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Cockatiels fighting over egg

So my cockatiels are around 2 years old and they mated and layed fertile eggs! They had a cluth of 4 eggs but they fighted and one egg cracked, so now there are three. I dont want another egg to crack. They are fighting wildly to decide who will incubate the eggs. I have separated […]

Cross breeding

am going to pair up with violet mask and olive mask What is the result will be there

Sleep schedule

I recently got my Indian ring-necked parakeet.. he’s just 3 months old, he sleeps a lot like 12 hours a day , I just wanna ask if that’s normal, he’s not sick or something right? I don’t know if sleeping that much is normal for baby parrots, pls know your help is appreciated!!

Cocktiel leg hurt

My female cocktiel fall with her cage from the top of the kitchen counter she can’t hold the proper clutch she is just 7months old. Presently I can’t take her to the vet. My parents are angry of me having there any home remedies.


We adopted a 6 year old cockatiel and he bites. How can I stop that?

cockatiel male or female

How to recognize by behavior its a male or female. I recently got two birds, one Grey with typical Mohawk and crimson cheeks. the other one is plain yellow with foggy crimson cheeks. the yellow one not friendly, reserve wide at pelvis and plain feathers. not sure if its a female, as they both fight […]

Hormonal weight gain?

Is there anything known about female parrot weight year cycle? I have an adult female blue headed pionus and she gains weight every spring (when the daylight hours increase) and then decrease again in weight less starting from mid-summer. I have made a excel -diagram for her weight spanning several years and it is the […]

Zebra finches

I have two zebra finches, a female and a male. I’m concerned for the male because he is missing a lot of feathers around his neck and torso area. Is this a dietary condition? what can I do?

Safe foods & teaching a parrot

I try to Google Bird safe foods and often the internet gives conflicting information. For example, some sites say radishes are safe for birds others say not to feed the birds radishes. I would love a comprehensive list of bird safe foods from a qualified avian resource. I belong to a Facebook group that shows […]

Hormonal behavior

How can you tell your bird is hormonal? What are the signs? I have a 1 year old female yellow nape and not looking forward to this and what should I do when this happens? Thank you!

Finch Sounds

Hi my zebra finches make really weird noises all the time and one of the sounds resembles to someone drinking through a straw. I want to know the meaning of this. Thanks

Breeding quary

Can I breed a yellow peach faced with a slate grey with yellow band on his head ??

Cockatiel behavior

Two days ago my cockatiel perched on me and cuddled my ear. Last two days he ignores me. Why,?

Mum and dad finch r mating again

Hi My baby finches r 4 wks and 2 days old but I noticed mum and dad mating again as u said I did remove the nest is it the feeding and taking care of the babies the taxing part on mum or both what should I do if she lays a egg is it […]


Why my 3 months parrot eating a lot and what can I do to stop him .

Solo parakeet and vacation

We are going to be gone for 8 days and are taking our 2 dogs with us. We are going on a road trip. Any idea if a parakeet would fare better with us or taken to a sitter. The sitter is my mom but it’d be a new environment with 2 new dogs our […]

Nessting box

I have had a nessting house up for about 3 weeks and my two parakeets won’t go in it maybe they are still to young

Movement outside of cage

Hello! I have a 1y.o. pearly green cheek conure. When I got her from the breeder, her wings were clipped & she was abt 8wks old. Throughout the first 6 months I had her she liked to run across the bottom bars of her cage to play with the dogs. In doing so she tore […]

Death of one of pair

I am sorry guys but i had a pair of zebra finches (they are my first) and sadly today the female died! I am heartbroken & want ur help! What should i do with the male? P.s. the male is hoping around, eats & drinks too…. Another p.s., i found the male at sometimes hitting […]

Cockatiel Companion

I was wondering what bird would be the best companion for my cockatiel, Hezekiah. He’s very sweet and lovable, but I don’t want him to be lonely as I work a good bit. I was thinking of getting a budgie, but worried that the budgie might be aggressive toward him or not as friendly as […]


Hello, I have three budgies they have been together since birth and they are approximately 13 months old. what will happen to them if l separate them now? to find a nice home to each one of them. Are they going to let themselves die the fact they get separated or they will be fine? […]

Bird poop color change

Hi, My sparrow poop was normal till yesterday morning but last evening i started to notice fresh blood in her poop.. Today, there is no fresh blood but I see black color in the poop.. she has not eaten any such things to get red or black color poops.. Please guide me, I am worried

Lovebird died

Hello lafeber, I was given two lovebirds a six months ago, but sadly one has died overnight. The lady who gave them to me, said the birds were a few years old. Although she could not remember due to memory loss. I have other birds (Indian ring necks, Budgies and Cockatiels) in a very large […]

Budgie breeding

I want to breed my pair of budgies but cant seem to, i have a nesting box but its too low and i dont want to cut a hole in the cage and i have a hut but they still wont breed.

Young birds v Adults

What is the age of a young bird? does it depend on the kind of bird and their life span?

Budgie tests

At an annual exam my vet does a CBC and fecal gram stain on my budgies, should there be additional tests given the small amount of blood that can be taken on a small bird?

Beak health

what would you recommed for overall beak health and strength in mid size birds such as greys or mini macaws during the younger years as far as diet or physical item in cage?

Sexing parrots

“I have an African Grey who is 5 years old the breeder told me she’s a female she never produced eggs. how would I know if my birds female or male. ?”

Meyers parrot

Follow up to my yellow nape. I do have a cockatiel. I was wondering how the Meyers parrots are with family’s


I buy your nutriberries for my parakeets all the time.. THEY LOVE IT! But I have noticed that there are more available for parrots than there for parakeets… Will it be ok for me to feed them the parrot berries which are more available than the parakeets nutriberries?

Yellow nape Amazon

Hello I’m about to purchase a yellow nape Amazon. I have spent time with her and she’s nice I can hold her she’s only 4 months old. My husband can hold her but she has Lunged and bit my son and my husband. We go to visit her at the store she’s in right now. […]


My cockatiel used to like to hide in a crockery jar and play hide and seek, but all of a sudden he started regurgitating seeds and gastric fluid while being upside down in the jar to the point that I had to remove the jar causing great distress for a couple of days but stopped […]

Lovebird Mate dies

So My Female Lovebird’s Couple died,maybe it’s because of the rain or the coldness Last night,I started spending time with the female lovebird,and,he only thing that change is the male that died. My Female Lovebird’s tone change like the chirping is Loudee than before,I really miss that male lovebird,always wanted to bite me,the Female lovebird […]



1st time pet owner :(

long story short: my 4 birds do not trust me yet to leave the cage and be petted. One of them laid 7 eggs OUTSIDE the nest, last time I tried putting them inside she kicked and broke them. As of now one egg of 7 has hatched and fallen below the cage to the […]


I am thinking about going away for 4 days.. I have 5 parakeets which are used to coming out of their cage in the morning and going in to sleep at night.. I work and always leave them alone in the morning with music on till I get home in the afternoon.. I have no […]

Going out at night

Hi my budgie is new pair this is there first clutch and have one egg so far but last night I went to check on them and saw she was not on the eggs. And then this morning when I checked she went back in and is still in there. But why does she go […]

Baby zebra finches

One baby came out and perched for a few minutes how many days should I give to them to get comfortable with there environment out of the nest should I give them once they have all come out I don’t want to take it away to soon but at the same like u said uts […]

Food diet

Hi my cocktails has laid 4 eggs and I’ve been giving her cooked egg whites, chopped fruits like pomegranate muskmelon banana with regular spinach is this fine for my baby or is there some thing else that I can add up for a better health of my mummy cockteil


Hello and it’s me again. I noticed one of my four lovebirds is wheezing or have sort of stuffy breathing sometimes. She seems to be fine however. This has been happening for few months. Is it because the air is too dry?

Normal finches

I tried many ways by keeping a breeding box or a pot in my finches cage….they are not entering into that breeding box…. instead they build a nest outside of the breeding box. i.e; corner of the cage….please help me with this… the built nest is not safe there….so any solutions pls …

Egg Problems

Hello! Recently my dear two lovebirds mated and had a clutch of three eggs. The female was faithful warming it until few weeks were past and she stopped. I have checked the eggs for life and saw two were infertile and one dead. This is the second failure of the pair breeding and fourth failure […]

Fly over at dinner time

Why did my parakeets always fly over me when I sit down to eat my dinner. It never fails I come into the room with my plate sat the table and if their out fly by time? Why?

Baby cockatiel

Hello, I have an albino baby cockatiel that is not being fed by the parents anymore and it seems that my female has become aggressive towards it and pecks it’s feathers so much, it started to bleed. I have the proper baby bird formula but the baby refusing to open its beak to eat. Please […]

Sun connure

I have a pair of connure she layed 3 eggs.1 st egg on 10june 2 nd egg on 13 and 3rd on 17 so she was sitting inbetween after 20 days she stopped sitting almost 4 days NW wt can b d prb

My cockatiel is yawning excessively

I have a cockatiel that’s about 49 days now, he’s still being handfed but only twice a day and the rest in from pellets and vegetables. He’s recently been doing a yawning motion alot and stopping it after 5 minutes. This happens once a day,everyday. Is there something wrong or am I being paranoid

How Long Does the First Molt for a Cockatiel Last?

My Cockatiel is now 6 months old and has started his first molt about a month and a half ago. Although he has lost and grown a good amount of feathers, it seems as though he just stopped halfway through his molt. I bought him from a breeder and he was clipped, I notice that […]

2 year old green cheek conure being aggressive randomly

Hello, I have a 2 year old green cheek conure that we have had since about 6 months old. We don’t know the sex however he/she will have a good day a few times a month where I can hold him and he will lay with me play on his perch with me. I will […]

Baby pet Lovebird

I think I accidentally drank the same water my pet drank from… should I be okay?

cockatiel layd an egg without male

hello my cockatiel layed an egg but she didnt have an male in her cage she is always home and now she thinks she has an baby and we cant come close to heror else she will attack us but how long will this keep going because i dont really think there is an baby […]


I have an older bird and he seems to be shedding alot of feather,long and new fluffy ones. Is this normal behaviour, I haven’t noticed it before.

Baby zebra finches

Should the nest be high in the cage or near to floor as possible I worry that it can’t get back in the nest if it’s not flying yet and when do they start flying If I can lower the nest now anyway as they r 14 days old now if its best to just […]

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