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Is it health

I have a 25 year old female Cockatoo. She has never laid an egg is that normal or should we worry?

goffin biting

My cockatoo (goffin) is 5 yrs old and although quite tame will suddenly exhibit aggressive behaviour e.g biting. He also screeches a lot. I have followed the guidelines for dealing with this e.g. staying calm, placing him back in his cage, toys etc. etc. What else can I do to deter the biting? Will an […]

Acting different

What does it mean when a goffin cockatoo lyies on it’s belly

Egg laying

How long does it take for a cockatoo to lay an egg once the process of laying has started?

Cockatoo behavior

6 year old rose breasted cockatoo female started sitting on back of couch and putting her butt on my head – is this hormonal

Umbrella Cockatoo has laid an egg

I watched your Webinar last week and asked a question about our Cockatoo. It didn’t get answered, but the situation has changed…. Original question: 23 year old female Umbrella Cockatoo.  She has been with us just 12 months.  Everytime she is with me she is “huffy” – if you get what I mean.  She will […]


Hello! I have two African Gray parrots and one Goffin cockatoo. We have a 20 lb order of nutria-berries on order. Since we can’t use 20 lbs worth any time soon I would like to know if I can freeze a portion and later defrost several pounds and if so how long can we keep […]

Umbrella cockatoo

Lately my cockatoo has been sitting a plastic bottle, she will Sit on it all day if I let her, I take it away and she looks for it, should I be concerned about this. Like this morning we let her out of cage she went right for the bottle and put it on couch […]


Hello, I’m wondering if you might be able to help me? I feed the wild birds where I live in Tingoora Qld. I have about 12 galahs that feed here. There are 2 that are a bit smaller then the rest and there colours are not as bright as the other ones. They are quite […]

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can chicks bond to people

My umbrella Cockatoos just mated. I wish to allow them to raise their chicks on their own. Will the chicks be able to bond with us humans, as do their parents?

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Wont eat seads

We adopted a cockatoo thats aprox.4 yrs old.we have had him for 3 months now,and have tried the seed,pellets that were given to him as a reg diet.he will not touck any of it,or any other pellets,nutriberies,seed,fresh food,ect.he is a very fussy this time he only eats mashed potatoes,some oatmeal,baby bird food.we are very […]

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our cockatoo died yesterday.had plenty of food but water bottle was empty, she was out of her cage two days before we found her dead and she looked fine and ate 3 or 4 almonds. do you think she died from lack of water

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Is it normal for a male cockatoo to build a nest?

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We own a cockatoo for 20 years. Since December he is self mutilation. We took him to the vet for birds twice. Antibiotics change food and nothing is helping. He is part of our family and we love him. Please let us know if you guys know what we can do. Thanks

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My Cockatoo has recently started bending way over to watch herself poop. Is there a reason for this behavior? She is 29 1/2 years old and very well adjusted.

rose-breasted cockatoo; galah cockatoo

Get To Know The Galah: The Pink ‘Too

What’s pink, smart, playful, and a common sight in many neighborhoods across Australia? If you said rose-breasted cockatoo, or galah cockatoo, you are correct! See how they live in the wild as well as their reputation as feathered companions.

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Rescue Agency

Hummm, I may have deleted my original question. Is there a rescue agency that would have a male cockatoo as a mate for my female? She is an Umbrella and lonely. I am inquiring for a friend with no PC. Specifics upon request. Thank you for your time.

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Petting birds

Hi I am a veterinarian for a facility that houses 2 cockatoos and 1 macaw These birds are used for public education ,they do perform My question concerns the birds behavior during trainer grooming sessions The birds are regularly touched and groomed through out the day They enjoy it, but is it something that could […]

Shared Ownership

Have you ever heard of anyone sharing the ownership of a bird successfully? i’m not talking about shared custody in a divorce but literally sharing the life of the bird into separate dwellings over equal share parts of time . I am considering it as an alternative to rehoming my Goffin.

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