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1 male finche is breeding with two opposite sexies and the eggs are tottally after 15 dayw empty ofcource they have fou r different seed packs i mean variates in the past have succedednow I can’t xplain.

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Male zebra finch

I have a male and female zebra finch, a few weeks ago the male built a nest, yesterday i noticed the male is taking apart the nest and building another nest in the food dish and water dish, they still sleep in the nest together though. Can you please tell me what is happening.

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rebuilding next with eggs

Hello! I have a couple of finches that laid eggs around Sept 4th or so. I have noticed when I clean the cage and put in fresh lining, they rebuild their nest with the new material, even though there are eggs in the nest? Is this normal? Also, one egg was found at the bottom […]

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Canary sleeping

Hello I have a female canary in a cage alone, no partner’ a few months of age My question She keeps sleeping in her food bowl Also sometimes when she is just sitting there She breathes heavily, feathers fluffed up but her beak is closed Only in night time, during the day she is fine […]

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Baby doves dying after 3 wks

I have had diamond doves for several years. As of late, every baby that hatches is dying at the 3 week mark. They go to bottom of the cage and hide in the corner then pass away. Any idea what this could be? I’ve researched everywhere and can’t figure out what’s going on. I’ve had […]

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Fancy pigeon

What site would you recommend for good quality fancy pigeon breeders?

Nicobar Pigeon

The Resplendent Nicobar Pigeon

Its unique appearance, gentle demeanor, and typical fearlessness of humans makes the Nicobar Pigeon a unique and beautiful bird. Discover where this colorful bird is native, why its wild population is on the decline, and how zoos around the world are collaborating to keep the species alive.

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Bengaleze Finch

My Bengaleze finch has it’s beak open & closing as though it is panting & gasping for air. It also flicks it’s head from side to side now & then. Otherwise it is in good health. It is flying around, eating & drinking OK. I have isolated it in a cage from my other finches […]

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3 males Zebra finch

Hello, I had a pair of zebra finches who got two babies, but lost mom just after the chicks hatched. Dad successfully raise the babies. Both are males (starting to get zebra lines and black belt on chest). We are getting to the point where babies should be separated from parents. However, dad would then […]

Building A Legacy One Bluebird Nest Box At A Time

Check out this inspiring story of Al Larson, who has spent four decades building hundreds of nest boxes for Western and Mountain Bluebirds. His efforts have led a documentary that aims to inspire the next generation of bluebird conservationists.

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Normal zebra finch sounds

I just got two male zebra finches and, while they both have the squeaky noise they make, one makes kind of a quiet mewling sound as well. Is this normal, he is otherwise active.

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What about canaries? I can’t get get mine to eat the pellets. Do you have any suggestions? I have been trying for a month.

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ring neck doves in my yard

hello! i live in the san francisco bay area east. my neighbour and i are animal lovers who feed wilds and keep poultry. recently, a pair of ring-necked doves seems to have adopted our yards. i’ve lived in the area for 65 years and have never seen a ring-necked dove here before. we’d like to […]

Zebra finches fledged but went back in nest

Hello, My male zebra finch is raising his 2 babies since mom sadly passed away just after the chicks hatched. He is very attentive and has been taking good care of them. Today, at day 21, both babies fledged. They were flying and perching pretty well, explored for about 2 hours, and then they both […]

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zebra finche

I live in Denmark and I’d like to know if finches can be placed in a closed balcony throughout the year. Our winters can be quite cold :((

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Same room

Can canaries and doves live in the same room together? Of course they will be in different cages, but they can still see and hear the other.

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Diet of Fledgling bird

I brought an abandoned Chimney Swift fledgling to my home because I don’t feel it is safe being around there.I studied about it’s diet as it only eats insects but is it safe for a Chimney Swift to eat an Egg-White of a boiled egg?

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Canary health problem

Hello, This requires a bit of a background story so apologies for the length of my message in advance. My parents had a canary home which got attacked by a falcon and lost its wing. I took him to the vet where he stayed for a week to recover and then decided to take him […]

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