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cockatiel diet

“Hi Dr. Lamb, I’m from India. I’ve 2 cocktail one is 3months and another is 6months. What are the best food and medicine for them”

CBC blood test

What is CBC test and how useful is that in diagnosis?

Vet conferences

What are the best conference and courses for up to date the avian veterinary medicine information

Parakeet gender

what’s the best way to differentiate male from female in budgies?

Nail trims

I’m trying to figure out how to hold a linnie to clip her nails, and it’s a nightmare. I need one hand to hold the squirmy bird, one to hold the foot, and one to hold the clippers.

Avian emergencies

i live in major city (NYC) and there are a large number of avian diplomate vets, very fortunate BUT I have found that for after hr emergencies, there is only one hospital I have found that would even see a bird at 12 am. Ive tried to call several 24 hr emergency clinics, and was […]

Avian Exam

How to calm down a very agitated/aggressive bird before physical examination ?

Feather plucking

What are possible causes of feather plucking in Eclectus and cockatoos? How we can cure that?

Avian Exam

What would you say are your 5 most important points to cover in a pet bird general examination? Do you routinely do faecal smeares and crop/throat swabs?


My cockatoo has 9 eggs for mores than 3 weeks and it’s hasn’t hatched what it happened

Should i wait for my bird to come to me or make him?

Hello guys. I got a cockatiel a while back. Ive had him for about 2 weeks or so. He was hand tamed when we got him but still scared when put ij his new home. I read online that you should not touch your new birds for about two weeks so they can settle and […]

Baby cockatiel hasn’t left the nest

A baby cockatiel we have hasn’t left the nest yet. She is 1 1/2 months old and has already fledged and flew multiple times. She is the 3rd out of 5 babies. Now, after leaving the nest box and flying for around a week, she has made her way back into the nest box and […]

Mating and Cockatiel eggs

Hi! I was wondering if I could get some info cleared up. How long after the first mating would cockatiels lay eggs? I’ve looked on various websites and they all have different answers. Some say 3 weeks while others only say 7-10 days. I have a breeding pair. Their first clutch they laid eggs almost […]

My cockatiels first clutch

My cockatiels have layed there first clutch of eggs I was replenishing their food when I noticed one of the parents inside I opened the box to check if it had layed eggs and sure enough they did, but now I haven’t seen either parent go inside and keep them warm. I’m worried the eggs […]

Not tame

Can a ringneck not handled by anyone be traned with an experienced new owner?

How long will it take for my budgie to like me after scaring her

I recently got a pet budgie. She looks to be hand tame as she was not that frightened when my hand was near her. I haven’t cared for a budgie before so i didn’t know the do’s and don’ts. On the first day i picked her up and started to handle him because the pet […]

My bird is not able to fly

Hello my self yashasvi I have a red vented bulbul and he is almost a year old. Day before yesterday he was searching food on the floor and suddenly my sister stepped and he got under my sister’s foot and he got flattened rn he is fine but he isn’t able to fly and he […]

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