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Cockatiel refuses to go in cage after nail clipping

Hello, I took my bird in to get her nails clipped, and when we got home, her behavior changed completely. She now refuses to go in her cage and gets very upset when she does. She isn’t relaxed at all in her cage which is very unlike her. On top of this she sometimes will […]

unfertilized eggss

How can I make life better for my parakeet, sitting on 3 unfertilized eggs? Cage mostly covered. Well fed; water, seed, millet, apple. Curious cats, barking chihuahuas and soft talking parrot nearby. Cleopatra is 6+ years old. Her companion, Cesar, died 5 years ago. Her lovebird friend Nefertiti, died 2 months ago. First time, alone. […]


Hello my name is John. My male is 4 and he is molting, fairly bad. He is fluffing a lot sometimes staying fluffed and wants me to hold him all the time. Still eating and drinking like always. I now recall he done this the very first time but not this much that is why […]

Odd number of finches

Hi. I had a pair of zebra finches, one male and the other female who got on well. Unfortunately, after laying their first clutch of eggs, the hen died. The male went into a depression so, I got him another female companion. They were also immediately compatible soon enough she also died and the male […]

Should I Get My Cockatiel A Companion?

I have an 11-month old cockatiel called Marley who I got on Gumtree from assumed neglectful/ignorant owners. When I arrived the cage was outside which makes me worry they were outside all the time with other birds such as butcher birds as they are common in our area of Australia. Very nervous bird but after […]

Possibilities For Hormonally Frustrated Female Cockatiel

Thank you the most webinar with Dr Lamb. I asked about my 2 year female cockatiel who has been separated from her juvenile male due to self destructive behaviour (weight loss, self plucking). Aside from rehoming, are there any medical procedures that could help bridge the time until my 8 mth old male will be […]

Cockatoo behavior

6 year old rose breasted cockatoo female started sitting on back of couch and putting her butt on my head – is this hormonal

Conure behavior

My 8 year old crimson bellied conure likes to sleep in my shirt by the neck. He does it all year long. Is this a concern?

Hormone implants

what are the long term side effects of using the hormonl implants? Can they be used indefinitely?

Plucking Grey

My 30 year old female CAG feather plucks. Vet has no suggestions but worse she screeches for attention and hates the fact our grandkids moved in during the pandemic.

How much to feed

If you measure your parrot’s food precisely (e.g., in tablespoons), does it mean the bird has to eat 100% of the food not to starve?

Cockatiel breeding behavior

Can you discuss light effects on cockatiels? Possible to adjust to minimize hormonal stress? Cover cage at night? Are there any treatments that my 2 year old female cockatiel can get so she can live with my male cockatiel and lovebirds?

Egg laying

Females (single) of what species, from your practice, lay the most eggs. Cockatiels, I think, but what else? And how is it with rainbow lorikeet?

Eclectus breeding

I have a pair of Eclectus that have been together just over 1 1/2 years and Lola has lain 3 times during that time – not fertile and we discard. Is it safe for her to have 2 maybe 3 clutches a year that are not fertile.

Toxic human prechewed food

Does human chewed food ( chicken broccoli and pasta, represent a danger to a cockatiel (it seems to make mine more interested.

Patch on chest missing feathers?

Our new, 6 week old hand fed parakeet has a place on his chest with no feathers and it looks like it may be a lump… is this normal? Anything we can do? Thanks

Timneh Grey behavior

I have 2 timneh grays. One is to be a female the other male. Last spring the male started shreading his back and wing feathers. He was just getting to look normal when fall came and he started all over again. Vet said he was shreading feathers to make a nest. Male is around 10 […]

Female lovebird behavior

I just got a female baby lovebird (now 10 weeks old). She was very tame and affectionate in the beginning at (8-9 weeks). But about a week ago, she began biting my husband and I very hard every time we ask her to step up. She also chews on our cell phones and laptops anytime […]

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