first time as parents and they didn’t seem to be helping the chicks like I hoped. The second day I was worried the chicks were dead, so I carefully removed them from the nest to see if I needed […]

Cleaning canary cages

I was told not to let my canaries out anymore by this site… so if I were to clean their cages, how do I do that without letting them out to fly around? I have real trouble getting them into another cage, last time I did that, my canary got pretty stressed. We seem to […]

After 2 hatched cockiteals

Is it best to keep parent cockiteals locked in cage or can you allow them out for exercise ? This is first hatched babies and the parents don’t seem to be bothering with them much . These babies are just 1 day old .

full spectrum lighting

(I know this has come up before.) Are there really good full spectrum lights specifically for birds? How about placement? Is there a risk to their eyes? I got an Ott light, but was surprised to see that there is no shield over the bulb.

Scented candles, plug ins

A supplemental question to the plug ins: are the ones like feliway that are supposed to make cats calmer dangerous as well?

preventing breeding

how long should I leave the dummy eggs for my green cheek conure? she had a cluch of 9 (dummy) and I took after 5 weeks and my male was upset and started trying to mate which my female is laying again. they get 14 hrs of sleep and an organic diet including tops pellets. […]

Hormonal conures

I have 2 greencheek females. Left them dark for 14hrs. Worked good last year…now it is not. I have replacement eggs to put I place. This makes me crazy

Feather plucking

My friend has a parrotlet that plucks. She lost her mate last year and I think she’s lonely or bored. He’s ruled out anything medical. I suggested he use a spritzer to ease any molting discomfort, but my first suggestion to him was to get her a mate. 😁


My Meyer parrots are on a Harrison’s diet. Should additional vitamins and/or minerals be added?

Cockatiel diet

What is the best food brands for cockatiels? I want to do pellets and just a few seeds, but unfortunately they reject pellets.

Crop problem

My baby tiel is 5 days old. He’s pretty healthy. But today I noticed his seeds in the crop are at the bottom and is filled with liquid or air above. I read somewhere that this isn’t a good sign. I tried feeling it if it was air or liquid but I couldn’t differentiate. The […]

I want to know if my cockatiel is male or female

Hii today I examined my cockatiel’s pelvis bone to be sure if it’s a male or female. I got to know that gap between the pelvis bone is to wide like 2 Inch is it normal ‘Ok’. please let me know.

Removed nest but still laying eggs

Good Morning Brenda, I wanted to give you an update on my finches since taking out their nest. I removed it, put the grate back on the bottom and have pet safe bedding underneath. A very small amount. Just enough to cover the bottom to help with cleaning. The female is now laying eggs on […]

Death of Bulbul bird

We took care of baby Bulbul since Last 40 days.She started plucking her feathers and lost her fur around her head to neck region since last 5 days.Today she suddenly died.Plz suggest any reasons for her sudden death.

How to clean canary cage

I was recently told by this website not to let my canaries out of their cage. If so, how do I clean their cage thoroughly? I am not at all being rude, I want to learn.

Canary Chick

A canary egg just hatched and the mother is still sitting on it, is this okay? I heard that the first couple days, the chick still lives from it’s egg sack. How do I make the egg food for the mother to feed the chick?

Sun conure

Can I buy a fertilized egg and replace it with one that isn’t fertilized will she be able to raise it?

my cockatiel breaks his new wing feathers

Hi, as i mentioned my cockatiel breaks his new wing feathers but he doesn’t pull his other feathers so it’s not a mental issue also he’s my first cockatiel and i can’t understand why.

My cockatiels

So I have a male and a female cockatiel since 6 years and they never mate! They fight sometimes but they never breed. Since 2 years my female cockatiel is laying eggs without breeding and my male cockatiel never sits on the eggs also as soon as my female cockatiels lays eggs she starts attacking […]

What to feed cockatiel parents?

I’ve been searching everywhere for a concise list, however what is the ideal food to give to cockatiel parents in order to support their babies? My pair are on a mix of good quality pellets, vegetables and some seeds, however when it’s just this food in the cage they don’t seem to feed the babies. […]


Hello I am worried about my Lutino, he has a bald patch his belly which i only noticed when he got wet. Is he ill? Still flying and eating well but I did notice is poop is very runny.

DNA Test for my Cockatiel

I don’t know the age of my cockatiel. But I am sure it is less than 6 months. Is there a specific age my cockatiel has to reach before I get the DNA test to determine the gender?

What should i feed my cockatiels

Hi I’m sivan. Can you tell me a good balanced diet for my cockatiels and fruits and greens i want to know what is good for them I bought them a sea moffin i heard it was rich in calcium if you have any suggestion please let me know

How do i get my cockatiels to mate

Hi i am sivan. I have a male white faced cockatiel he is old and a female albino cockatiel and she is old enough too and they haven’t mate yet it’s been 3 weeks i got him a female i don’t know how to get them to mate should i put them in different cages […]

Canary free flight

Whenever I clean my canarys’ cages, I let them out for a free flight. But I haven’t been successful getting them back in the cage without causing stress. I catch them under a fly net and guide them back to the cage. I’m afraid I have tried multiple things other than that: food in the […]

Infertile eggs

My canary recently laid four eggs. After 5 days, I candled them, and only one was fertile. Do I remove the infertile eggs?

Summer Diet Plan after Breeding Season

Hello Dear Lafeber, I hope this message finds you well. I really appreciate your unconditional support for birds all over the world. I seek your guidance regarding daily diet plan of my parrots (Alexanderines and Rose-ringed Indian Parakeets (around 25 pairs) after the end of breeding season and during the off-season when birds’ nest boxes […]

Close eyelid

Hi , my sun conure has one eyelid close , any suggestions will be welcome.

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