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i bought a parakeet and i’m raring it to become a service animal, any tips or suggestions?

Budgie training

Hi, I recently bought a budgie that I was told was hand reared, I got him at 8 weeks old and he is now 10 weeks. He literally runs away from me every time I try get close, he sometimes gets on my finger when I am holding millet but jumps off as soon as […]

My cockatiel flies away

I got one cockatiel about less than 2 weeks ago. She is randomply screaming, I checked if she was fine and I also checked her food, water, cage, etc.. Everything was fine. I thought that maybe she wanted attention, but everytime I went near her, she gets agitated and flies away from me, in her […]

Lovebird trust (Follow up/Update)

Hello, it’s me again. This is meant to be a follow up question regarding Kiwi, my peach faced lovebird who I have asked about in a previous question Lovebird Trust I am writing this to inform you that it have been quite some time and I have worked on Kiwi was far as earning my […]

He said no to clipping

Hello we went to the vet and she asked if I wanted her wings clipped but before I could say anything my dad said no, I tried to convince him that it was only temporary but he said that clipping isn’t natural and it’s not right since clipping is now not an option, do u […]


Hi there, I am looking to buy a parrotlet, and I have found a breeder who has a Celestial Green, which is just what I want. He is now 6/7 weeks old, but because of a holiday already booked, I will be bringing him home at 13/14 weeks old – is that a good age? […]

goffin biting

My cockatoo (goffin) is 5 yrs old and although quite tame will suddenly exhibit aggressive behaviour e.g biting. He also screeches a lot. I have followed the guidelines for dealing with this e.g. staying calm, placing him back in his cage, toys etc. etc. What else can I do to deter the biting? Will an […]


I’m sorry to bother you cause I know you just answered one my my questions but I was unable to take verde to her appointment today because I don’t know how to transfer her to her travel box and it was so stressful for everyone involved I just broke down mentally and felt like a […]


Hello I’m sorry to bother You, umm well I’m not sure if this is right but I’ve been looking for something to call you so is it ok if I call you miss Brenda?! Anyway I was wondering if you could help me. My birds clipping appointment is two days and I’m starting to have […]

Lovebird Napping Positions

Hello. My lovebird is about 5 months old. He loves to lay down when he takes naps. He also loves to be in pockets and in our hair. We bought him a hanging coconut toy and he loves to sleep in there at night. Is that normal/okay?

Taming a cockatiel

I had bought a pair of cockatiel yesterday…And they are 2 months old…That are not yet tamed…Is that easy to tame now?and if not wat will happen if they are not tamed?


I have been trying to tame and bond with verde the bonding doesn’t seem to be the issue rather it’s the biting that’s the problem. Before I thought that it was just okay but When I pay more attention to it whenever she sees my hand she runs up to it and tries to bite […]

my bird isn’t trusting me.

I brought my lovebird 2 months ago and he/she still doesn’t trust me. i’m assuming the my bed isn’t hand tamed the way he/she reacts to me putting my hand near or in the cage. my bird hasn’t bitten me but flies to one side and makes loud noises. what should i do to get […]

How to make my parakeet trust me?

Hi there, A few weeks ago, I rescued a parakeet; as in, he flew into my yard, I managed to capture him with a bin and a lot of bird seed and, after lots of posting online, talking with the local vet, and asking the local shelter, no owner has come forward and I’ve decided […]

When would be the best time to take her out

I’m sorry again in advance, guess I just don’t trust my own judgement. Those articles really helped. But I have another question, I think she really wants to get out of here cage it’s been four days since we got her. And verde just got a new cage yesterday that she’s in. She is was […]

Training a Grey

what is a good way to train an african grey, I don’t want to go the rout of using food/treats to get him to do what I want.


if i try to forage training with my birds they just don’t get it so they just don’t eat I’ve tried wrap food in paper it just sits there tried forage boxes same thing

mustache parakeet

I inherited a mustache parrot from a hoarding situation a few years ago. I have worked on being able to get her not to be afraid of me, she will let me pet her and she will eat out of my hand now. Three questions: She will not step up on my finger if I […]

Other species

Have you done experiments or training with any other species?


How often do the birds talk to each other?


That’s a big beak! Has one of your greys ever tried to bite you and if so, how do you handle it?

Study ethics

although we obviously love and care about your work, do you ever have to justify doing it since some people would think it is a waste of time and money to learn about bird intelligence?

Current studies

What’s the focus or focui of your current studies with the birds?


What do you do for a time out? Do the birds understand they are in time out?

Time Out

What do you do for “time out”?


Are these birds rescues or is it important for research to observe from birth?

chest bump

Hello, i was recently given a Hispanolian parrot as a gift by a family member, i would like to find out why she came without feathers also why she has a medium size bump on her chest. Regarding the taming part she bites and does not want to be touched. I’m trying to be slow […]

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Time and Love

Hey. I’ve been considering getting a bird for about a year now. The local pet shop in my area offers cockatiels, conures, and parakeets. I am not getting a conure, but I was wondering if I should get a parakeet or cockatiel. I go to school (6:40-4:20) and was wondering if I should get a […]

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New pet

How long does it normally take for a new cocketeil to acclimate to its new cage /home? How long should it be out of its cage per day?

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Scared Parakeet

We got a 8 week old parakeet a few weeks ago and she still seems scared/ uncertain of us. She freaks out when I change her food and she doesn’t move around the cage a lot when we’re around. Sometimes she even hides her head under her food bowl. But other times she chirps, sings, […]

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What do I do?

When I go near my bird or put my hand in its cage it flaps about and flies away when I go near it

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African Grey taming

Good morning I have had a gray for about 3 years now. I acquired her( found out through exam) from a neighbor that had her in a large cage in the back yard. Her original owner died and she has been passed around. I had to get a smaller cage with a playpen so I […]

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bird trust

How long does it take for parakeets to trust and be afraid of you, how can I make the birds trust me?

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Aggressive Cockatiel

I have a Male cockatiel, I’ve had him for a few years and have never gotten him to bond with me. I got him when he was a few years old and can tell he was most likely abused. Both of his feet have been cut off (from before I adopted him) and he’s very […]

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Bonding with your cockatiel

I got my cockatiel 5-6 months ago, she (I think) was 15 weeks when I got her (or so they told me). They also told me she was handfed and friendly. She now will perch and get on my shoulder though she pecks at ears sometimes. And most of the time she doesn’t seem to […]

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getting a bird

I’m interested in getting a cockatiel but was wondering if I should look at getting a pair. I work 8 hours a day but otherwise have no other commitments and I don’t want my bird to become lonely. Also, would a male or female be better? Thanks in advance!

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How many parakeets…?

I have recently started a charity that will focus on raising and training small birds like cockatiels and parakeets as companion pets for people suffering from depression and PTSD. My question is: I know that if I cage birds together they will be a lot less likely to be trained however if they are in […]

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How to tame

I bought a cockatiel in June 2018 from a pet store. He doesn’t let me pet him. When I go to stroke his back, he runs or starts “yelling” at me. Maybe someone grabbed him too tightly at the store. I don’t know. Do you have any suggestions? He is a good talker and so […]

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I just got 2 baby parakeets about a month and a half ago. I keep their cage door open all day so they can come and go as they please. But I was wondering if I am doing the right thing by not going up to them when they are out( I want them to […]

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Bird nipping

New young A grey that nips my neck and ears while on shoulder. Ouch!!!! Is this normal. Is this just curiosity or a problem starting. I sternly say no he stops but continues again

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How long does it take for 2 parakeets to bond with me (owner)?

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Two cockatiels

I’m going to handrear two baby cockatiels. I want to handrear them separately and keep them in separate cages when they are older… I really want each cockatiel to choose me over each other and interact from time to time without forming a closer bond than with me. Can they be kept in the same […]

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Petting birds

Hi I am a veterinarian for a facility that houses 2 cockatoos and 1 macaw These birds are used for public education ,they do perform My question concerns the birds behavior during trainer grooming sessions The birds are regularly touched and groomed through out the day They enjoy it, but is it something that could […]

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Looking for African gray breeder

I’m looking for an African gray baby preferably the Congo and Maryland DC Virginia Pennsylvania area. Do you know of a good reputable breeder for these beautiful birds thank you

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My new /old bird ” I’m leaving on a jet Plane “

Please help educate me. My Best friend died. And willed me her African gray parrot. What is the best way to get him used to me …and I him. As he used to bite her husband. What can I do to build a good relationship . I know nothing about birds. Thank you ( He […]

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My Grey Is Afraid Of Its Cage

My 21 year old African Grey has suddenly become afraid of being in her cage. I haven’t changed anything. I can’t see anything around the cage that looks different. What can I do?

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My budgie just comes to me for treats

I rescued my pet budgie just s month ago. It took him a week to come on to my hand for a treat. But every time he’s out of the cage and has finished his treat he just flies to a chair opposite a big mirror in our dining. He can sit on it practically […]

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getting a cockatiel

Hello! My name is David and ive been thinking about getting a pet cockatiel and I have done all the research about them that I could have done but I only have one question and that is that every year Im going on vacations for about three weeks and there is a breeder who can […]

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beginner bird?

Hello! I’m thinking about getting a bird, and I would really love to one day get a highly social parrot, however I’ve never owned a bird before so I want to take care of an easy beginner bird before I take in a parrot. Do you have any suggestions as to what “beginner” birds I […]

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Quarker parrot

I have just brought a 4 month old quaker parrot im a newbie at this when would be a good time to tame him and the best way

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Budgie taming

Hello, I recently got 2 young budgies and am trying to hand tame them. They began taking food from my hand right away, so I am trying to get them to perch on my index finger. No matter what enticing treat I offer, they avoid stepping onto my finger at all costs, then scoot away […]

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Quaker parrot

I got my Quaker parrot about 2 weeks ago I’ve tried everything to get him to stepp up nothing has worked , I let him out of his cage everyday a speak to him all the time but when he’s out the cage all he dose is fly he never wants to come see me […]

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Training help

I have 2 budgies. One budgie has lived with me a little bit longer than the other. I have read that you need to separate them while training. I’m currently training Blu (the budgie who has stayed with me for longer) and when he is alone, he is so sweet, and climbs up to my […]

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Cockateil hiding his head inside feeder on cage

I just purchased a cockateil about 2 weeks ago and she is 1 years old not hand raised and she’s hiding her head and sits a lot next to her feeder inside cage and then sticks her head in there for quite some time, she is defensive but is getting better, she’s very quiet and […]

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