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2 Clutches/year/past 5 years

For the past 5+ years, my Moluccan cockatoo has laid two clutches a year. I have learned the hard way to leave the eggs in the cage with her and have been doing so for the past 4 years, but did not realize the eggs incubate for up to 29 days. I had been taking […]

African Grey

My Grey is 30 yrs old and never laid an egg. Does that mean it is a male?

Parent Behaviors

Hello! My pair have laid one egg. They are spending most of the time in the nest box together. When should I expect another egg? How can you tell if a egg is unfertilized? The egg my cockatiel has laid looks smaller than it should be. If one egg is unfertilized are all the other […]

Lucky [Parakeet]

Hello, my name is Elizabeth. I have a white-1 year old parakeet whose name is Lucky [I believe she is anyway], but I just had a quick question. My parakeets tail does a slight light bob when she sleeps; however, she plays, she eats, she snacks, she drinks, and she baths herself along with her […]

Bird food for different species of parrots

Hello Brenda, I am the mother and owner of thirteen beautiful birds. I don’t know if my email was received. I had written a couple of days ago. In regards to what to feed my precious babies. Especially in regards to Dr. Lafeber’s Nutriberries , Avicakes and Pelletberries. I for the life of me; do […]


I have 3 diamond dove in a cage I have 1 parakeet in a other cage side by side i want to put them in a flight cage together will they get along

Cocktail bird is not breeding

I have 2 males cocktail and one female …the female doesn’t get familiar with any of them …she is always standing alone. I isolated one male and left the couple with the nest but the female is still standing alone and not communicate with the male…what shall i do ??

Is it health

I have a 25 year old female Cockatoo. She has never laid an egg is that normal or should we worry?

3 month old Cockatiel loosing feathers

I have a 3 month old cockatiel and got him hand fed. Lately he has been loosing a lot of feathers. my brother recently got a cat, could it be stress from the cat playing near the bird?

Make and Female Cockatiel Nesting

So I have two females and one male. I have had the male cockatiel and one of the females (lutino) for 4-5 years . The other female is younger and has been with me for 3 years. I have recently have gotten a nesting box and attached it to their cage. The male has been […]

male African grey

My male African grey has suddenly started biting very aggressively. Although I have become more bonded with him.

Is mold resistant paint safe for birds?

Hi, I just moved into a condo and my room is in the finished basement walkout. Sadly we discovered mold in my bedroom walk-in closet. On top of that, there was a pipe slowly leaking behind the drywall in the downstairs family room and into the carpet for maybe months. I plan to remove all […]

Parakeet Diet

I’m getting a parakeet soon and I wanted to know if this website has good food to order for them. I already know that a normal seed mix may not give the best nutrients. But I’m curious to know which ones would be best for the parakeet. I’m thinking about getting the classic nutriberries if […]

Unhatched egg

Hello Dears, My cockatiels now have 2 baby chicks and one unhatched egg, it was due 17.07.2020 to be hatched. Now what should I do to that egg? Just take it away from them or let them have it until another week or so? Thanks

Cockatiel feeling lonely

Hi, I had two cockatiels. Male and female. My female bird died this past weekend. I can tell my male cockatiel is missing her by the way he is behaving. He does not want me to leave him alone. I’m about to start working again and i live by myself. Should i get him another […]

Eating feathers

Verde has been eating some of her molted feathers is that healthy it’s something that concerns me, she Dosen’t see me all the time in the house because I’m ether I’m doing chores or resting what should I do?

Cockatiel nestbox

hey there, i have a pair of eno cockatiel . i saw them mating many times but both of them dont enter the nest box that ive hanged at the side of the cage . the female sometimes inspects it from the opening of the box but doesn’t go inside it. what could be the […]

goffin biting

My cockatoo (goffin) is 5 yrs old and although quite tame will suddenly exhibit aggressive behaviour e.g biting. He also screeches a lot. I have followed the guidelines for dealing with this e.g. staying calm, placing him back in his cage, toys etc. etc. What else can I do to deter the biting? Will an […]

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