Bird Type: Other Parrots

Senegal diet

Hi, what food would you recommend for a 2 year old senegal parrot? thanks 🙂


Hi!! Thank you for such an informative talk! Since dogs and cats have things like e-collars to prevent them from picking at wounds. What are your best suggestions/recommendations for such things in birds? Especially smaller species like parakeets? Thank you so much for your time!

Vitamin D

Hiii so my question is what to do when your bird has a lack of calcium and vit D ? I heard we can smash an egg and given it ! Can that work ?


What percentage of time do feathers not grow back? Do you have to wait for next molt for re-growth?

eclectus baby

when do i stop feeding the eclectus baby? is it 12 weeks or more? At what age do i introduce solid foods or fruits to weaned baby? When will they try to fly? at which month?

Scared lovebirds

Hi! I have 4 lovebirds, 2 of which are the most recent additions. their names are Pepsi and sprite. they came for a not-so-nice breeding situation, and a cage that was 5 by 10 by 12 cm (yes, cm not inch) without perches because “they kept chewing the wood”. they have gotten used to their […]

Love bird

i have 2 love birds, but the female is new as the last one died, the male had been on his own for the past week i got home a new female, but all he seems to be doing is trying to bite her face and wings, won’t let her sit on the perch, so […]

Lovebird questions

“My lovebird is only 10 months old and I’ve never had any birds before. Tweety chatters – doesn’t make any noise but his beak is chattering… he’s cold and chattering. What is that all about? Do they feel cold? Do they have bugs on them that we can’t see and is transferred to us? How […]

Aggressive lovebird

super super aggressive female lovebird. what can I do besides Lupron. she was attacking and killing her husband.

Crop ok?

My Indian Ringneck chick is 4 weeks old, this is my first time handfeeding. After feeding I notice his crop has red veins in it and the color is that of food. Is this normal? Also, any advice is welcome, thank you.

How to choose a parrot?

Hi, Laferber. I am looking for a parrot. I want a parrot that is bold and doesn’t get sick easily. My house will be full of visitors. And maybe I can take her out. I could have spent more time with him if I could have gone out. I see some parrots being scared to […]


This is a learning process for me. I am really eager to learn. I have peach face love birds, 2 pairs, in separate cages. Both failed at their first clutch. Both are 2 years old. The one female was doing a great job, her eggs were very small. She hatched them but the parents didn’t […]

2 lovebirds no babies?

I have 2 lovebirds both around 4 years old have never laid eggs they feed each other do u think I have 2 males or 2 females?

Size food

Hello, we are picking up our 9 week old Quaker next week and I had ordered the parrot daily food (green label) and we’ll as the nutrition berries and avi cakes. Just making sure I ordered the right size of food Thanks !

Same nutriberries for Lovebirds, and DYH Amazon?

I want to buy a variety of nutriberries but, I can only find the garden veggie variety in “parrot food” size. Is there a difference in the sizes? Can I give my lovebirds the “parrot food” size, as well as my DYH Amazon?

Avian CBC and Chemistry Workup

Hi, I was wondering if you could shed some light on what the items in an avian blood workup mean and what they could be indicators of? Especially in conjunction with each other. Why is my white capped Pionus’s WBC lower than last year? Why did his absolute heterophilis, absolute monocytes, protein, glucose, and calcium […]

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