What Did You Miss in 2015?

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Here is a list of new content released in 2015 on LafeberVet.com, Emeraid.com & our sister sites, Lafeber Pet Birds and Lafeber Conservation.

Avian medicine

What Did You Miss in 2015?


fennec fox

Reptiles and amphibians

mud turtle Lebois

Emergency medicine & critical care

Contributors in 2015

We are thankful for our contributors, who take time out of incredibly busy schedules to share their time and expertise.

2015 contributor slideshow

LafeberVet and Emeraid.com contributors featured in 2015

LafeberVet Reviewers

Lafeber Pet Birds

Featured content on Lafeber Pet Birds includes contributions by avian veterinarians, Susan Orosz and Gregory Burkett:

Princess of Wales parakeet

Lafeber Conservation

Lafeber Conservation

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