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Eclectus breeding

I have a pair of Eclectus that have been together just over 1 1/2 years and Lola has lain 3 times during that time – not fertile and we discard. Is it safe for her to have 2 maybe 3 clutches a year that are not fertile.

Female lovebird behavior

I just got a female baby lovebird (now 10 weeks old). She was very tame and affectionate in the beginning at (8-9 weeks). But about a week ago, she began biting my husband and I very hard every time we ask her to step up. She also chews on our cell phones and laptops anytime […]

Single cockatiel laying eggs

My single albino cockatiel has laid 3 sets of eggs since Jan., How do I stop her laying another set of eggs? Are hemp seeds helpful for hormonal cockatiel behavior?

Preventing hormonal behavior

Tell me if I’m missing anything to PREVENT…. First time GIRL bird guardian & never want her 2 lay an egg since it will be unfruitful. She gets 12+hours sleep (bed time now 7pm), no more than 1t of fat (seed/nut) daily diet of sprouts & veggies no fruit. She’s going on 3 & starting […]

lovebird dilemma!

I have a male lovebird who is hand reared, very friendly and affectionate. we had him since he was 8 weeks old and now he is 7 years. he is a happy bunny who gets out everyday for approximately 30 minutes, maybe more, and enjoys our company. he is spoken to constantly throughout the day […]

Conure behavior

I am a 1st time Parrot mom with a lively 12 yr old conure adopted from a rescue. Are these hormonal changes temporary and if so, how long will it last?

African Grey Behavior

I have a 25 year old male African Grey who often tries to …”mate” with my foot. Is this ever going to stop? Do they outgrow these hormones at a certain age?

cockatiel aggression

I have two rescued male Cockatiels who became bonded. One bird is extremely aggressive and will attack me even if I am not close to their cage. Is there anything I can do to ameliorate the situation?

Housing same sex cockatiels

I have 5 cockatiel boys who were fine in one cage but now I had to separate them. 2 pairs are bonded and the 5th is singing to one of the boys in the pairs and shredding paper. The boys are trying to mount each other which ends in an argument. Should I stop it […]


My male cockatiel died after we put the cage outside for a couple of days while we were fumigating our home. A cat, presumingly might’ve put their paw through the cage and attacked him. He died and I was heartbroken. My female was fine. She started laying eggs 10 days later. She laid 7 and […]

Coacktiel bird not going into nest box

Hi, I just added a nest box for the pair 4 days ago but until now, none of them went into the nest box. is that normal or should put them in myself for the first time? if yes, which one, the male of female? Thanks in advanced

Mora than ten times, laying eggs from her top perch into the cage floor

Hi there, and thank you so much for this great website. I have a couple of budgies, which had two parakeet babies three months and and half ago. They have been great, specially in these times, i have enjoy seeing them growing up day by day, so it has been a great experience. Then a […]


Hello there, Why is my 3yr old female Indian Ringneck Parrot nasty all the time; she smashes her perspective swing continually with her beak backwards & forwards, & she has also attacked a Canary we have a couple of times as well? Thankyou kindly for your professional advice in advance. Regards, Jane. (Sydney. Aust.)

Why does my cockatiel do this?

I have a male cockatiel and he seems to be mateing with this seed bowl and sqwacks as well as sits in his bowl all the time and makes noises is this normal?

Question about my cockatiel making strange noise.

Hi,this is Tom from India..I have a pair of lutino cockatiels for about a year and a half now.The hen had started laying eggs about a month ago and she had layed 11 eggs now,and seriously I didn’t know when they actually bred. Several months ago before egg laying the male one suddenly started to […]

Parrotlet behavior

Rubbing on your female parrotlet in a playing way makes them hormonal. Does male parrotlets get hormonal from rubbing/playing on them?

Umbrella Cockatoo has laid an egg

I watched your Webinar last week and asked a question about our Cockatoo. It didn’t get answered, but the situation has changed…. Original question: 23 year old female Umbrella Cockatoo.  She has been with us just 12 months.  Everytime she is with me she is “huffy” – if you get what I mean.  She will […]

Trio birds living together

I have a bonded pair of cockatiels. Recently adopted another male. They have had play dates in & outside cage. It was ok for the most part. Bonded Male is agressive to other male, and chases female around & sometimes agressive towards her. They had barely started living together in same cage(1week). Seems now chasing […]

Paper shredding

My year-old lovebird has always shredded paper and tucked the shreds in her backside. That behavior has accelerated this spring. After today’s very informative talk on hormones I wonder if I should stop giving her paper to shred?she is manic about shredding lately! I am assuming she is a female because of this behavior.

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