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training fischer lovebirds.

-i bought a pair of fischer lovebirds three months ago. i tried my best to train them, and when i try to touch them, they either panic in their cage or try to bite me. i have no idea how old they are. any suggestions on how to tame them? p.s: i have a feeling […]

White doves

I have a pair and I can’t keep them together. Should I cover they’re cage at night? Also what kind of food is best for them?

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feeding canaries mixed diets

I am a retired canary breeder of 50 years. I have kept one little bird as a pet to enjoy. Over the years that I raised these birds, I was instructed by more experienced breeders that the basic diet for canaries is always 60% canary seed, mixed with 40% sweet rape seed. Other seeds may […]

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Ring neck dove rescue

First Merry Christmas, I live in Florida and I rescued A young ring neck dove female 9 months ago. I let her free in the wild but she always stay near by the house. Since August she laid 14 eggs. Is it normal? What should I feed her other than her seeds and the grits? […]

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sharing a cage

we recently acquired(today) four young Zebra Finches but do not have a cage yet for them (they are in a traveling box) until we get their forever home, we were wondering if it would be ok to put them in with our Parakeets, we have two young Parakeets in a very large cage. Would they […]

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which is better

i have a male zebra finch named sumo and i want to give him some friends. is it ok if i give him 2 male friends or will he hurt them?

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Breeding doves

Can a grey diamondback dove breed with a blue diamondbàck dove?

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Owl Finches

Do you know if it is true that Owl Finches are illegal in Hawaii? I cannot find any information on this but I also cannot find owl finches locally. Thank you.

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What are normal vital signs and body chemistry (basic metabolic panel) for a racing pigeon ( I am a retired ER nurse who has just started racing pigeons)?

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Finch sounds

My little zebra finch cries every time I leave the room. I tell her that I will be back but she still cries. What can I do?

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New Bed

Hello I have 2 love birds, a dutch faced and a peach faced that are about to be 10 months old. I recently got them a new bed. The only difference is the color of the bed. It is the soft one that is enclosed and has one entry point that u can get from […]

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Eye problems

I have 2 goldians finches and one of them has fluffed up and is not opening his eyes hardly at all. He is still eating however. What could be the problem. He also shakes his head a lot almost spastically . He never acted like this before

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Diamond Doves- Eggs w/o shell

I have two diamond Doves one has started laying eggs with a clear soft shell, she seems to be in pain when this happens, Can you help?

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Best diet for sick canary

I adopted two canaries last December. Had checkup, seemed ok. In June one died suddenly. Necropsy and pathology reports revealed bleeding ulcers in pre-stomach and stomach. Severe vitamin a deficiency. Secondary infection. His mate has blood in her poop, and also kidney problem. She is taking medication that serves as a “band aid,” and antibiotic […]

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Found Baby Wild Bird

What do mamma birds do when a baby bird prematurely jumps from the nest and crashes? I’ve been scouring the web and can’t find the answer. Do they try to help? If so, for how long? I’ve found info on mourning, but don’t see any details about for how long. Any resources you can find […]

Canada Goose above a lake

Secret to Birds’ Amazing “GPS” Abilities

Science has long wondered how birds navigate; essentially what drives their internal compass? Recent research sheds light on birds’ amazing navigational abilities — namely the discovery that they can see magnetic fields.

logo for Cornell Global Big Day

Everyone Counts On This Birding Day

Global Big Day provides amazing data on birds in the wild, thanks to the efforts of thousands of volunteers collecting data. Find out which country topped the list with the most species in 2018!

house sparrow singing

Backyard Birds Help Boost Mood

How often are you soothed and comforted by watching birds arrive in your backyard? Anxiety and stress levels can be significantly reduced with access to more natural day to day occurrences of bird watching capability.

silkie chickens, chickens

Meet The Silkie Chicken

The Silkie chicken is known for its fluffy plumage, which is said to feel like silk and satin. Add together its other unusual qualities, such as black skin and bones, blue earlobes, and five toes on each foot— not to mention a friendly temperament — and it’s easy to see why the Silkie chicken wins the hearts of many.

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